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Game unplayable due to bugs

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I really like the game a lot. It is original, and I have been playing it since the 2008 version. Just now it is really unstable to play for me even with a great PC in the top 75th percentile. Of course I have SSD and great hardware.

Here's just a few crippling bugs that literally make the game unplayable, since they cause crashes. I will list the issues below


  1. List index out of bounds (1)
  2. List index out of bonds (2)
  3. Access violation of address ....
  4. Slow primaries, with a lot of candidates. It can take more than several minutes to load 1 turn in the primaries with 10-20 candidates. Can't even imagine on a slower PC
  5. Fix the resolution, I get its not a graphics game. But why can I only zoom in from a TINY resolution. I play on a 2560x1440 BIG screen and trying to click on Rhode Island gets really difficult. I cant even read the text properly with zooming in max. 
  6. Just fix these problems, and if you cant -- get help from the outside -- and you can gladly charge us the premium.  I just want the game to work properly






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