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Michael Moore doesn't believe the polls

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"Trump has tightened virtually every one of these swing states to the point where- what are they saying this morning?... 'Biden's five points ahead in Wisconsin... maybe three points ahead in Florida, two points ahead in Arizona'... Listen, don't believe these polls,'" Moore said. "The Trump vote is always being undercounted. Pollsters- when they actually call the Trump voter, the Trump voter is very suspicious of the 'Deep State' calling them and asking them who they're voting for."


"I’m warning you almost 10 weeks in advance. The enthusiasm level for the 60 million in Trump’s base is OFF THE CHARTS! For Joe, not so much," Moore wrote in a Facebook post. "Don’t leave it to the Democrats to get rid of Trump. YOU have to get rid of Trump. WE have to wake up every day for the next 67 days and make sure each of us are going to get a hundred people out to vote. ACT NOW!"


Michael Moore was one of the only people who got virtually everything right about 2016 far earlier than anyone... not a huge fan but he's a smart man 

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1 hour ago, ThePotatoWalrus said:

Lmao the Deep State thing is hilarious but also a valid point.

And even funnier, the near ubiquitous term "Deep State," was first coined by Lyndon LaRouche, a first class crackpot, conspiracy theorist, and cult political organization leader.

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