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France terrorist attack: Deadly stabbing in Nice


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After the beheading of Samuel Paty France reaffirmed the right of liberty to caricature, including the prophet of islam which led to controversies with boycotts of french produces in some countries such as Pakistan / Koweit

Also the reinforcement of the "law against separatism" presented by the french government irritated Erdogan who told that Macron should "take mental health cares"

Iran also made some publications like this one :


En Iran, Macron caricaturé en "diable de Paris" en Une d'un journal | Le  HuffPost


The European Union and India mostly supported France against Erdogan, but the rethoric continued to inflate on caricatures and religion.

This morning a guy stabbed and killed 3 old people in the basilic of Nice, he seemed to be a radicalized islamist (today is the celebration of the born of Mohammed)

The french embassy in Saudi Arabia would have been attacked too.

These last attacks should push the government to go even further in his law reform against radicalized people.

The muslim council of France was fearing that this kind of attack may happen that's why they requested to not organize religious celebrations today.

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12 minutes ago, Wiw said:

In other words, a war with Turkey is now unavoidable.

Just as an aside, I'm increasingly convinced that R.E.M. wrote 'It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)' about you.

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