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Who is more of a Wimp?

Who is more of a wimp?  

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  1. 1. What do you genuinely believe?

    • Donald Trump
    • Joe Biden
    • They both are low testosterone wimps
    • I don't know...
    • How dare you assume any of these two are so called wimps you ugly swine! You should be shunned and publicly excommunicated!

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Easily Trump. He's much more defensive than Trump, runs away from tough questions, lashes out at people the contradict what he says (even people in his own admin), thinks if he is defeated that a system must be rigged against him, etc. He's the most insecure major political figure in US history. Easily wimpier than Biden.

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Hard to say. Trump handles criticism awfully, and is very abrasive to people who challenge him. Biden is very cautious, as if he’s constantly afraid he’ll say the wrong things. Trump has a fragile ego, and Biden has no strong convictions. Depending on your meaning of “wimp” either could fit. I lean Biden based off of his actions in the past. When he had the chance to speak out against segregation, or stand up for African Americans, he caved to the segregationists in his state and in congress. That alone speaks volumes to me.

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10 minutes ago, pilight said:

How do you define "wimp" in this context?

Wimp as in weak or cowardly. In general, who you believe is "weaker"

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2 minutes ago, pilight said:

One has fathered four children, the other five.  Doesn't seem like either is low on testosterone.

And he is not privy to information on either's "bedroom performance," and other such coarse, locker-room issues, as they stand today.

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