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State of the Race: 8 Days Left

8 Day Poll  

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  1. 1. See my new map and write-up for this map, then ---- Who do you think wins the election if it is held today?

  2. 2. Which map do you think will be closer to correct? My new prediction map (showing 300 EVs right now for Biden) or the top pollster/pundit maps (showing 320ish-340ish for Biden)?

  3. 3. Do you think the 270Soft Forum needs more moderators and updated, clearer rules to help discourage cut down on toxic behavior? [check all that apply]

    • I think we need more moderators or at least try it out and see how it goes.
    • I think we should have updated rules because we sort of pick and choose which rules we want to follow and which we don't.
    • I only support new moderators if they make their rules exclusively on the forum rules and not based off biases.
    • I think we should have clear rules and examples of violations--such as personal attacks.
    • I think we should have clear rules and examples of the kind of political posts are allowable or not.
    • I think we should have clear rules and examples of the kind of "off-topic" posts (say about sports or a hobby, etc.) are allowable or not.
    • I think we should have a clear rules and examples of ways we can vent frustration, critic one another, etc. For example, can way say, "The honorable forum user, who I will not name, has routinely been toxic and moronic." because it isn't specifically attacking anyone by name.
    • Other Forum changes I'd like to see (mention below)
    • Admin is the only moderator we need.
    • Even if the currently rules aren't exactly followed to the letter, they're good enough. No need for updates, clarifications, or examples.
  4. 4. In your option, has the forum become more toxic in the last month?

    • Yes, but I think it's just because the election is about to occur; toxicity will go away soon.
    • Yes, and I think it is something more than just the election being close at hand.
    • No, I haven't noticed any more toxicity this month than compared to any other month.
    • No, I fail to really see any toxicity.
    • Other (mention below but refrain from mentioning user names or attacking anyone)
  5. 5. If we had new moderators, which active users do you think would moderate fairly, honorably, respectably, and without bias, without becoming power-hungry, and without bending the rules of moderation, etc?

    • Herbert Hoover
    • Reagan04
    • ConservativeElector 2
    • Actinguy
    • VCCzar
    • TheMiddlePolitical
    • Patine
    • WVProgressive
    • Hestia11
    • SilentLIberty
    • Pilight
    • Edouard
    • PoliticalPundit
    • jnewt
    • TheLiberalKitten
    • The Blood
    • Sunnymentoaddict
    • Zenobiyl
    • Wiw
    • ThePotatoWalrus
    • Cenzonico
    • CentristGuy
    • billay
    • RI Democrat
    • avatarmushi
    • Mark_W
    • Other (mention below)

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Bloomberg Funds Last-Minute Advertising Blitz for Biden in Texas and Ohio

The billionaire former New York City mayor has concentrated largely on Florida in the general election. But his private polling found President Trump vulnerable in two of the country’s biggest red states.




Bloomberg will be throwing money into Texas and Ohio in addition to Florida.

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