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50 Cent endorses Trump!

Conservative Elector 2

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On 10/25/2020 at 12:13 AM, Reagan04 said:

Yes, which is why they shouldn't listen to 50 cent. President Obama is a better role model than LeBron James, for instance.

This is partially true. I agree that there is definetly a cultural issue among black communities. There's a cultural issue endemic to really all American communities. Every group has its issues. It's important not to forget that and just set our sights on Black Americans and ream them out for causing all their own problems, because they haven't. But I agree, institutional racism has hurt culture in black communities.

I don't know about that. I think you're painting black people with a broad brush here and doing the community a disservice. Chances are (I could be wrong) that I know more Black Americans than you do. I haven't seen this and again, these are good hard working people that have a lot of obstacles erected for them.

Amazingly, you just said stop blaming systemic racism and then proceeded to describe systemic racism.

Don't listen to 50 cent. He doesn't have the best interest of the black community at heart, he has said so himself. He is interested in growing his pocketbook.

I expect this as well. I think my party needs to be doing a lot more for black voters and Donald Trump is not cutting it.

This is correct. I'm glad you've come to this conclusion.

As a matter of fact, I did not and have not ever purported to know more about an individual person's (be they of color or not) experiences. All I'm saying is that I care deeply about all Americans and I care deeply about justice. I see injustices taking place in the black community. I talk regularly with my half-black family about those injustices and what we should do to fight them. I do ministry work in these communities and see first hand what's going on. I've done hours of research, historical and political. All of these experiences have caused me to form reasonable well-educated conclusions. I am not shy about sharing them. Nor am I share about the fact that I never stop learning. If a black man wants to come and shoot down my arguments he is free to do so. But him being black does not give him carte blanche authority to debunk them if he himself doesn't have the full picture. We're all humans and we can all learn from each other.

Bottom line, no, I didn't say this no matter how much you capitalize it. Stop putting words in my mouth.

I think most peope can absorb a conversation of complex issues without feeling condescended to. These are issues I deeply care about and affect those I love. This is not merely an academic thought experiment for me. This is a real policy discussion.

Surely you take a position on issues that affect lesbians though? Surely you have thoughts on Marriage Equality, Adoption Laws, Anti-Discrimination Statutes, etc.?

And you are free to feel my argument is ridiculous. Guess what, I don't even feel condescended to now that you've said it. I just happen to think your devotion to Trump/belief that he is the second coming of Honest Abe is a bit... misplaced.

You do understand the point that sketch is trying to make right? You do understand the cultural undertones there, yes? YOu understand why black people are predicting a Trump victory? Because the system works against them. Because there are people in America who would eagerly vote for a racist demagogue and they know it plainly. Because the criminal justice system is bent towards the white rich and powerful like Trump. That's the satire that sketch is making. Perhaps you didn't catch it because at face value it was also making fun of the folly of the "woke neoliberals" who were shocked to learn that Americans can be just as racist as black people know they always have been towards them.

You have a good point that the black American community as a whole needs to draw more inspiration from Obama-type figures than the 50-cent esque ones, and one that I agree with wholeheartedly.

I will explain where I am coming from on the systematic racism issue : I am sure that there are still some racial undertones present in the US (on a personal level, I highly doubt that they will ever go away fully), but my point about mentioning how the issues in majority-ruled Caribbean nations have many of the same issues as the American black communities lies in the fact that it is not a white police officer locking them up for crimes, it is not a white judge sentencing them to prison for trivial matters (ie. marijuana possession), neither is it white politicians that have failed many of the black communities in the region.  Most of the nations in the region have had majority rule for decades now, and their fates have only worsened with the mostly black politicians failing to make a better life for their communities.  The white communities are only active in a few nations (Barbados, Cayman Islands, Bahamas), and even then most do not have a large degree of political power due to small population numbers.  Where there are still white communities present, their primary power lies in the economic influence that they wield.  I am sure that racial issues do exist at some level in the United States, but to pass all the blame on systematic racism would be disingenuous in my personal opinion.  Most of the black communities in the Caribbean face the same issues, and have been under majority rule for decades.  I personally believe that the #1 factor holding the black community back (whether it is in the US or Caribbean) is the culture.  It will take a long time to fix that, but it can be done through generational change.

I know that it sounds rather crude to refer to a "crabs in a bucket mentality", but it is true.  I don't mean it in an insulting way, but an objective one.  It is not as strong among the middle and upper class black communities, but it does exist in the less well of communities.  An example of what I am talking about is how many in the black community will say that one of their own is "acting white" if they perform academically well, or achieve recognition for achievements that white people typically participate in.  I guess that is one of those things that you recognize through personal experience and witnessing directly.  Not every black person is like that, but the mentality does exist among a large number trapped in the less well off communities.

I think that one of the key issues that needs to be tackled when it comes to fixing the black community lies in restoring the family structure.  Single parent homes are far too common in that community, and it is hard to realize your full academic potential when most of the time the mother is having to work to make ends meet, the father is often not present in the child's life (I am not memeing here, this is a 100% serious issue with the community), and the child is often raised by the grandmother.  I think fixing the black communities family structure will go a long way in getting a headstart on helping the community out.  Of course, more needs to be done, but I think that is the first step, personally.

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6 minutes ago, vcczar said:

Yeah, he also said he never liked Trump.

Well we knew that, he has always said Trump is a racist. But I guess he decided that Biden's tax plan doesn't override Trump's racism. Better late than never I suppose?

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18 minutes ago, ThePotatoWalrus said:

Lil Pump (one of the biggest rappers in today's modern rap world) endorsed the President.

The Gucci Gang guy?

At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tekashi69 endorse from prison

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1 hour ago, Hestia11 said:

Spoiler alert: nobody has and never will care about celebrity endorsements for either party. 



I will find a correlation though depending on the turnout for African American male voters 


I have been vocal for at least a month or so that Trump will do phenomenal with African Americans this election. 

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