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VCCzar's Preliminary Prediction Map

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2 minutes ago, TheMiddlePolitical said:

Wait Patine got banned! This has gone to far. What happened? 

Mainly for repeat bans. Each bans gets longer than the last. So the length has some justification, although I find the reason for his actions that got him banned to be worthy.

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Might as well present you with your award.

Map is below, which is much more critical of Biden's chances than most pundit forecasts. The colors are in Safe, Likely, Leans, and Tilt. If Trump wins all the tilts, then it is a 269-269 tie, which i

This is an update to the preliminary prediction map. I took out something that was attempting to factor the undecided vote margin of 2016 to 2020. I found that it was impossible to really estimate who

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49 minutes ago, vcczar said:

@admin_270 is there a way to block people from seeing my posts or seeing my threads. I would like my posts and threads to be hidden from some people. 

Not that I'm aware of. This seems to be a common complaint with the forum software I'm using - not able to block completely.

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