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Fallout 69: Arizona Blues


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Rally: The Kings will consolidate their forces, and take most of their patrols off the street, it's clear the citizenry is uncomfortable, and outlaws seem to have gotten the message.

Sabotage: Seeing that the NCR has fortified their position around New Vegas, the Kings will attempt to bargain for some heavy weaponry in preparation for the very large fight, that will be expecting them when they try to take the NCR Sharecropper Farms. They'll take their business to the Gun Runners.

Sabotage: The King orders Pacer to muster a group of the Kings best fighters, and start harassing the outposts the NCR had set up around the Sharecropper Farms.

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14 hours ago, superezione said:

Event 1: Strom Thurmond will make an announcement at a rally in New Vegas. "This shall by my final campaign stop in New Vegas. I know what you're thinking, and no, I am not dropping out of the race, because Thurmond never stops fighting. However, I am, as of this point choosing to redirect all my resources and attention towards Arizona and Utah. It is clear to me, that the biggest threat to the people of the Mojave is Caesar. After he made a point to attack my miniscule campaign yesterday, and with the rumors that he is trying to sway my good friend Barry Goldwater towards him, it has been made clear to me that my efforts shall be put forward to stop Caesar from advancing to the second round. As of this moment, should I not make the second round of the election, and Caesar does, I pledge to endorse the candidate who is running against Caesar." (Rally)

Event 2: Strom Thurmond will barnstorm through Arizona, pushing back on Caesar's claims that Segregation would be a disaster, and informing the people just how well it worked in pre-war America. (Barnstorm).

Event 3: Strom Thurmond will hold a rally in Zion, pushing his platform of Law and Order via democracy, rather than the dangerous Dictatorship of Caesar. (Rally)

It sounds like someone is trying to get brutally assassinated 😛 

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@TheLiberalKitten @Cenzonico @The Blood @WVProgressive @superezione @Edouard @buenoboss @ThePotatoWalrus @Fbarbarossa @Herbert Hoover


Hey all. With the recent events that happened on the forum... I've concluded that to continue this RP we're going to need to relocate to a different forum. I hope I can see all of you there, because I'm sure the overwhelming majority, if not all of you, want to continue this RP. Do not hesitate to DM me if you want details. Most of you are already aware of this. 

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