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Founding Fathers Part Four: A New Hope


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Assuming the President's faction votes Yay on its own legislation, the Civil Service Reform Bill passes 34 in favor to 32 opposed.

+2 Popularity each to President Cleveland, Attorney General John Kern, and Postmaster General Henry Davis. @vcczar @swejie

Scandal was prevented so there is no change to the Keys to the White House

Spreadsheet is up to date


We will wait for further instructions from @Actinguy @ByeActinguy before we move on to the Playing Cards and Election phases

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I'm a little curious how we're going to continue this game. Many of us are leaving this forum in protest. I'll be glad to carry on this game, but I'll have to do my part via phone or email, unless this is migrated elsewhere. If I must be replaced, then so be it. I'm enjoying the expansion, so it will be sad to leave it if I have to. The new Supreme Court rules are amazing, for instance. I've had fun finally getting to play with people rather than playing the game on my own. Oh well, I guess we'll see what's possible. 

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Have no fear the game will continue! 

Yes it's true there has been some kind of hooplah on other threads of this forum website that descended into nastiness and is resulting in a mass exodus of users. But that will not impede our ability to play Founding Fathers and the new playtest content.

The spreadsheet on Google Drive remains up to date and available for players to view. 

I've been told by our game moderator we may have a new forum to host our game in the near future.

And if that does not pan out, worst case scenario we just use the Comments feature of the spreadsheet itself or some other means to communicate with one another as players to keep the game going

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