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Founding Fathers Part Four: A New Hope


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14 minutes ago, mlcorcoran said:

Sheet updated @Actinguy all open cabinet posts filled.

Ready for issue 1 @vcczar Mr. President? 

Also so you are aware you have the option to try to pass the Protective Tariff before issue #1 or in between issue cards.

Cleveland is a free trade politician, so he won't try to pass the tariff. 

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Just now, Actinguy said:


@swejie Postmaster General Thomas Hendricks has died from licking expired, toxic stamps.

Why he felt the need to dig the stamps out of the trash and lick them, we may never know.


Replace him with @swejie Thurman.

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1 hour ago, swejie said:

It was a quick post by @Actinguy but Clark (not Kern) also won a house, from Chester Arthur


36 minutes ago, mlcorcoran said:

Ah, thanks @swejie I wasn't sure if it was Kern getting 2 or Kern and Clark getting one each.

Spreadsheet updated @Actinguy

We seem to have 5 congressional houses out of six in play, so...unless we’re missing somebody...no need to steal it.

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1 minute ago, Actinguy said:

Action to @vcczar to name a new Postmaster General (who will not get the pop/IP because they’re replacing a dead person), and also to give a statesmen a Supreme Court marker who does not already have one.

I'll give it to @swejie youngest statesman who doesn't currently have a marker, whomever that may be. 

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