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"3rd Debate" Thread

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Something I've noticed - neither of them are particularly good at contextualizing. They both tend to make references to things without really explaining what they're talking about, in a way that may m

Yeah your rose colored glasses are showing. Dont think I didnt notice how you went completely silent while Bidens dominant streak during the health care portion was happening. 

Yes she definitively was a good moderator, she was very neutral and gave them a good time to reply.

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1 minute ago, Zenobiyl said:

Not necessarily. Lots of boomers voting by mail to avoid getting COVID.

;) I definitely think that could be in Florida. However, Texas' returns are just way too high for it to be driven by solely seniors. 

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It's incredible, while by even being respectfull and not interrupting each others, the debate remains of a very low quality.

To be honest Biden is more agressive toward Trump than Trump and it's a change from last debate (and for me it's not good for Biden but it does not play that much).

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