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Final Debate Moderator to Mute Trump and Biden During Each Other’s Initial Responses

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5 minutes ago, vcczar said:

If you had said what he said to you, I probably would have ignored it or not have registered it as a direct attack. 

I'd say it's a 2 out of 5 on offensiveness, in which I'd say a 3 would be needed for a ban. 

Also, know that I've probably defended people against Patine more than anyone on her. @Actinguy can vouch for that. 

I get nothing out of defending Patine. It's just that you seem a little too eager at times to play the victim, in my opinion.

Yep, I certainly agree that Vcczar tends to defend me against Patine, even though his politics are more aligned with Patine’s than with mine at times.  I appreciate that.  

I also agree that PoliticalPundit is correct that Patine’s statement was a personal attack.  We’re just so used to it that we barely notice anymore.

That said, I’ll also add that I do feel Patine has been making more of an effort to improve this since his return.

 This is the only slip-up I’ve noticed so far.

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2 minutes ago, admin_270 said:

If it came out of the blue, I would agree. Given he just got banned twice, I think it's fair. For people who are repeatedly getting banned, it will probably be increasing periods of time for each ban.

You yourself literally called me ignorant once but okay...

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4 minutes ago, PoliticalPundit said:

That's a personal attack dude (regarding what Patine said) and you're extraordinary biased. Bottom line. Having Patine send emails to you to tell Admin270? Come on. 


Do you not realize what harassment is? It's been constant with him. 


And that's not a justification (bolded part). 

We're moving on but it's bias man. I don't know how you can't see it. 



No bias. If you messaged me to message @admin_270 I'd do the same. It's that he's the only person to ask me that. 

In regards to the bolded part, yes that is a justification. I defend @Actinguy from @Patine on a regular basis. Not once has @Actinguy played the victim. 

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