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Trump Town Hall w Savannah Guthrie discussion


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So I watched both debates.


The Biden one was normal, but he did ramble/meander on a couple of the questions before arriving at the answer - he should have given a clear and concise answer  - but overall, he was fine and did a good job of trying to connect with those asking questions. (It's clear Biden likes retail politics)


Trump was Trump.  He may have been somewhat off his normal performance as a result of a somewhat hostile moderator that didn't just let his answers lay there but fact checked him and put follow up question, and I think it'll be easy (at least for Trump supporters) to excuse his performance because of that.  Except for  the whole Qanon part - That was very embarrassing even for Trump.


Overall, I think Biden probably came away solidifying more of the lean-Biden supporters than Trump did with the lean-Trump supporters.  And I don't think this helped Trump gain much new supporters.

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