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State of the Race: 19 Days Left


19 Day Poll  

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  1. 1. See the Data in the First Post: Who do you think wins if the election were today?

  2. 2. Today, Justice Barrett would not say one way or another if Trump is allowed to pardon himself. Do you think the president has the right to pardon himself?

    • Yes.
    • Yes, but I don't think he should have that right.
    • No. The framer's of the Constitution feared despotism and obviously they would have never intended to allow the president that kind of power.
  3. 3. If you were a US Senator, which high profile politician would you confirm to the Supreme Court if it came to a vote?

    • Amy Coney Barrett
    • Merrick Garland
    • Ted Cruz
    • Tom Cotton
    • Rand Paul
    • Ron Paul
    • Dennis Kucinich
    • Barack Obama
    • Donald Trump
    • Steve Bannon
    • Roy Moore
    • Kamala Harris
    • Adam Schiff
    • Judge Judy
    • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    • Bernie Sanders
    • John Kasich
    • Pete Buttigieg
    • Alex Jones
    • Vermin Supreme
  4. 4. In a recent interview, Noam Chomsky asked the question, "Do you want your grandchildren to survive?" Governmentally, what is the best we can do to better ensure the survival of our grandchildren.

    • I don't really care about two generations down the line.
    • I don't think the federal government should play a role in better ensuring the survival of the human race. Leave it to the private sector or local governments.
    • I think combating climate change and saving the environment will best ensure their survival.
    • I think reducing nuclear weapons and creating a global framework for non-military engagement and intervention will best ensure their survival.
    • I think eliminating tariffs and enforcing full free trade will best ensure their survival.
    • I think removing most regulations on businesses, corporations, and private industries will best ensure their survival.
    • I think investing heavily in space exploration will best ensure their survival.
    • I think converting the US government and elections to that government into something more resembling a pure and full Democracy will best ensure their survival.
    • I think appointing a strong man with enlightened despotic tendencies will best ensure their survival.
    • I think we are all doomed and should just blow ourselves up (this option is for Wiw)
    • Other (mention below)
  5. 5. Trump is way down in the polls and the EC map is moving out of his direction. Of these, what is most important for Trump out of the following if he wants to win?

    • He needs to alter his rhetoric and stop playing down Covid.
    • He needs to come up with some sort of grand idea -- like a detailed, believable Populist New Deal Post-Covid Package or something.
    • He should just ramp up his standard rhetoric even more and just hope his base is enough.
    • He just needs to continually hold rallies in FL and PA and that'll do it.
    • He needs to get one of his Covid infected aides to get close enough to Biden to kiss him.
    • He just needs great economic news by election day.
    • He just needs to invalidate most or all mail-in ballots.
    • He just needs to send it to the Supreme Court, whatever the result, and hope his 3 justices somehow invalidate the election.
    • He just needs to keep preemptively declaring the election fraudulent long and loud enough that the country collapses when he loses, and he can declare a national emergency and suspend the Constitution
    • He doesn't need to alter anything that he's doing. I think he's already winning.

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3 hours ago, vcczar said:

Doesn't mean a fluke is going to happen twice, especially twice in a row. You have to go back to 1948 to have something like that happen again. However, I do remember this. I thought she'd also win NC. I was wrong too. However, I think it would be improbable for such a fluke to happen again, although not impossible.

You realize it's the same candidate running right 😂?

I don't know about you, but the ability for people to be openminded bc of politics since 2016 has only gotten worse. Just not believing the polls (again). If it was a candidate like Cruz or Rubio then I'd be more inclined to believe polls. 


But if the election was today, I'd probably give it to Biden narrowly. Still a lot of time. 

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Trumps been WAYY more on message at this Iowa rally and past ones since he got Covid. 


IDK if it's getting a few days off or realizing the clock is ticking, but he's back on point w his populist message that resonated w so many people in 2016. 



Say what you want about him w his views politically, but the man is electrifying to watch speak from a charismatic/persuasion view. 

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idk why people on twitter are so mad Chuck Todd is doing a Trump townhall on Biden's night.


Do people not realize Chuck Todd hates Trump? lol. 

While Biden is getting softballs (for the 3rd time) on ABC, Todd is going to be trying to get some viral moments of Trump stumbling guaranteed.


It's gonna be a shit show and imo I don't think it's the right decision for Trump. I would have done a town-hall on CBS or Fox. 


Very curious to see the ratings though for both regardless.. ratings > polls (Though some are definitely watching to see Trump look bad I'm sure) 

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1 hour ago, admin_270 said:

Good question. Chance of bad news story. Don't know what exactly the mo' loss would be. Probably bigger if Presidential debate, less if primaries debate.

Right, Trump missed one in the 2016 Primaries to hold rallies and it didn't seem to hurt him much.

It'd be cool to still be able to attack the candidate if they don't show up, and since they're not there, it can't be deflected or backfired or something.

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2 minutes ago, ThePotatoWalrus said:

It'd be cool to still be able to attack the candidate if they don't show up, and since they're not there, it can't be deflected or backfired or something.

Ya, interesting idea. On the one hand, not having them there in a way lessens attacks, but they aren't there to respond. Hmmm ...

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