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State Realignment Preliminary Results


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I finally calculated all the state changes from 1960-2018. Here's some interesting facts from the 11 potential realigning moments in the last 60 years.:

  1. The Gingrich Revolution (1994-1998) saw 13 states realign either to GOP or Dems.
  2. The Silent Majority (1970-1972) did not see any realignment.
  3. Watergate Reaction (1974-1976) saw the most flukes in states with 12 false realignments, which means they quickly reverted back. 
  4. The Reagan Revolution (1980-1984) saw the least flukes with only 3 (Reaction to Trump has 0, but we won't know until 2020 results).
  5. Reaction to Obamacare (2010-2014) saw the most party wipe outs with 12 either by Dems or GOP. That is, every major office holder was of the same party. 
  6. Silent Majority (1970-1972) has 0 wipeouts.

I'm going to also do one that is just for presidential elections. 

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