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Voter Suppression Poll


Voter Suppression Poll  

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  1. 1. Which of the following do you consider unethical voter suppression that should be eliminated by non-partisan electoral reform?

    • A majority party gerrymandering a state so as to keep a majority for the long-term.
    • A majority party creating stricter ID requirements, that mostly effects or inconveniences the minority party on election day.
    • A majority party placing polling stations in more convenient areas for their districts and less convenient areas for districts where the minority party is more numerous.
    • A majority party that restricts limits polling stations or drop off stations in such a way that effects or inconveniences a demographic overwhelming associated with the minority party.
    • A poll tax that limits voting to those with expendable cash, especially with the idea that the minority party is supported by more impoverished voters.
    • Literacy tests that limit voting to those that can easily pass a literacy test, especially with the idea that such a test will impact voter turnout of the minority party.
    • A majority party that purges voter rolls that are composed primarily of a voter demographic that votes for the minority party.
    • A majority party that limits early or absentee voting, especially when the minority party is expected to take advantage of this kind of voting more than the majority party.
    • A majority party that spreads false information about voting to minority party demographics with the intent to have that demographic cast invalid ballots.
    • A majority party eliminates a 3rd party on the ballot primarily because that 3rd party might lead to the minority party winning.
    • I don't consider any of these as voter suppression.
  2. 2. How tolerant are you of voter suppression?

    • I favor voter suppression when it helps my preferred party.
    • I favor some voter suppression when it helps my preferred party.
    • I don't favor voter suppression, even if it helps my preferred party.
  3. 3. If you were a US Senator would you sign a bi-partisan bill that makes it illegal/eliminates all of those forms of voter suppression?

    • Yes, I'd advocate for it wholeheartedly.
    • Yes, even if I have some reservations.
    • No, primarily because electoral reform should be left to the states, even if they perversely seek to suppress votes.
    • No, primarily because I think it would help one party more than the other.
    • No, because this reform bill doesn't go far enough!
    • No, because the bill seems more like something that would make my opponents look good.

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2 minutes ago, anti-trump said:

I think a lot of these really depend on intention. I don't think Voter ID is such a terrible thing personally. I'd personally make sure that voters have a basic understanding of govt. before allowing them to vote. (basically just pass a citizenship test which most americans can't do https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/most-us-would-fail-u-s-citizenship-test-survey-finds-n918961)

@vcczar If any of these are with the intention to supress votes from the other party I am against them. 

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