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The Dukakis Comeback of 1992

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This is for @TheLiberalKitten. I've been playing nothing but PI all day and I decided to make Dukakis the President. Enjoy. 

1992 was close. Dukakis learning from his mistakes in 1988... decided to play a bit more dirty this time around. Mario Cuomo was projected to win the Democratic Nomination but... Dukakis made a last minute deal with Bill Clinton and in exchange for the promise of the position of Vice President; Bill Clinton endorsed Michael Dukakis. He was the nominee once again. 


The map didn't change much... but surprisingly... Election Night was very different compared to polling. Most likely due to Perot surging and Bush's campaign collapsing a week before the election. 


(Idk what's with the popular votes, just ignore it)

Then came 1996... Bush ran again but was defeated by Bob Dole. Dole had many challengers such as John McCain, Steve Forbes, and Lamar Alexander. But all failed as Dole continued to win primary, after primary. Bush ended up in 2nd thanks to a 0.3% victory in California. 

Polling towards the beginning of 1996 had a huge lead for Michael Dukakis... it'd end up lasting all the way until the Republican Convention. 


This would end up being the highest point the Dukakis Campaign polled. Dole projected to only win Idaho. (Utah, North Dakota, South Carolina, and Alaska all had positive momentum for Dukakis; likely resulting in a victory if the election were held a day after.)


The Democratic Convention:

Dukakis won the convention unanimously and Bill Clinton ended up being nominated as Dukakis's running mate again. 

The Republican Convention:

Bob Dole won a very convincing victory... about 60% of the delegates. The Convention nominated Jack Kemp to be his running mate. 

General Election:


Despite Dole losing in a landslide throughout the entire election (according to polling)... the Republican Convention caused a Dole surge to occur. It wouldn't be enough to overcome the huge deficit on election night. But he performed admirably under the circumstances. Dole ended up losing his home state by around 4%.





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The 2000 election would end up being a close contest between Vice President Bill Clinton, and Governor George W. Bush. 

Bush made impressive gains but failed to gain the critical state of Florida. Which would be decided by 0.6%. 


Clinton, largely credited of giving Dukakis an opening in the South... lost every Southern State besides Florida. A growing Conservative trend is becoming increasingly apparent after the Dukakis Administration. Will Clinton survive 2004?


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2004 saw Bill Clinton face challenge from the Left-Wing of the Democrat Party in the form of Howard Dean. Sadly, Dean failed to gain any traction due to dropping out 3 weeks after his campaign announcement. 

Bill Clinton and Al Gore were unanimously re-nominated.

Bush faced greater challenges in the Republican Party this time... John McCain nearly overcame Bush but thanks to wins in the West... Bush had a small delegate lead when the Convention came. 

Bush was nominated alongside Bill Frist of Tennessee. 



While Bush was able to flip Florida... Ohio, Nevada, Missouri went to Clinton this time. Giving him one of the smallest electoral gains an incumbent facing re-election has ever had. 

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2008 saw Vice President Al Gore run for President. As the obvious heir apparent to Clinton... He ran unopposed. 

Al Gore chose John Edwards, of North Carolina to be his running mate. 

The Republican Primary was a mess... However, McCain easily got everyone to drop out after Iowa and his 80% landslide victory of the state. Beating Huckabee, Santorum, Romney, Gingrich, and others who performed terribly. 

McCain finally seizing his moment; chose Condoleezza Rice as his running mate. Promising a "Republican Resurgence" would take place... and sweep the nation. 



The election would end up being quite... controversial. McCain won the Electoral College but Gore won the Popular Vote. Pennsylvania was the closest state.

In real life this is the same map as the 2000 Election... except Florida wasn't close at all. 52% (McCain) 44% (Gore)

President-Elect John McCain would end up being the first Republican President since George Herbert Walker Bush in 1988. 

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2012 would definitely be an interesting year...

The Democrat Primaries were largely a contest between Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. 

Obama ended up winning, but as a shock to many of the experts, chose Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

Obama made history by being the first African American nominee of either party... and Hillary made history as the 2nd female to be the Running Mate on a Major Party Ticket. 


McCain would lose the Popular Vote again but expand his lead in the Electoral College by... 4 Electoral Votes. 

Iowa was decided by 4,000 votes.

Wisconsin was decided by 12,000 votes.

New Hampshire was decided by 2,000 votes. 

Recount attempts were made... but McCain still held the lead in those 3 key states. 

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