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2020 Election: Colorado


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This former battleground state has likely Blue for awhile now. 

Here's how 21st century Dem noms have done here. My guess is Biden gets +10 here. For the most part, these important counties look a lot better for Dems post-Kerry. One oddity is Pueblo county, which was basically a tie for Clinton and Trump. :

Major Colorado Counties in order of population image.png.d0f5fd911b63c4edce6a0e068d66cd5f.png image.png.274969c7b951829f4914024606ea48b8.png image.png.2cf51753ae1bfb1237a3245d0a6d27a8.png image.png.200287ac2cbc24574911a1a04786273c.png image.png.fe7f6d6421be2cd43bf87229891e8199.png
Denver 55 50 52 41 31
Jefferson 7 5 9 -5 -8
El Paso -22 -20 -19 -35 -33
Arapahoe 14 10 13 -3 -8
Larimer 5 6 10 -5 -14
Adams 9 17 18 3 6
Boulder 48 42 46 34 14
Douglas -18 -26 -18 -34 -34
Weld -23 -12 -8 -27 -22
Pueblo 0 14 15 7 12
Mesa -36 -32 -30 -35 -33
Total Colorado PV gap 5 5 9 -5 -9

Here is who CO voters supported for Pres, Gov, Sen, US Rep since 2008. There's more Red than Blue if I had the room to post pre-2008 columns. Gardner's seat is expected to be won by Hickenlooper. The Blue trend is likely to continue.:

2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018
Obama Obama Obama Obama Clinton Clinton
Ritter Hickenlooper Hickenlooper Hickenlooper Hickenlooper Polis
Udall Udall Udall Gardner Gardner Gardner
Salazar Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett
DeGette DeGette DeGette DeGette DeGette DeGette
Polis Polis Polis Polis Polis Neguse
Salazar Tipton Tipton Tipton Tipton Tipton
Markey Gardner Gardner Buck Buck Buck
Lamborn Lamborn Lamborn Lamborn Lamborn Lamborn
Coffman Coffman Coffman Coffman Coffman Crow
Perlmutter Perlmutter Perlmutter Perlmutter Perlmutter Perlmutter
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