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President Infinity Strategy - for new player


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I am new player to President Infinity and I am finding the game difficult even on medium difficulty. So I played President Forever 2008 and find it relatively easy in comparison -- spam the ground game with footsoldiers and you are good to go. But this strategy doesn't seem to work effectively in the new game. Therefore I wonder if anyone can write up an effective strategy for this game?

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this is really helpful 

for me: 

- start at earliest date possible.

- immediately get debate/issue knowledge to 10 maximum, should take about 3 turns or so if you max it every time.

- target and get infrastructure to maximum for first 4 states (Iowa, NH, SC, Nevada). What I like to do is also get HQ at least to "1" and most Super Tuesday states to "2" before doing anything. this helps get your national levels moving high up too. If you started at an early date all this should take 2 months or so. you should also get foot soldiers to "5" for the first 4 states as well. 

- fundraise in big 4 states (Cali, NY, Florida, Texas) so you build up enough for radio/tv ads for the first 4 states mainly.

- now it's time to campaign. each turn you need to be constantly taking interviews and spinning them for momentum, you'll also get momentum from debate wins. when momentum is high spam rallies. with all the money you've saved up every turn also start w newspaper ads and build it up to maintain momentum and not get lowered by other candidates. 


you should be good from there. 

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