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Hello All,


This is a new idea I had for a RP or Simulation involving politics. In this simulator, you will control a caucus in the US House. You will become the leader of that caucus and help make decisions for them. Your caucus may be tested by a random scandal, a rogue lawmaker in your caucus, a oppressive member of the House leadership, or even a breakdown of the party your caucus is in. Below will be some background info on the fictional state of politics. Also, please make a fictional leader for your caucus. You also can include other members you want to highlight or use later.

Setting the Stage

The current state of government is a mess. An unpopular now former President has just been replaced by a senile, yet statesman-like, former Vice President and Senator. This new President is under fire already by a unreasonable Senate who will do anything to derail the new President's agenda. The President moves his focus to the House, as the Democrats hold a 20 seat majority. The rogue-like Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) and Blue Dog Coalition (BDC) though threaten to mess up the President's agenda, led by the New Democrat Coalition (NDC). In the Republican Party, things don't look much better. The Republican's image was weakened by the former President's brash nature and it has affected the Republicans in the House. The Freedom Caucus (FC) is still somewhat loyal to the former President, but still doesn't control enough votes to get leadership elected, as the Republican Study Group (RSC) is the main Republican block. Meanwhile, the Tuesday Group (TG) is annoyed and disappointed that some of the Republican leadership is still loyal to the former President and this is a group that could swing some key votes to the Dems. Also, the Liberty Caucus (LC) is starting to grow with the Libertarian Party, as all three members of Congress in the Libertarian Party are a part of the LC. It is anyone's game now in the US House of Representatives.


Yellow:LC (5 members)

Dark Red:FC (30 members)

Red:RSC (150 members)

Orange:TG (25 members)

Olive:BDC (25 members)

Purple:CPC (100 members)

Blue:NDC (100 members)




Libertarians:5 (Gray)

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