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Cable Guy vs Biden vs Kanye 2020

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@Reagan04 @NYConservative

This is a direct continuation of a play-by-play I made like 3 years ago. It's the 2020 election, but assume the coronavirus haven't happened in this universe.


A highly unpopular presidency, Larry the Cable Guy has presided over a divided America. Despite hailing most of his Presidential duties to his Vice President Jeb! Bush, most of the faults are put on the President himself, with his average favorability in 2020 at around 36%, and Jeb!'s around 47%. The economy has grown steadily, mostly in manufacturing and agriculture, but foreign affairs have worsened, with no progress made regarding North Korean relations, and China and Russia forcing their will on their neighbors. America faces a troubled time.

Republicans did surprisingly well in 2018, but with no real clear plan, not much of Larry's agenda was passed. To make things even worse for the President, his VP, Jeb! Bush, announced that while he wouldn't resign and would finish his term, he would not run as Larry's running mate again. Bad news for the Cable Guy campaign.

The Primaries

The Republican Primaries left the party in disunity, Larry had two big challengers in John Kasich and Mitt Romney, who got 22% and 10% of the vote, this, and the fact that the two refused to endorse Larry after his victory hurt the Cable Guy campaign even more. The Democrats had a comparably smooth primary process, with Biden winning in an almost contested election, then selecting 2nd place finisher Bernie Sanders of Vermont to lead a more-progressive Democratic Party into the White House. They had no problems getting the other people who ran to support and endorse the ticket.



Kanye West??

During the Primaries, another challenger formed his own Party, the Birthday Party, and self-funded his own campaign with an anonymous billionaire donor. Kanye West strolls out on stage of his own convention, rapping some lyrics about his candidacy, before he announces, "AND THE NEXT VICE PRESIDENT.. OF THE UNITED STATES!!"


Illuminated from behind by bright lights, a large, dark figure strolls out onto the stage... It's Donald Trump. Twitter goes crazy, and the picture of Kanye and Trump standing together on stage is retweeted enough times to crash Twitter's servers for five minutes. While the Kanye ticket usually gets around 3% max in polls, the selection of the 2nd place finisher of the Republican primaries in 2016 is sure to win some votes.



Everything Else

The Libertarians had Jo Jorgensen win their primary, and Justin Amash joined the ticket as her running mate, adding to the experience of the ticket.

America certainly cannot complain about the variety of candidates this election, and while they could complain about the quality, they will certainly be entertained.

Meanwhile, Larry the Cable Guy is supposed to make his new running-mate selection tonight...


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