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State of the Race: 32 Days Left

32 Day Poll  

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  1. 1. See the Data in the First Post: Who do you think wins if the election were today?

  2. 2. If Trump loses reelection by a convincing margin (say 300+ EVs), do you think this will hurt Trump's strongest supporters in Congress politically?

    • Yes, the association of backing a loser will have voters in their areas looking for people that kept quiet about Trump or were anti-Trumpers.
    • No, I think these US Senators and US Reps live in areas where Trump support is so strong that voters will support Trump even if he's now tagged as a loser, possibly because they'll think the election was fraudulent.
  3. 3. Do you believe Trump that the election is going to be fraudulent?

    • Yes, the mail-in ballots will be manipulated in such a way that Democrats, NeverTrump GOP, and Regret-a-Trump GOP will steal the election.
    • Yes, but not in the way Trump thinks. Russian interference and/or voter suppression (mostly in Black neighborhoods) will steal the election.
    • There will be no significant shenanigans that will label the election "stolen" (i.e. nothing more or less unusual than in 2012, for instance).
  4. 4. Did the debate dispel the rumor that Biden has dementia?

    • Yes, while it was a sloppy debate, Biden was no more or less coherent than he has been in debates in the past. Just his standard tripping over his words on occasion, which has always been part of him.
    • No, I think the fact that he wasn't pummeling Trump at every corner was a sure sign of his decline. The old Biden would have defended himself better and attacked more ferociously. He seemed slow.
    • I don't think we can say. The debate was so insane, it was hard to tell what was going on that was a mental illness or decline between either of the candidates.
    • I didn't watch more or all of the debate, so I can't say.
  5. 5. If Trump loses reelection, how do you think Trump will be ranked as a President at the end of 2021 after a year of reflection? (Feel free to pick a range.)

    • One of the greats: Should be on Mount Rushmore with Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt.
    • A near great: I think he's in that Eisenhower or Reagan category.
    • He's been good but not great.
    • He's been above average. Done more good than bad, but too controversial to go any higher.
    • He's been average. He's been too mixed as a president.
    • Below average. If he becomes a one-term president, he'll probably be forgotten by the average American in 100 years, similar to Benjamin Harrison (FYI, who got 4 justices on the SC in 4 years)
    • Bad: He's been a bad president but not a failed president.
    • Near Failed: He did at least some things right that saves him from being failed, but his presidency has been so awful otherwise, that he fits this spot.
    • Failed: He failed at almost everything he did and left the country so much more worse off. He belongs with the likes of Buchanan, Pierce and Hoover.

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55 minutes ago, billay said:

I think Biden wins rather easily but polling has been awful. I saw a Quinnipiac poll that has Trump up only 1% in SC while another poll had him up 13%


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7 minutes ago, admin_270 said:

Biden campaign to begin door-knocking.


Interesting to read states they're focusing on. NH, NV, MI, PA.

Last three make somewhat sense. NH hasnt been close the entire time

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3 hours ago, Hestia11 said:

I am really surprised I am the only one that's voted No on 4. Me! lol. I should explain, I suppose. I think that the old Biden would've definitely been able to defend himself more. I think he's declined, but I think it's more due to standard aging than dementia or anything of that sort. I was really disappointed he wasn't stronger in the debate. Sure, Trump was at fault for 95% of it, but Biden didn't make sure that the audience knew that. This whole, it was a tie, both were bad, shouldn't have been the outcome. It should've been Biden schooled Trump for interrupting all the time and made sure he got his points in. 

I think the people saw that happen, which is why Biden blew past Trumps fundraising numbers.

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