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2020 Election: Rhode Island


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Dependable blue state.

Here's how Dems have done in the 21st century. Clinton's results are worth further research. She greatly underperformed in Kent County and in Providence. She still won by a landslide, but she was liked least of all Dems in this state the century rather noticeably. Gore was liked most. This might point to a rightward shift in the state. :

  image.png.f7ea58f40a82bf30b173136ff6cc08a3.png image.png.64c017381b6e91a48f1a566840d974f5.png image.png.dbe7b373673aaa9da2044302a71c8e3c.png image.png.2c8929db0b2754991f75868c85f987c2.png image.png.dd4d5c0f5205e517d26174d80f60435b.png
Providence 21 35 34 27 37
Kent -1 18 18 11 25
  15 28 28 20 29

Here's who RI has supported since 2008 for Pres, Govs, Sen, US Reps. Darker the color, the more support. This chart makes the suggestion of a righward shift in RI seem baseless. If I were to show you this chart going back further (only don't go further back because it won't format something that lengthy in this thread) you'd see a lot more Red. Reaction to Trump shows a solid blue in 2018. Chafee was an Independent. No major Republican elected in RI since 2006. Carcieri there is showing because it's the 2nd half of his governorship.:

2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018
Obama Obama Obama Obama Clinton Clinton
Carcieri Chafee Chafee Raimondo Raimondo Raimondo
Whitehouse Whitehouse Whitehouse Whitehouse Whitehouse Whitehouse
Reed Reed Reed Reed Reed Reed
Kennedy Cicilline Cicilline Cicilline Cicilline Cicilline
Langevin Langevin Langevin Langevin Langevin Langevin
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