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2020 Election: New York


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This state is reliably Blue. This is one of the few states that has been losing EVs but has been getting Bluer. The trend is that states that are losing population tend to get redder. 

Here's how Dem nominees have done here in the 21st century. This state has been consistent. Suffolk, which is part of Long Island, didn't like Clinton much, nor did Staten Island (Richmond). NY is one of the few states that liked Obama more in 2012 than they did in 2008.:

  image.png.ac4cd96f9a180acc5032cb5322e80dc6.png image.png.61cf656fc176563633813b902779075b.png image.png.545363f172327ae65a366422a57cc8d9.png image.png.59de54c4dc157390e3c48c9dad5f3492.png image.png.285faf8a06d43f622877cee12cc4d575.png
Kings 62 65 59 49 62
New York 77 69 72 64 62
Suffolk -6 4 6 2 13
Nassau 6 7 9 7 20
Erie 7 16 17 15 19
Westchester 34 25 27 18 22
Bronx 80 83 78 66 72
Monroe 15 18 17 4 9
Onondaga 14 21 20 12 12
Richmond -15 3 -4 -12 8
  22 28 27 18 25

Here's who NY support for Pres Nom, Gov, US Sen, and US Reps since 2008. The state has lost two US Reps since 2008. Elise Stefanik seems to be the only member of the GOP holding one of these offices with any stability in her position.:

2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018
Obama Obama Obama Obama Clinton Clinton
Spitzer Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo
Schumer Schumer Schumer Schumer Schumer Schumer
Clinton Gillibrand Gillibrand Gillibrand Gillibrand Gillibrand
Bishop Bishop Bishop Zeldin Zeldin Zeldin
Israel Israel King King King King
King King Israel Israel Suozzi Suozzi
McCarthy McCarthy McCarthy Rice Rice Rice
Ackerman Ackerman Meeks Meeks Meeks Meeks
Meeks Meeks Meng Meng Meng Meng
Crowley Crowley Velazquez Velazquez Velazquez Velazquez
Nadler Nadler Jeffries Jeffries Jeffries Jeffries
Weiner Weiner Clarke Clarke Clarke Clarke
Towns Towns Nadler Nadler Nadler Nadler
Clark Clark Grimm Grimm Donovan Rose
Velazquez Velazquez Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney
McMahon Grimm Rangel Rangel Espaillat Espaillat
Maloney Maloney Crowley Crowley Crowley Ocasio-Cortez
Rangel Rangel Serrano Serrano Serrano Serrano
Serrano Serrano Engel Engel Engel Engel
Engel Engel Lowey Lowey Lowey Lowey
Lowey Lowey Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney
Hall Hayworth Gibson Gibson Faso Delgado
Gillibrand Gibson Tonko Tonko Tonko Tonko
Tonko Tonko owens Stefanik Stefanik Stefanik
Hinchey Hinchey Hanna Hanna Tenney Brindisi
McHugh owens Reed Reed Reed Reed
Arcuri Hanna Maffei Katko Katko Katko
Maffei Buerkle Slaughter Slaughter Slaughter Morelle
Lee Lee Higgins Higgins Higgins Higgins
Higgins Higgins Collins Collins Collins Collins
Slaughter Slaughter n/a n/a n/a n/a
Massa Reed n/a n/a n/a n/a


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