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Possible US 1800-Present RP Poll

Possible 1800-Present United States RP  

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  1. 1. Should I switch from the UK 1992-Present RP to do a 1800-Present United States RP (which will be explained in the post below on changes)

    • Yes, switch to the US RP starting in 1800
    • No, stick with the UK RP starting up in 1995

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Hello all! As you are my eight regulars, I’m pinging you all to see what you want to do first. This will be a quick shot, but it will be similar to the UK one in the fact that I may be doing some things in the off-years and make those more lively. 


The year is 1800. The US Constitutional Convention finished, and decided upon a bicameral legislature, with one being proportionally representative of the people of the United States (the House of Representatives - think of like the UK’s Parliament), and one fixed with two seats per state (the Senate - same as in our timeline). 


The nation is at a crossroads. After four years under President Adams, the country is looking elsewhere for leadership. Can the Democratic-Republicans steal the Presidency, the House, and the Senate from the Federalists? 


This is basically a morphing of vcczar’s old New Historical President RP with a simpler format of the quick shot method of The Blood’s. 


While the country, for now, remains under a two-party system of Democratic-Republicans and Federalists, it is unlikely to stay that way with the proportional House of Representatives which divvies up seats based on a proportional vote inside each individual state. 


To begin with, we will have two parties: the DR’s and the Federalists. How do we reflect how many players with just two parties, you may ask? Primaries. With a proportional House to add to the fun, Presidential primaries will be another facet to have, with multiple running for a party’s nomination. Most of the work will be on my end, so sit back and enjoy if you’d like to try this option!


I will go into more detail on rules and guidelines should this option be the overwhelming favorite.

@Reagan04 @WVProgressive @buenoboss @The Blood @TheLiberalKitten @Rodja @Herbert Hoover and @Cenzonico

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