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Trump Boo'd Will Paying Respects to RGB


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11 minutes ago, Berg2036 said:

@billay so true that this forum is not even close to fair. Just thunk how people would react if republicans booed Biden it would be the end of the world. 

Personally, when discussing modern American politics (I find historical American and the politics of a LOT of other nations, past and present, to be a lot more interest, worthy, and preferred topics of discussion), I prefer to call out both major parties for their crimes, failings, hypocrisy, corruption, and the many similarities over differences they have in screwing over the American people and the world, and the rigged elections that won't ALLOW any but a few token elected offices not be won by a Duopoly Party, and won't allow one Duopoly to govern and the other to effectively, in a Parliamentary be opposition. I believe the Duopoly has overstayed it's welcome as a whole and committed, and gotten away, with far too many high and egregious crimes and betrayals against the American people, and kowtowing to Plutocrats over their own constituents, and the electoral system should be freed from the electoral cuadillos who have been committing electoral malfeasance and interference (the same charges levied against the alleged "Russian hackers," of 2016), and free, open, and politically healthy and much more representative multi-party system with true choice and potential for real government could be realized. What a glorious dream that would be! But I, myself, obviously am unconcerned about balances and quotas of American political party membership on these forums. I don't even qualify to belong to an American political because of citizenship, and the party I generally support here (except in one recent due to leadership) the New Democratic Party of Canada, which is mild Social Democratic ideologically, the same as Sanders and Warren in the U.S. - who are viewed by a large number of American as "extremist left-wing," and "too extreme to the left to possibly," which is laughable, and the "Ghost of McCarthy" brought out like a cheap Halloween decoration to scare. Even the centre-right bulk of the mainstream Democratic Party of the United States (yes, I said centre-right, not anywhere on the side of the political spectrum) was scared by the cheesy "Ghost of McCarthy," prop - fully endorsed by soulless and sociopathic corporate plutocrats.

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