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2020 Election: Kentucky


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This was one of Trump's strongest states, and it will vote for him again. 

Here's how Democrats have done in the 21st century. These counties are the population centers, and two of them are getting more Democrat. Consider Clinton outperformed even Obama and the Southern Gore in parts of this state. However, Clinton did much worse than all nominees statewide, which suggests rural Kentucky really responded to Clinton negatively or really liked Trump.:

  image.png.866e03a50fc77652c3b5d1cbea4f2045.png image.png.88e9d89310122846d3108bb4a7ae33dc.png image.png.6e36490146e7decc03f2537143be6ddb.png image.png.06c37df18e63555061d59b6e37b88b36.png image.png.cbf7edee221446c615164302216c52a1.png
Jefferson 13 11 12 1 2
Fayette 9 1 5 -7 -7
Kenton -26 -24 -21 -31 -29
Boone -42 -38 -35 -44 -40
KY Totals -30 -22 -16 -20 -16

While the state is mostly solid Red, there are a few Democrats that break through the cracks. Here are the Pres nominees, Govs, US Senators, and US Reps. The darker the color, the more support: 

2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018 2020
McCain McCain Romney Romney Trump Trump  
Beshear (2007) Beshear Beshear (2011) Beshear Bevin (2015) Bevin Beshear (2019)
Bunning Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul
McConnell McConnell McConnell McConnell McConnell McConnell  
Whitfield Whitfield Whitfield Whitfield Comer Comer  
Guthrie Guthrie Guthrie Guthrie Guthrie Guthrie  
Yarmuth Yarmuth Yarmuth Yarmuth Yarmuth Yarmuth  
Davis Davis Massie Massie Massie Massie  
Rogers Rogers Rogers Rogers Rogers Rogers  
Chandler Chandler Barr Barr Barr Barr  
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@vcczar One county of interest I think you’d like is Elliott county. It voted Democrat straight for 140 years... until it gave Trump 70% of its vote. 

It is the archetypical extreme example of rural Kentucky swinging hard towards a Trumpist GOP and away from neoliberal Democrats.

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