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2020 Election: Oklahoma


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This state will vote Trump. 

Democratic nominees in the 21st century haven't made much of a dent in this state and this state is just getting further and further from the party. 100 years ago it was a heavily Democratic state. 

  image.png.3477c50fcda6fe968f508d0fa4ffe515.png image.png.70ac9c4239bd12a8c5befe1cb1dec963.png image.png.34b3e626978ffe474f5cb1eebc403033.png image.png.a92bbc14290d82b188338aa3abfbdf3a.png image.png.93a66481681984dc381f216c281256ac.png image.png.87cefbb915c03f24775e019a821a7543.png
Oklahoma ? -11 -16 -16 -28 -25
Tulsa ? -22 -28 -24 -28 -24
Cleveland ? -22 -26 -24 -32 -26
Canadian ? -51 -54 -52 -54 -45
Rogers ? -57 -50 -44 -36 -24
  ? -36 -34 -31 -32 -22

Democrats have occasionally held an office recently. Here are the Pres nominees, Gov, US Senators, and US Reps for OK since 2008. The darker the color, the more support. With the exception of Kendra Horn, who won her seat during the 2018 Blue Wave, every person listed here won by over 10% of the vote. Boren was arguably the most conservative Democrat in the House. Horn is almost as moderate as Manchin in WV. I'm not sure how moderate Henry was. On another note, I used to go to Oklahoma for camping about twice a year as a kid. 

2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018
McCain McCain Romney Romney Trump Trump
Henry Fallin Fallin Fallin Falin Stitt
Inhofe Inhofe Inhofe Inhofe Inhofe Inhofe
Coburn Coburn Coburn Lankford (S) Lankford Lankford
Sullivan Sullivan Bridenstine Bridenstine Bridenstine Hern
Boren Boren Mullin Mullin Mullin Mullin
Lucas Lucas Lucas Lucas Lucas Lucas
Cole Cole Cole Cole Cole Cole
Fallin Lankford Lankford Russell Russell Horn
n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
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