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2020 Election: Massachusetts

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This state will go Blue by a large margin. 

Here's how Democrats have fared in the 21st century. Democrats have been fairly consistent here. Romney having been a MA gov probably accounts for obama's relatively weaker 2012 numbers.

  image.png.139f592a0ffdb6043b4c53059a631260.png image.png.740c4d3de5bccf4329df7101d732e7af.png image.png.7dd2d7243673a4b0eb27ada455232ab5.png image.png.5a8ded149109bc3cb854d3e1ca912586.png image.png.47101f45b9633fb1ee9cff3fafd66daf.png image.png.c43e2adfdb8b4804d01a2ad6bc486b87.png
Middlesex ? 37 27 30 29 31
Worcester ? 10 9 14 14 19
Essex ? 22 16 20 17 22
Norfolk ? 27 15 18 21 25
Suffolk ? 61 56 56 53 51
Massachusetts Totals ? 27 23 26 25 27

Here's how MA has voted since 2008. The darker the color the more support. This shows, in order, presidential nominee, governor, 2 US Senators, and then the US Reps. MA lost a US rep after the 2010 census. To me, this is the ideal state. They're almost always on the right side of history. They're way ahead in education, science, and medicine. They have a deep sense of culture and activism. They also have the New England Patriots and are the home state for like half of the cast from The office. Even their Republicans embrace these things. If only the entire country were Massachusetts. That said, they do have some issues that need improvement, most noticeably systemic racism in parts of Boston, despite much of the Boston Town Council being Black.  

2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018
Obama Obama Obama Obama Clinton Clinton
Patrick Patrick Patrick Baker Baker Baker
Kerry Kerry Kerry Markey Markey Markey
Kennedy Brown Warren Warren Warren Warren
Olver Olver Neal Neal Neal Neal
Neal Neal McGovern McGovern McGovern McGovern
McGovern McGovern Tsongas Tsongas Tsongas Trahan
Frank Frank Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy
Tsongas Tsongas Markey Clark Clark Clark
Tierney Tierney Tierney Moulton Moulton Moulton
Markey Markey Capuano Capuano Capuano Pressley
Capuano Capuano Lynch Lynch Lynch Lynch
Lynch Lynch Keating Keating Keating Keating
Delahunt Keating n/a n/a n/a n/a

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I wouldn't be surprised if this long term girlfriend to whom you keep alluding is actually just the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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7 minutes ago, Reagan04 said:

I wouldn't be surprised if this long term girlfriend to whom you keep alluding is actually just the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Ha! She's actually from Colorado but was raised in England. We met when I moved from NYC back to Texas,where she was living at the time. I keep trying to convince her that we should move to Massachusetts. I'm more of an East Coast person. She's more of a West Coast person. She went to undergrad in Portland and also lived in Seattle. 

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4 hours ago, RI Democrat said:

This is not universally seen as a positive. 

Agreed. That’s enough for me to never visit the state ;)

18 minutes ago, Actinguy said:

Right?  Like, if I could pick up the California fires and relocate them somewhere.... ;c)

Send them to Jacksonville. The terrible, terrible yet fantastic city will find something fun to do with them. 

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