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2016 Democratic Primary Quick Shot (Potential)

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is there interest for a 2016 Democratic Primary quick shot?

Here are the available candidates:


Hillary Clinton (@BeetleJuice)

Bernie Sanders (@Rodja)

Martin O'Malley (@buenoboss)

Jim Webb


What if:

Elizabeth Warren

Joe Biden

Michelle Obama

Julian Castro (@superezione)

Amy Klobuchar

Cory Booker


If there's interest, lemme know. If not I'll just let this thread die.


Starting date is January 1st, 2016


@Hestia11 @TheLiberalKitten @Reagan04 @buenoboss @WVProgressive or anyone else

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@BeetleJuice @Rodja @superezione @buenoboss you guys ready? if so


January 1st, 2016

Hillary Clinton: 53.2% @BeetleJuice

Bernie Sanders: 30.7% @Rodja

Martin O'Malley: 3.0%  @buenoboss

Julian Castro: 1.5% @superezione



Hillary Clinton: 46.3% @BeetleJuice

Bernie Sanders: 37.5% @Rodja

Martin O'Malley: 6.0%  @buenoboss

Julian Castro: 3.7% @superezione


New Hampshire:

Bernie Sanders: 49.3% @Rodja

Hillary Clinton: 43.0% @BeetleJuice

Martin O'Malley: 1.8%  @buenoboss

Julian Castro: 0.5% @superezione


Hillary Clinton: 44.3% @BeetleJuice

Bernie Sanders: 31.5% @Rodja

Julian Castro: 6.2% @superezione

Martin O'Malley: 2.7% @buenoboss


South Carolina:

Hillary Clinton: 68% @BeetleJuice

Bernie Sanders: 23% @Rodja

Martin O'Malley: 3.3%  @buenoboss

Julian Castro: 0.2% @superezione


DM for endorsements

I'll give two days for this turn.  the rest will be one day. each turn will be a week. debates at their scheduled times irl.

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Julian Castro holds a town hall in Las Vegas to discuss immigration policy.

Julian Castro releases an ad in Iowa discussing his plan for foreign policy, pledging to bring the troops home

Julian Castro barnstorms New Hampshire

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1.Bernie Sanders holds town hall focusing on student loan debt in Portsmouth,NH

2.Sanders tours South Carolina

3.Sanders tours California

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Alright. being that everyone's answered I'll start the next turn. It'll end tomorrow before midnight or when everyone has responded. here's the rolls:


20 hours ago, BeetleJuice said:

Clinton Campaigns in New Hampshire discusses expanding Obama Care Rolled 8! Obamacare is a good topic in this race.

Clinton releases an ad targeting Iowa Farmers Rolled 2! This comes off very pandering and to a demographic that's vulnerable to going for Sanders.

Clinton releases an ad targeting South Carolina African Americans. Rolled 3!  You come off rather pandering and South Carolinians notice. This doesn't really help your image as a calculating politician

4/10 a poor start for Hillary


20 hours ago, superezione said:

Julian Castro holds a town hall in Las Vegas to discuss immigration policy. Rolled 3! Julian makes a gaffe about his role in the Obama Administration, referring to himself as Secretary of State.

Julian Castro releases an ad in Iowa discussing his plan for foreign policy, pledging to bring the troops home Rolled 7! Iowans love hearing this. This primary seems to be enjoying anti-interventionist candidates so far.

Julian Castro barnstorms New Hampshire Rolled 9! Julian speaks out to a large crowd that rivals Sanders and Clinton and people notice.

6/10 a gaffe in NV but otherwise decent week


16 hours ago, Rodja said:

1.Bernie Sanders holds town hall focusing on student loan debt in Portsmouth,NH Rolled 8! student debt is a great issue for you.

2.Sanders tours South Carolina Rolled 5! You didn't really gain any ground here but you didn't lose any here. SC isn't a great state for you but you hold on to your support here.

3.Sanders tours California Rolled 4! A less than average crowd for you stuck out like a sore thumb. With CA so far away, your supporters are wondering if you have a serious shot at the state at this point in the race. Even if the demographics favor you.

6/10 meh week but gain in NH. net positive for you this week being that Hillary had a poor week.


3 hours ago, buenoboss said:

Martin O'Malley tours Iowa  Rolled 3! Someone asked who you were while you entered a restaurant. You laughed him off and it wasn't a great look.

Martin O'Malley has a rally with an ice cream truck in Iowa Rolled 3! Sanders supporters meme you to death with Ice Cream emojis. The story becomes a bit of a joke in local news.

Martin O'Malley goes to a horse farm and barnstorms Rolled 4! A small crowd, despite a good speech, attended. You're not really winning over undecideds.

3/10 bad week for you. Especially in Iowa.


Castro and Sanders seem to be gaining ground.


polling will follow. Debates will start next week (Jan 17)

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January 8th, 2016


Hillary Clinton: 50.9% (-2.3) @BeetleJuice

Bernie Sanders: 31.9% (+1.2) @Rodja

Julian Castro: 3.0% (+1.5) @superezione

Martin O'Malley: 1.5%(-1.5)  @buenoboss




Hillary Clinton: 42.2% (-4.1) @BeetleJuice

Bernie Sanders: 37.8% (+0.3) @Rodja

Julian Castro: 7.6% (+3.9) @superezione

Martin O'Malley: 3.9% (-2.1)  @buenoboss



New Hampshire:

Bernie Sanders: 51.7% (+2.4) @Rodja

Hillary Clinton: 44.7%  (+1.7) @BeetleJuice

Julian Castro: 3.5% (+3) @superezione

Martin O'Malley: 0% (-2.0)  @buenoboss


Hillary Clinton: 41.9% (-2.4) @BeetleJuice

Bernie Sanders: 32.9% (+1.4) @Rodja

Julian Castro: 5.0% (-1.2) @superezione

Martin O'Malley: 1.5% (-1.3) @buenoboss


South Carolina:

Hillary Clinton: 64.7% (-3.2) @BeetleJuice

Bernie Sanders: 21.8% (-1.2) @Rodja

Martin O'Malley: 1.8% (-0.5)  @buenoboss

Julian Castro: 0.7% (+0.5) @superezione


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Castro holds a rally in Des Moines, touting himself as a pragmatic progressive who can unite the party, and work as the next progression of the Obama Administration.

Castro holds a town hall in New Hampshire, getting to know the wants of New Hampshire voters.

Castro releases an ad in an attempt to court latino voters in Nevada

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Clinton campaigns in Nevada discussing Immigration Reform

Clinton campaigns in Iowa discussing the need for free community college

Clinton releases an ad highlighting her experience as secretary of state (targeting NH)

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