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2020 Election: Vermont

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The state of Bernie Sanders, a former Republican stronghold, will definitely go Blue for Biden in 2020. 

Here's how the 21st century Democrats have done in this state, along with the key counties:

  image.png.f8b5d6254145d4e4a7e6801b237f3756.png image.png.7227ec3687771328dcbefd6138a3064a.png image.png.5bc970f7fa204457f5dd1ce780d08231.png image.png.b8e0681937f34b5b96f54c92b1dbaa1d.png image.png.03213e0e4ea86a14d811e948b4bf3ded.png image.png.88c8033cf1574c5d324ca8f326860287.png
Chittenden ? 44 42 44 30 8
Washington ? 34 41 41 25 12
Rutland ? 4 22 24 4 2
Windsor ? 30 38 40 23 12
  ? 26 36 37 20 10

Here are the preferred presidential nominees, Governors, Senators, and US Reps for VT since 2008. The darker the color the stronger the support. Sanders is independent obviously. 

2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018
Obama Obama Obama Obama Clinton Clinton
Douglas Shumlin Shumlin Shumlin Scott Scott
Leahy Leahy Leahy Leahy Leahy Leahy
Sanders Sanders Sanders Sanders Sanders Sanders
Welch Welch Welch Welch Welch Welch
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