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Reagan04's 1968-Present Hybrid RP Extravanganza!

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1 hour ago, Zenobiyl said:

Alright, I’ll think of someone else

Once you do, let me know!

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Influence (3): The dinner results in Nixon spilling A1 sauce on his tie, not very presidential Rally (6): The Governor pumps up turnout and an energized Nixon carries the rest. Rally (4): Tu


Influence George McGovern meets with student groups throughout New Hampshire where he distributes flyers and meets everyone that he can Schmooze McGovern invites New Hampshire Democrats to a priva

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I'll be able to get the initial state of the race news post, National, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin polls started, and also factional and interest group support meters all started tonight once @MishFox and @Zenobiyl are able to get their candidate selections in.

Excited to begin!

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12 minutes ago, Zenobiyl said:

Ill take a random republican, doesn’t matter who

Sen. Everett Dirksen of Illinois it is!

Also it would be great if you could join the discord here:https://discord.gg/8dxkTy

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@Herbert Hoover @TheLiberalKitten @Hestia11 @MishFox @TheLiberalKitten @The Blood @WVProgressive @Fbarbarossa @buenoboss @Zenobiyl @PringlesN7 @Cenzonico @BeetleJuice

CBS Evening News Broadcast - February 21st, 1968

Walter Cronkite: "In political news, the race for President of the United States is shaping up quickly. A total of 13 candidates, 7 Republicans and 6 Democrats, are seeking the high office. A number of these candidates are favorite sons, only competing for the favor of their states. But for the rest, there is a grueling schedule of primaries and schmoozing ahead in the months leading up to the convention. Let's first take a look at the Democratic side. It should be no surprise to any avid observer that the odds-on favorite for re-nomination is the incumbent: President Lyndon B. Johnson. But while President Johnson has great support among the party's elites and holds sway over a number of party machines and bosses sure to net him delegates, he has severe weakness among the left flank of the party. Speaking of, major rising stars in the party have challenged the President from his left. Liberal Senator Robert F. Kennedy of New York announced last week and just a few nights ago Progressive Senator George McGovern through his hat into the ring. This as Minnesota Senator Eugene McCarthy exits the race to allow for fresher faced liberals and progressives to take his mantle. Still from President Johnson's right, Alabama Governor George Wallace will be making a racially conservative pitch to the Democratic electorate. Whether or not he can turn his pro-segregationist rhetoric into a working national campaign viable in northern primaries remains to be seen. At any rate, while President Johnson has a wide path, there are narrow spaces through which he must pass to get to renomination. Keep in mind, however, many Democrats are still undecided as there are so many viable alternatives for the direction of their party being provided. Let's put up the nationwide and early state polls for the Democrats:

February 21st, 1968 - Democratic Nationwide Presidential Preference Poll

Robert F. Kennedy - 31.4%

Lyndon B. Johnson - 28.6%

George Wallace - 11.4%

George McGovern - 7.5%

Undecided - 21.1%

February 21st, 1968 - Democratic New Hampshire Presidential Preference Poll

Robert F. Kennedy - 34.6%

George McGovern - 23.3%

Lyndon B. Johnson - 15.4%

George Wallace - 4.1%

Undecided - 22.6%

February 21st, 1968 - Democratic Wisconsin Presidential Preference Poll

Robert F. Kennedy - 28.4%

Lyndon B. Johnson - 22.6%

George McGovern - 11.2%

George Wallace - 10.7%

Undecided - 27.1%

Democratic Meters:

(These are not percentages of votes, they are rough gauges of enthusiasm/support)

Kennedy: 80% Liberal, 40% Moderate, 5% Conservative

Johnson: 15% Liberal, 80% Moderate, 35% Conservative

Wallace: 0% Liberal, 25% Moderate, 100% Conservative

McGovern: 100% Liberal, 0% Moderate, 0% Conservative

Labor Unions: Johnson 55%, Wallace 35%, Kennedy 25%, McGovern 5%

Party Bosses: Johnson 100%, Kennedy 25%, Wallace 10%, McGovern 0%

Academia: McGovern 100%, Kennedy 50%, Johnson 5%, Wallace 0%

Catholics: Kennedy 80%, Johnson 20%, McGovern 10%, Wallace 5%

Blacks: Johnson 70%, Kennedy 60%, McGovern 10%, Wallace 0%

Ethnic Americans: Kennedy 75%, Johnson 55%, McGovern 25%, Wallace 10%

Mainstream Southern Democrats: Johnson 90%, Wallace 60%, Kennedy 15%, McGovern 0%

Boll Weavils: Wallace 100%, Johnson 5%, Kennedy 0%, McGovern 0%


As for the Republican race, the waning campaign of Michigan Governor George Romney has let to his exit but the entrance of a gaggle of new Liberal and Moderate Republicans, surely to the ire of frontrunners New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller and former Vice President Richard Nixon. While Vice President Nixon seems to be the current favorite, he does face interparty pressure from fellow moderate conservative Senator Everett Dirksen of Illinois. The liberal wing of the party seems to be out in full force, perhaps hurting each other more than helping. While Rockefeller leads the pack and the exit of Governor Romney has allowed him some time to catch his breathe, the entrance of New York City Mayor John Lindsay and Massachusetts Senator Edward Brooke has stopped him from mass consolidation of support. Brooke, the first black man to wage a serious bid for President of either major party, and Lindsay seem to both be fighting to Rockefeller's left and draining any sort of liberal unity there may be in the GOP. But there is one wing left. 1964 Nominee and conservative standardbearer, Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater has announced he'll be seeking the nomination, immediately sucking up much national conservative support. California Governor Ronald Reagan has also announced his entry into the race not just as a favorite son, but as a national contender. He will likely struggle in the shadow of Senator Goldwater with little in the way of primary support outside California, but his ability to be a powerful force at the convention remains to be seen. Let's take a look at Republican polling:

February 21st, 1968 - Republican Nationwide Presidential Preference Poll

Richard Nixon - 24.5%

Nelson Rockefeller - 16.6%

Barry Goldwater - 16.0%

Everett Dirksen - 7.3%

John Lindsay - 4.9%

Edward Brooke - 3.4%

Ronald Reagan - 2.9%

Undecided - 24.4%

February 21st, 1968 - Republican New Hampshire Presidential Preference Poll

Nelson Rockefeller - 22.6%

Richard Nixon - 21.2%

Barry Goldwater - 11.4%

Edward Brooke - 8.5%

John Lindsay - 6.5%

Everett Dirksen - 5%

Ronald Reagan - 1.8%

Undecided - 23%

February 21st, 1968 - Republican Wisconsin Presidential Preference Poll

Richard Nixon - 21.0%

Barry Goldwater - 19.5%

Everett Dirksen - 14.6%

Nelson Rockefeller - 13.8%

John Lindsay - 4.6%

Ronald Reagan - 3.4%

Edward Brooke - 2.3%

Undecided - 20.8%

Republican Meters:

(These are not percentages of votes, they are rough gauges of enthusiasm/support)

Richard Nixon: 30% Conservative, 60% Moderate, 20% Liberal

Nelson Rockefeller: 0% Conservative, 30% Moderate, 75% Liberal

Barry Goldwater: 100% Conservative, 10% Moderate, 0% Liberal

Everett Dirksen: 10% Conservative, 50% Moderate, 25% Liberal

John Lindsay: 0% Conservative, 20% Moderate, 85% Liberal

Edward Brooke: 0% Conservative, 5% Moderate, 100% Liberal

Ronald Reagan: 90% Conservative, 5% Moderate, 0% Liberal

New Right Activists: Nixon 15%, Rockefeller 0%, Goldwater 100%, Dirksen 10%, Lindsay 0%, Brooke 0%, Reagan 85%

Eisenhower Republicans: Nixon 80%, Rockefeller 30%, Goldwater 10%, Dirksen 65%, Lindsay 20%, Brooke 10%, Reagan 0%

Rockefeller Republicans: Nixon 20%, Rockefeller 90%, Goldwater 0%, Dirksen 25%, Lindsay 85%, Brooke 100%, Reagan 0%

Black and Tans: Nixon 40%, Rockefeller 50%, Goldwater 0%, Dirksen 30%, Lindsay 45%, Brooke 100%, Reagan 0%

Lily Whites: Nixon 35%, Rockefeller 5%, Goldwater 100%, Dirksen 10%, Lindsay 5%, Brooke 0%, Reagan 75%

Business Conservatives: Nixon 70%, Rockefeller 50%, Goldwater 50%, Dirksen 55%, Lindsay 30%, Brooke 15%, Reagan 55%


Alright folks, that's all for this evening. We'll return with you next week for our weekly political round-up. That's the way it is."

Candidates may now post their 3 events for the next week. Favorite Sons ( @MishFox and @ALiteralNeoliberal)  may post two (2) events of their choosing in their home state, the rest of the candidates may post 3 events. 

Remember, you may hold an event for a primary, schmooze party bosses, or seek to boost your profile with a faction or interest group by leveraging important endorsements or speaking to said group. The 3 event categories are Rally, Schmooze, Influence. Make sure you indicate what type of event you are doing and keep your eyes and ears open on discord if I have updates or questions. Without further adu, good luck and let this be the beginning of a great and long Dobs RP!

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John Lindsay Rally - NYC

Lindsay waves to the crowd as he walks on stage and to the podium

Hello, hello... Hello, as you all know I've announced my candidacy for President

The crowd cheer

Thank you, thank you. So, as you know I, your Mayor, am running for to become President of this great nation of ours. There are of course many reasons for this, one here I will highlight is experience. As you will know, prior to my tenure as Mayor I served as Representative for the seventeenth district, this, I believe, has given me good knowledge of how the legislative arm of our government works, knowledge of how to get bills through the house and has allowed me to forge relationships with Representatives and even Senators, something which will be indispensable in a role such as the President of the United States. Not only this, my time as your mayor has allowed me to gain knowledge in how the executive branch of government works. As Mayor, I have put together budgets, passed laws and worked with members of the community as well as members of the city government. All of this falls into and beyond Presidential duty!

The crowd once again cheer

And now, I'd like to talk about progress. In 1964 President Johnson passed the Civil Rights act. While some, such as Senator Barry Goldwater, saw it as controversial and even tried to have it repealed, I saw this as a step in the right direction. As you will know I regularly walk through Harlem, an area of our city that has a very high population of African and Hispanic Americans. And, it is no secret that economically, Harlem is struggling. And this is because of the now rightfully abolished segregation. The denizens of Harlem were unable to branch out of certain areas of the city, they were closed off, isolated. Our fellow Americans suffered and the Civil Rights act has helped to alleviate that. As President, I will continue work for equality between the races, because we live in the land of the free! The Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal, and so, I will not rest until these words ring true for everyone who lives in our great nation. Thank you!

The crowd applaud and cheer as Lindsay waves and walks off the podium

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John Lindsay meets with leading figures among the Eisenhower Republicans. He speaks to them about how despite having been his Vice-President, Nixon isn't really the heir to Eisenhower's ideology. He then reminds them that he was one of the founders of the Youth for Eisenhower club.



Lindsay meets up with high profile New York Republicans. He again speaks about his experience with both executive and legislative arms of the government as well as informing them of his tenure as President of The New York Young Republican Club.


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Vice President Nixon kicks off with a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire. For the first half of the event he commends the bold domestic agenda that the United States has achieved. (Great Society) He promises that he will ensure it is administered effectively, and not without accountability. For the second half, he discusses the key importance of a return to Law & Order in the country, along with addressing the important national issues the country is facing.

“While the boldness of President Johnson’s domestic agenda should be praised… we must ensure it is administered effectively and does not turn into a program without accountability. Programs like this always add the risk of adding to our national deficit, and with the potential shortfalls in our economy we could face at any moment, we must be ready.”

“But, my fellow Americans, the most important issue our country is facing at this moment is the complete and utter disregard for the law we are seeing. The Vietnam War and the disorder in our great nation is proof that our leadership has failed. We must act in the wishes of the American people. As President, I will end this war with an honorable, comprehensive; peace agreement. We shall put an end to the draft, and put an end to the violence in our streets.” 

Nixon meets with bosses representing Rockefeller Republicans in the North East. In an effort expand his support in the North Eastern Liberal Wing... Nixon discusses politics with prominent figures in the North East. Such as his former Running Mate in 1960; Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. Nixon also hopes to get a bit of a preliminary boost in Massachusetts if his discussion with Lodge Jr. is successful in persuading Lodge to encourage others in his faction to support Nixon, instead of Rockefeller. Emphasizing Nixon's greater experience, and electability.

Nixon holds a rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His speech focuses entirely upon Law & Order, while reminding Milwaukee residents of the 1967 riots that occurred in their city and left a trail of destruction and casualties. Nixon expresses his hope to the crowd to end the Vietnam War, soothe the racial tensions, and prevent such riots from happening again.

"Citizens of Milwaukee, I come here hoping that I have your support in the upcoming primaries. I promise you that if I am elected as your nominee that you will not be seeing riots like we saw in August of last year. As Americans we must come together in troubled times like this... many were exercising their right to protest, and then the riots broke out. Hundreds were injured, and 4 people were killed. As your President I promise you that if we can succeed in ending the war in Vietnam, ensuring the Great Society is administered effectively, and especially ensuring our economy is working for the workers of this great nation... we will not see this dissatisfaction among our citizens. There will be peace in your neighborhoods again. I have had the privilege of serving as your Vice President under President Eisenhower. I would be honored if you'd give me a chance to be the Republican Nominee. I ask you to get out, and vote for Richard Nixon when the time comes. Vote like your life depended on it!" 

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Edward Brooke holds rally in Boston Mass, and releases official campaign platform

"My fellow Massachusites, my fellow Republicans, and most importantly, my fellow Americans, I come here today to declare my intentions. Our country, and our party is at a critical moral crossroads. A crossroads, that will determine whether we treat every American fairly, despite his, or her skin color, or whether we will fall, into animus, and hatred of each other, based on immutable characteristics. When I was first elected to the Senate, by you the people of Massachusetts,I did not want to be a leader for the Negro race. I realize now, that at this critical juncture, when the Lord, our God, calls upon, each, and every one of us, to do our part, in fight for racial equality, we can not sit idly by, and hope others do the hard work for us. It is this revelation that spurs me to make this announcement. I am running to be President of the United States. Let me say, at the outset, of what will likely be a long journey, my campaign does not seek to place one region, or class, one people over another, but it seeks to lift all peoples up, to allow every American the full width, and breadth, of the American dream. As the Democratic party, is in bed with White Supremacists like George Wallace, we, the party of Lincoln, must fully, and unequivocally state, that we are, and forever will be, in support of civil rights. We can take pride in the fact, that our great leader, Dwight Eisenhower, took a crucial first step in the desegregation of public schools. I pledge, to continue in the great tradition of social progress, laid down by our forefathers, like Abraham Lincoln, Robert Lafollette, and Teddy Roosevelt. We will secure a favorable peace in Vietnam, and fight for human dignity, across the globe. In preparation for my campaign for President, I, with the help of a few of my very close friends, have taken the time to write a platform, that will inform every potential voter of what I plan to do as President. Members of my staff, and I will be handing copies of it out after this, so please stick around and get one for yourself, it always pays to be politically informed. I hope you all find it right to support me, and I thank you for lending me both your time, and your ears."


Foreign Policy – Peace, and Honor Abroad

Do everything short of open warfare to politically isolate the Soviet Union.

Sanction South Africa until it agrees to end Apartheid

Slowly reduce American ground troop presence in South Vietnam, and make the Vietnamese carry the ball for their defense

Give Israel military, and financial aid, and commit our military to come to their defense when needed

Honor the memory of JFK by continuing to support NASA in their commitment to landing a man on the moon by the end of 1969.


Social Policy – Equality, and Safety at Home

Pass, and ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

Protect, and Expand the Voting Rights Act

Support the Civil Rights act of 1968

Increase policing, but also look into the social aspects of crime

Allow flexible sentencing, and let states decide with regards to the death penalty

Use busing to integrate schools, and protect colored students with the National Guard, and US Marshals as needed

Protect the right to protest, but fight against riots, and coercive protests.

Condemn violence from both Black supremacists like Stokely Carmichael, and form White supremacists like George Wallace

Decrease electronic, and physical surveillance of Americans, and always require a warrant before any such surveillance takes place


Economic Policy – Steady Hands, for Steady Waters

Keep the best parts of Johnson’s Great Society, and eliminate waste

Support minority business to combat history of racial inequality

Build more affordable public housing

Allow married women the ability to register credit under her own name

Social programs, and strength overseas take precedence over budget deficits

Support unions when purged of their corrupt elements

Support prevailing wage

Increase healthcare benefits for the poor, and elderly, but keep the rest private.

Create new national parks to protect our wildlife

Reintroduce, and Pass the RCA

Increase public funding for Education, and build more schools

Establish a Mass Transit Fund


 Edward Brooke will invite prominent members of the Mississippi Republican Party, to diner, while he's in Jackson (Schmooze)

Edward Brooke attempts to increase his Influence among Eisenhower Republicans while in Concord, New Hampshire, talking about how he deeply respects the former Presidents military service, being a veteran himself, and the Presidents work on Civil Rights. 

Edited by WVProgressive
For some reason Foreign Policy didn't copy over.
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Barry Goldwater kicks off his second presidential campaign in his home city of Phoenix, Arizona 

"That's right, Barry Goldwater is back and ready to win! America, it is time to finally realize the failures of the leadership of Lyndon Banes and bring in a new era of uncompromising Conservative leadership! Now, I understand that we failed four years ago, but we must not let that deter our Conservative movement. Four years ago they ran a slander campaign, the Democrats called me radical and racist and the Republicans called my politics "alien and out of touch". They told us that our values were nuts and would never be mainstream. Well let me tell you all something, a campaign based on liberty and freedom is no vice. There is nothing wrong with giving states rights and taking a firm hand against the evil of Communism. There is nothing wrong with a free-market conservative approach to economics. They simply wish to put our movement into the ground. I of course, say no! The media may slander us once again, the Democratic party may attack us once again, and hell even the Grand Old Party might even go after us. But I will tell you this, 1968 is a different year than 1964. Unrest grips the nation as crime rates skyrocket and President Johnson becomes deeply unpopular. America, we have a choice to make this year. We can choose to elect another four years of failure, or we can bring in someone that is willing to challenge the problems the United States of America faces whether it be domestic or abroad. The tidal wave of Conservatism is coming, I can feel it. I hope that we can all finally see that this is what we need, not only now but for the future of our country. Thank you.

Barry Goldwater 1964 Presidential Campaign Button Design - Politics -  Sticker | TeePublic

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Barry Goldwater will meet with bosses representing the California Republican Party citing Goldwater's conservative platform and his experience to try and woo their support.


Barry Goldwater tries to increase his support with Midwestern Business Conservatives citing his free-market conservative economics as a way to try and woo their support.   

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Sen. George McGovern announces his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States in New Hampshire

"Friends, family and my fellow Americans we have had quite the four years under President Johnson. Not only have we boldly gone forward on civil rights, the war on poverty and in protecting ourselves from the Warsaw Pact but there is still so much we can do!

McGovern immediately criticized the Johnson administration's stance on the Vietnam War and proposed his own stance.
President Johnson's actions in Vietnam have slowly turned our country apart and divided our nation regardless of political affiliation. Countless American lives have been lost and it has all been for nothing. This war is not a war of capitalism vs communism but it is a war of national liberation vs western imperialism.
On day one of my administration, we will withdraw from Vietnam and pulled all of this excessive military spending into the Great Society while maintaining our commitment to fighting the spread of influence of the Soviet Union."

He announces key proposals he'd implement as president
"We will legalize abortion and regulate abortion,legalize the use of marijuana, increase spending in our safety net and guarantee the American dream for all Americans. A basic income for all of us!"

Sen. McGovern will meet with key labour unions in New Hampshire, citing his "New ideas" platform of protecting the American dream through a universal basic income

Sen. McGovern will attempt to win influence of key state party bosses in New Hampshire, citing his commitment to expanding the War on Poverty

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Schmooze:  Attorney General Thomas Lynch met with party bosses in the California Democratic Party, emphasizing that he can best represent Californians. 

Rally: Attorney General Thomas Lynch holds a kickoff rally in California.

"My fellow Californians, I am running for President to represent the people I served every day, as your Attorney General. I am a candidate for all Californians who want to continue the mantle of President Johnson, who has gone forward on the issues of civil rights, the Great Society, and so much more"


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Rally/Speech: President Johnson will deliver a speech from the Oval Office announcing his intention to seek another term as President. He chides some of his cabinet who have joined in the race saying, "I'm not in the ground yet!", giving a bit of a combative tone for his part of the party.

Schmooze: He schmoozes with the African-American community and liberal base, highlighting his work with the ERA and Civil Rights Acts.

Influence: Johnson meets with representatives of the Illinois Democratic Party, where he touches upon his years as President and his experience. 

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Schmooze:Rockefeller meets with the chairmen of Republican parties in the Midwest. He tells them that even though he is from the East Coast, he has broadbase appeal among working class voters and black voters. He also touts his friendship with Ohio Gov. Jim Rhodes

Influence:Meets with the Rockefeller Republicans and basically tells them that he is the namesake of the Liberal Republicans and his liberalism that actually works, as he has actually run a state, compared to Brooke in the Senate

Schmooze:Rockefeller meets with East Coast party bosses and wines and dines with them at Kykuit. He shows off his liberal record and his love of the East Coast.



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Rally:  George Wallace will hold a rally in Milwaukee, Winsconsin to launch his bid for the Democratic Nomination, declaring, "Right now many of you would expect me to be in Alabama or somewhere else in the South announcing this run. Well, I'm not in the South today. I'm not in the South, because as much as I am a proud Southerner, I am a proud American as well! And when I say American I'm not talking about the corrupt politicians in Washington, the wanna-be tyrants who make corrupt deals to gain more power for themselves. No, I'm not talking about those politicians when I say American. I'm talking about the hardworking man in the country, who has seen his community destroyed by drugs, protests, and race riots with no attempt by the government to restore law and order. I am talking about the hardworking man who has seen moderates like Johnson make compromise after compromise with the radical left, allowing for us to dawdle along in Vietnam while communism only continues to spread. I am talking about the hardworking man who has seen radicals like Kennedy and McGovern infect the Democratic Party and rally the radicals who are destroying American communities to their side. I am talking about the hardworking  man who has seen his state's very sovereignty infringed upon time and time again by the Federal government. I am talking about the hardworking man who has seen his way of life destroyed by a government not for the people, but for radical and socialist political activism and the whims of corruption.  And finally, when I say American I am talking about the hardworking man who is fed up with the radical left destroying his communities, with the moderates compromising time and time again, and with a broken, tyrannical, and corrupt government out to destroy his way of life! I look over this crowd and I see in each of you that hardworking man. It is time to make it known that we are fed up, and to fight back! I am running for President of the United States, and I can promise you now that as President I will fight back for the hardworking man of this nation!"

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Influence: Wallace will meet with Governor Roger Branigin of Indiana to lobby for his support in the Primary. Wallace will point to his stature as the only truly conservative Democrat in the race, pointing to his role as the one candidate promising to restore law and order to the nation, escalate the Vietnam War, and roll back a series of "socialist" Federal economic and social programs, returning or handing off the programs to the states(Or outright ending them) while lobbying Branigin.


Schmooze: Wallace will meet with party bosses and regulars across Wisconsin, lobbying for their support in the state and pointing to his role as the one candidate fighting to defend the way of life of hardworking Americans from riots and socialism.

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Rally: Gov.Reagan kicks off his Presidential campaign today. Reagan focuses on the need for new leadership within the Republican party. "Our need is new leadership which will develop imaginative new approaches assuring full opportunity to all our citizens—leadership which will face and resolve the basic problems of our country." A veiled attack at Vice President Nixon. 

Influence: Reagan schmoozes with small business owners discussing the need for tax cuts. 

Schmooze: Reagan meets with party leaders within New Hampshire, discussing the importance of the 1968 election and the need for a conservative president.  

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I believe we just need campaign actions from @Zenobiyl's Dirksen, @Herbert Hoover's RFK, and @ALiteralNeoliberal's Young.

Y'all have done a fantastic job getting actions in, we'll be able to move to the next turn once the above 3 send their's in.

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The Last Days of Robert F. Kennedy | Literary Hub

Pictured above: Robert Kennedy mingling with black voters during his New York Senate election campaign

Johnson always knew that he'd be a president sandwiched in between the administration of two Kennedy's, and Robert has began making that dream a reality today with a campaign kick off in the nation's capitol, Washington D.C. The politically ambitious Kennedy kicked off his campaign by denouncing the policies of Johnson in Vietnam, and by promising to unite the nation rather than continue to divide it.

"I am today announcing my candidacy for the presidency of the United States.

I do not run for the presidency merely to oppose any man but to propose new policies. I run because I am convinced that this country is on a perilous course and because I have such strong feelings about what must be done, and I feel that I'm obliged to do all that I can.

I run to seek new policies - policies to end the bloodshed in Vietnam and in our cities, policies to close the gaps that now exist between black and white, between rich and poor, between young and old, in this country and around the rest of the world. 

I run for the presidency because I want the Democratic Party and the United States of America to stand for hope instead of despair, for reconciliation of men instead of the growing risk of world war.

I run because it is now unmistakably clear that we can change these disastrous, divisive policies only by changing the men who are now making them. For the reality of recent events in Vietnam has been glossed over with illusions. In private talks and in public, I have tried in vain to alter our course in Vietnam before it further saps our spirit and our manpower, further raises the risks of wider war, and further destroys the country and the people it was meant to save. 

My decision reflects no personal animosity or disrespect toward President Johnson. He served President Kennedy with the utmost loyalty and was extremely kind to me and members of my family in the difficult months which followed the events of November of 1963. I have often commended his efforts in health, in education, and in many other areas, and I have the deepest sympathy for the burden that he carries today. But the issue is not personal. It is our profound differences over where we are heading and what we want to accomplish. I do not lightly dismiss the dangers and the difficulties of challenging an incumbent President. But these are not ordinary times and this is not an ordinary election. At stake is not simply the leadership of our party and even our country. It is our right to moral leadership of this planet.

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While in D.C, Robert Kennedy organized a meeting with prominent members of the Democratic Party, those that would have influence on the eventual nomination for president and vice president as well as influence on the party platform. At a fancy top dollar dinner, Kennedy spoke with many of these party bosses to assure them that he intends to take this primary challenge all the way to the convention, and to ask for their support. He spins it that Johnson is incredibly unpopular and that he has virtually no chance of winning with the way the war is going in Vietnam. For the Democrats to continue to hold the White House, we need to put up someone who's charismatic and with a platform that appeals to the majority of voters - Bobby can be that guy. (Influence: Party bosses)

Bobby Kennedy meets with likely members of the Minnesota Democratic delegation, attempting to butter himself up to a more liberal state delegation by promising that, if elected, he would pull us out of Vietnam unlike President Johnson, and he attempts to work on securing an endorsement from Senator Eugene McCarthy, who recently withdrew from the race. Kennedy hopes to convince McCarthy that the only way for a truly liberal candidate to win the primary is for them to present a united front, and he, unlike McGovern, can win the primary and take the fight all the way to Nixon. (Schmooze: Minnesota)

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Young meets with fellow Ohio Senator Frank Lausche, asking him for his endorsement. He encourages Lausche to support a fellow Ohio Democrat, and career politician. Young discusses how with such a packed primary filled with so many candidates, the delegates they can pick up in Ohio could give them tremendous influence at the DNC Convention. Though the two have had their differences in the past, Young is convinced Lausche will put Ohio first.


Young touts his history serving on the Ohio commission for Unemployment Insurance, as well as his pro-labor voting record in the senate, at a meeting with the leaders of the major labor unions of Ohio.

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Everett Dirksen Shmoozes Liberals (I’m putting all 3 actions on this one)


”When I first became Senate Minority Leader, congress was being held hostage to the Southern Filibuster.


When I first came to DC, the democrats were clogging up DC when they should have been making real progress.


Well I came to DC, and what did I do?


broke the southern filibuster! I drained the mess in DC! I sent those Dixiecrats running south with their pointy hats in their hands!


Most of these New England liberals have never seen segregation with their own eyes. 


I have.


That’s why I’m going to fight harder than anyone else to end it 100%.”



”Vote Everett Dirksen, because he fought the filibuster”




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