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2024 Quick Shot


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Democratic Primary:



22 hours ago, Rodja said:

1.AOC holds rally in Iowa focusing on minimum wage increases Rolled 3! You start to go on a tangent about how Bernie was cheated and it isn't pretty.

2.AOC releases ad focusing on her time as bartender and position of working class in America Rolled 9! Your bio plays well

3.AOC barnstorms in Nevada. Rolled 10! Nevada loves you!

7/10 good outside of iowa


11 hours ago, MishFox said:

Bennet campaigns in Iowa on the Real Deal Rolled 5! your event plays well with moderates but little else.

Bennet releases an ad in New Hampshire and Iowa, talking about his economic plan and time as Senator Rolled 8! Your experience plays well.

Bennet campaigns in New Hampshire, talking about the bill he created called Medicare X Rolled 6! A modest crowd but a good event

6/10 a meh week for bennet


9 hours ago, buenoboss said:

Cory Booker drops out and endorses Andrew Cuomo for President Rolled 4! Some supporters agree but majority are undecided. Gives a much needed but small boost


4 hours ago, PringlesN7 said:

Cuomo heads to Iowa for a rally in Des Moines. Rolled 4! You're met by protesters from AOC. Ouch.

Cuomo heads to New Hampshire for a town hall. Pushing his Progressive Credentials from the WFP Endorsement. Rolled 3! AOC's followers aren't leaving you alone this week. They're quite literally memeing you to death and trolled you at the town hall.

Cuomo holds a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire. Rolled 4! You went on a tangent about how Aoc fans. Your base tends to agree and, with recent events in mind, the press does sympathize a tiny bit. However it still creates some negative press

4/10 You had a pretty bad week that was salvaged by Booker's exit and endorsement of you. 


Republican Primary:

13 hours ago, Hestia11 said:

Haley blasts Trump Jr. for being a "dynastic figure" in Des Moines, Iowa Rolled 8! People are kinda tired of Trumps and it shows.

Haley visits Columbia, South Carolina and barnstorms her home state Rolled 4! You sounded kinda bland. People noticed.

Haley ends the day in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with a speech about foreign policy Rolled 9! You sounded presidential here and NH loved it

7/10 Not bad


11 hours ago, ALiteralNeoliberal said:


In a tweet, President Donald Trump endorses his son for president 

Fmr. Rep. Steve King endorses Trump in a statement to supporters via social media 


Don Jr. holds a rally in Des Moines, IA, alongside President Trump himself, Rolled 3! In an awkward moment, Donald mistook you for Eric..... ouch

Don Jr. tours rural Iowa with former congressman Steve King, Rolled 7! King helps you earn conservative support.

An ad aired in NH highlights Trump‘s highlights of “standing up to the left” and “protecting Republican values” Rolled 10! classic Don Jr.


7/10 a gaffe by your dad hurt you a bit in Iowa


20 hours ago, Conservative Elector 2 said:

Cotton swings through Iowa arguing for the need of defending the 2A Rolled 7! Rather safe but rather good to talk about in Iowa.

Cotton releases a TV ad targeting the abortion industry. Rolled 10! Classic red meat. It's so effective that even the left is scared of it.

Cotton holds a town hall in New Hampshire answering question why his economical plan is the best. Rolled 10! You are on top of your game! 

9/10 an almost perfect week for you.

13 hours ago, The Blood said:

Kasich holds rallies across New Hampshire over the week. Rolled 6! Effective but you're not winning over many conservatives.

Kasich tours rural New Hampshire. Rolled 7! your message resonates in NH.

Kasich launches TV ads across New Hampshire. Rolled 6! A meh ad. Not bad though and does win over some moderate undecideds

6/10 not the boost you needed but eh



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National Polling on December 29th 2023:


Cuomo:37.8%(+2.2%) @PringlesN7

AOC: 37.6%(+3.8%) @Rodja

Bennet:4.6%(+1.5%) @MishFox




AOC: 36.2% (-2.5)

Cuomo:  35.2% (+0.5)

Bennet:  9.3%(+1.7)

Undecided:  19.3% (+1.3)


New Hampshire:

AOC: 43.5% (+3.8)

Cuomo: 39.2% (+0.7)

Bennet: 9.1% (+2.2)

Undecided: 8.2%



AOC: 47.1% (+4.5%)

Cuomo: 37.5% (+2.2%)

Bennet: 2.4% (+0.5%)

Undecided: 13% (-2%)


South Carolina:

Cuomo: 56.1% (+5.7)

AOC: 22.2% (+4.5%)

Bennet 3.2%( +0.4)

Undecided: 17.6%



Haley:24.9%(+2.5%) @Hestia11

Trump Jr: 20.9%(+3.4%) @ALiteralNeoliberal

Cotton:19.1%(+5.6%) @Conservative Elector 2

Scott:18.8%(-3.2%) @Reagan04

Kasich: 8.2%(+1.4%) @The Blood




Cotton: 26.3% (+4.9)

Haley: 24.7%  (+2.3)

Trump: 16.9% (-1.7)

Scott: 15.5% (-3.2)

Kasich: 2.9%

Undecided: 13.7%


New Hampshire:

Trump: 25.2% (+2.4)

Haley: 23.9% (+3.2)

Cotton: 21.6% (+5.6)

Kasich: 12.1% (+1.5)

Scott: 11.5% (-4.3)

Undecided: 5.7%



Haley: 23.7% (+2.2)

Cotton: 23.7% (+3.0)

Trump: 17.1% (+2.8)

Scott: 15.6% (-5.7)

Kasich: 3.7%(+0.5)

Undecided: 16.2


South Carolina:

Haley: 37.5% (+3.7)

Scott: 31. 4% (-4.3)

Trump: 8.2%(+2.8)

Cotton: 8.0%(+4.3)

Kasich: 0.8% (+0.5)


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1.АOC holds rally in Las Vegas,NV focusing on immigration reform.

2.AOC tours Iowa promoting M4A

3.AOC releases ad promoting Green New Deal

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Tim Scott means with Republican donors in New Hampshire and talks about Liberty and the 1st Amendment

Tim Scott rails against Trump on immigration in Nevada

Tim Scott talks Criminal Justice Reform at his alma mater of Clemson University in South Carolina

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Cotton holds a rally in Des Moines, Iowa

Cotton meets with voters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Cotton barnstorms in Manchester, NH.

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