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Quick Shot 2016: Republican Primary

The Blood

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2 minutes ago, The Blood said:

We just need @Reagan04to post. I won't be able to start on results tonight, but I will be able to start tomorrow morning it seems.

Carly Fiorina withdraws and endorses Marco Rubio. She cites the need for Republicans of all stripes. From moderates to grassroots conservatives, to rally around a conservative unifier and beat Donald Trump. 

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19 hours ago, Hestia11 said:

Rubio campaigns in Dallas, Texas, saying that he is the one to beat Hillary Clinton

Rubio visits Atlanta, Georgia, pledging to keep the state red in November and fight off Democratic attempts to flip the state

Rubio ends the day in Nashville, Tennessee, saying that Trump is a danger to the party

Event Rolls: 

2. A weak day in Dallas.

1! Rubio is booed off stage by Trump protesters!(Negative Viral)

6. A better than average message.

Overall: -6. A poor turn for Rubio.

19 hours ago, Cenzonico said:

Jeb Bush will campaign with his brother George in Austin, Texas with both talking about why Jeb Bush is the best candidate in the field. 

Jeb Bush tours the state of Vermont trying to appeal to voters.

The Bush campaign will release a TV ad targeting all Super Tuesday States about Jeb Bush's amazing record and why he would defeat the Democrats in November 

Event Rolls:

10! George gives off an electric energy!(Viral)

10! Jeb seems to have confidence in himself for the first time in 20 years, ensuring the tour has packed events and heavy media coverage!(Viral)

10! His message goes viral as many say that someone's record and experience make them deserving of the Presidency, not their mean spirit or rabid base.

Overall: +15. I have no words for this.

19 hours ago, ALiteralNeoliberal said:

Carson meets with evangelical voters in a tour of rural Texas,

Carson visits Atlanta, GA, where he talks about education policy,

Carson travels to Minneapolis, MN, where he touts his electability,

Event Rolls:

3. A rather weak tour.

8. A strong business.

7. A strong message.

Overall: +3. A strong turn.

18 hours ago, Fbarbarossa said:

Trump will hold a rally in Texas, he will cover most of his ideas but will especially focus on border security and immigration.

Trump holds a rally in his home state of New York, he will speak about taxes, tariffs and other economy orientated policies

Trump releases a nation wide TV ad. In the ad he attacks the other candidates, comparing their policies to his own.

Event Rolls:

9. A strong rally.

5. An average rally.

8. A strong ad.

Overall:+7 A strong turn.

13 hours ago, BeetleJuice said:

Christie campaigns in Massachusetts on health care


Christie buys internet ads in supertuesday states highlighting his experience as Governor


Christie campaigns in Massachusetts On the issue of pharmaceutical prices 

Event Rolls:

4. A worse than average event.

2. A weak ad.

5. An average event.

Overall:-4. A bad turn.

13 hours ago, WVProgressive said:

Rand Paul withdraws, and endorses Carly Fiorina

Endorsement Roll: 5. Many Rand Paul supporters support Carly(This means that their support will be determined by the Carly endorsement roll),  while only a handful flow to Carson and other candidate.

13 hours ago, Reagan04 said:

Carly Fiorina withdraws and endorses Marco Rubio. She cites the need for Republicans of all stripes. From moderates to grassroots conservatives, to rally around a conservative unifier and beat Donald Trump. 

Endorsement Roll: 2. Weak endorsement leaves many Carly and former Rand supporters lost, and many flow to other candidates, notably Ben Carson, who as he sucked up Cruz support does the same to many Carly voters.

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3 minutes ago, BeetleJuice said:

Christie endorses Ben Carson For President

Endorsement Roll: 10! All 3 of Christie's supporters rally around Carson with momentum and strength, and the media praise the endorsement.(Viral)

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@Fbarbarossa @Hestia11 @Cenzonico @ALiteralNeoliberal

Super Tuesday Debate Scores:

Donald Trump: +8. Trump gave skill and fire on the debate stage, delivering a strong appeal to working class voters throughout the night. However, his crowning moment was a devastating take-down of Marco Rubio, who was left flustered and unable to respond thanks to Trump's attacks.


Jeb Bush: +5. Jeb was strong throughout the night, delivering a strong appeal to moderate voters and a well crafted message focused on political unity. Despite a failed attack on Trump, it was a strong night.


Marco(Polo) Rubio: -2. Marco delivered a strong appeal to Texas and a strong message, but was felled by Trump's attacks and a failed attack of his own.


Ben Carson: -7. Carson seemed to be begging Fiorina voters to support him, seemed to have a muddled and weak message, and failed miserably trying to attack Trump. A bad debate.

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@Fbarbarossa @Hestia11 @Cenzonico @ALiteralNeoliberal

Virginia Primary Results:

Turnout: 1,129,652 Votes


Rubio: 34.25% - 386,891 Votes - 17 delegates

Trump: 32.82% - 370,765 Votes - 16 delegates

Bush: 17.53% - 198,015 Votes - 9 delegates

Carson: 15.40% - 173,981 Votes - 7 delegates


Screenshot (408).png

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@Fbarbarossa @Hestia11 @Cenzonico @ALiteralNeoliberal

Georgia Primary Results:

Turnout: 1,351,328 Votes

Donald Trump: 37.74% - 510,024 Votes - 38 delegates

Marco Rubio: 29.51% - 398,799 Votes - 27 delegates

Ben Carson: 20.00% - 270,201 Votes - 11 delegates

Jeb Bush:  12.75% - 172,304 Votes


Screenshot (409).png

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@Fbarbarossa @Hestia11 @Cenzonico @ALiteralNeoliberal

Massachusetts Primary Results:

Turnout: 713,507 Votes

Trump: 46.25% - 329,991 Votes - 19 delegates

Bush: 20.89% - 149,071 Votes - 9 delegates

Rubio: 20.73% - 147,891 Votes - 9 delegates

Carson: 12.13% - 86,554 Votes - 5 delegates

Screenshot (410).png

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@Fbarbarossa @Hestia11 @Cenzonico @ALiteralNeoliberal

Vermont Primary Results:

Turnout: 87,771 Votes

Trump: 30.77% - 27,004 Votes - 6 delegates

Rubio: 30.73% - 26,971 Votes - 5 delegates

Bush: 30.02% - 26,345 Votes - 5 delegates

Carson: 8.48% -  7,451 Votes


Screenshot (411).png

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@Fbarbarossa @Hestia11 @Cenzonico @ALiteralNeoliberal
Minnesota Caucus Results:

Turnout: 115,700 Votes

Rubio: 36.63% - 42,376 Votes - 14 delegates

Trump: 29.83% - 34,510 Votes - 11 delegates

Carson: 18.15% - 21,001 Votes - 8 delegates

Bush: 15.39% - 17,813 Votes - 5 delegates


Screenshot (413).png

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@Fbarbarossa @Hestia11 @Cenzonico @ALiteralNeoliberal
Alabama Primary Results:

Turnout: 893,031 Votes

Trump: 45.80% - 408,981 Votes - 29 delegates

Rubio: 22.60% - 201,851 Votes - 12 delegates

Carson: 20.29% - 181,198 Votes - 9 delegates

Bush: 11.31% - 101,001 Votes

Screenshot (415).png

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@Fbarbarossa @Hestia11 @Cenzonico @ALiteralNeoliberal

Tennessee Primary Results:

Turnout: 960,281 Votes

Trump: 40.51% - 389,013 Votes - 37 delegates

Rubio: 25.60% - 245,797 Votes - 17 delegates

Carson: 18.94% - 181,908 Votes - 4 delegates

Bush: 14.95% - 143,563 Votes


Screenshot (416).png

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@Fbarbarossa @Hestia11 @Cenzonico @ALiteralNeoliberal

Arkansas Primary Results:

Turnout: 489,902 Votes

Trump: 35.95% - 176,112 Votes - 19 delegates

Rubio: 28.13% - 137,789 Votes - 11 delegates

Carson: 24.72% - 121,093 Votes - 10 delegates

Bush: 11.21% - 54,908 Votes


Screenshot (417).png

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@Fbarbarossa @Hestia11 @Cenzonico @ALiteralNeoliberal

Oklahoma Primary Results:

Turnout: 476,880 Votes

Trump: 35.21% - 167,894 Votes - 18 delegates

Rubio: 30.26 - 144,321 Votes - 15 delegates

Carson: 20.30% - 96,789 Votes - 10 delegates

Bush: 14.23% - 67,876 Votes


Screenshot (418).png

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@Fbarbarossa @Hestia11 @Cenzonico @ALiteralNeoliberal

Texas Primary Results:

Turnout: 3,037,845 Votes

Trump: 37.13% - 1,127,863 Votes - 65 delegates

Rubio: 25.61% - 778,112 Votes - 50 delegates

Carson: 22.45% - 681,876 Votes - 39 delegates

Bush: 14.81% -  449,994 Votes - 1 delegate

Screenshot (420).png

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@Fbarbarossa @Hestia11 @Cenzonico @ALiteralNeoliberal

Alaska Caucus Results:

Turnout: 30,522 Votes

Trump: 39.32% - 12,001 Votes - 13 delegates

Rubio: 24.43% - 7,457 Votes - 8 delegates

Carson: 23.91% - 7,299 Votes - 7 delegates

Bush: 12.34% -  3,765 Votes


Screenshot (422).png

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@Fbarbarossa @Hestia11 @Cenzonico @ALiteralNeoliberal

State Of The Republican Race Post-Super Tuesday:


Donald Trump: 37.47% - 3,927,933 Votes -309 delegates


Marco Rubio:  27.62% - 2,880,468 Votes - 247 delegates


Ben Carson: 19.58% - 2,007,757 Votes - 117 delegates 


Jeb Bush: 15.31% - 1,553,732 Votes - 39 delegates


Ted Cruz: 0.01% - 76,767 Votes - 8 delegates


Carly Fiorina: 0.01% - 86,084 Votes - 5 delegates


Rand Paul: 0.00% - 43,826 Votes - 2 delegates


Chris Christie: 0.01% - 53,665 Votes - 1 delegate


John Kasich(Who?): 0.00% - 2,345 - 0 delegates



Screenshot (432).png

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@Fbarbarossa @Hestia11 @Cenzonico @ALiteralNeoliberal

March 2nd Race Updates/Debate/Polling:


Debate: All candidates can send in a message, pander, and attack as usual.


Timeline: This turn will last until tomorrow morning EST to allow room for everyone to post or until everyone has posted. In-RP it will last from March 2nd to March 10th(All early-March contests are included in this turn)

News Updates: Super Tuesday saw perhaps the worst-case scenario for those hoping to stop Trump, as a surge from Jeb Bush and the strength of Ben Carson among rural evangelical conservatives proved to both weaken and lead to the failure of Rubio in a number of states. This failure from Rubio allowed Trump to capture all but 2 states voting on Super Tuesday, giving him strong momentum and over a 60 delegate lead. However, as the race continues many still have hope Trump can be stopped, though the continued presence of Bush and Carson may dash these hopes, or perhaps force them to a contested convention...


RCP National Polling Average:
Trump: 34.0%
Rubio: 30.7%
Carson: 18.9% 
Bush: 14.0% 
Undecided: 2.4%


RCP Maine Polling Average:
Rubio: 30.9%
Trump: 27.1%
Carson: 22.1%
Bush: 17.9%
Undecided: 2.0%


RCP Kansas Polling Average:
Trump: 35.7%
Carson: 25.6%
Rubio: 25.1%
Bush: 11.9%
Undecided: 1.7%


RCP Kentucky Polling Average:
Trump: 34.1%
Rubio: 27.8%
Carson: 23.0%
Bush: 14.1%
Undecided: 1.0%


RCP Louisiana Polling Average:
Trump: 36.3%
Rubio: 25.9%
Carson: 23.1%
Bush: 13.4%
Undecided: 1.3%


RCP Puerto Rico Polling Average:
Rubio: 65.9%
Trump: 14.0%
Bush: 10.2%
Carson: 7.7%
Undecided: 2.2%


RCP Hawaii Polling Average:
Trump: 34.0%
Rubio: 26.1%
Carson: 18.9%
Bush: 17.0%
Undecided: 4.0%


RCP Idaho Polling Average:
Trump: 35.9%
Rubio: 28.9%
Carson: 20.8%
Bush: 13.2%
Undecided: 1.2%


RCP Michigan Polling Average:
Trump: 33.6%
Rubio: 33.0%
Carson: 16.5%
Bush: 15.9%
Undecided: 1.0%


RCP Mississippi Polling Average:
Trump: 40.1%
Rubio: 23.5%
Carson: 23.4%
Bush: 11.2%
Undecided: 1.8%


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