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Quick Shot 2016: Republican Primary

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@WVProgressive @buenoboss @The Blood @Rodja @ALiteralNeoliberal @Hestia11 @Herbert Hoover @Cenzonico Or anyone else interested

Hello all!

With the success of Quick Shot 2020 I have decided to continue creating and running RPs akin to that until people get tired of it or until I am forced to stop!

Many of the rules will be the same as the original, with each candidate receiving 3 one or two line events a turn, graded by a D10 Roll, a roll above 5 being a positive to your campaign, and below 5 a negative. These base rules will remain the same, along with the 24 hour long turns lasting from 12 AM EST to 12 AM EST, and the quick timeline the RP is designed to move along on.

However, one difference is that debates will not be the same. Instead of the system we used in the original, for this RP I want to try out RPing the debates with candidates through PMs. This allows for fun role-playing, fierce attacks and debates, and overall a better experience.

With all of that said and done, I will post the introduction, initial polling, and candidates to choose from here.


Introduction: The date is January 18th, 2016. The race for the Republican nomination, once thought to be a possible cakewalk for whoever emerged as the primary moderate in the race, who many assumed would be Jeb Bush, with only minor hiccups and short flirts with evangelical candidates, has turned into the worst possible nightmare for the establishment and moderates of the Republican Party. Donald Trump, running on a populist, radical, and outright far-right platform has emerged as the key frontrunner in the race, quickly pushing out of his way the declining Jeb Bush in July and August 2015 in polling, and going on to shower the rise and fall of the now stagnant Ben Carson, who nearly removed Trump's role as the race's frontrunner in October and November. However, despite his seeming ability to push his way through as the clear leader in the race all the way to today, hope remains to stop him. For right wing evangelicals, that hope is found in Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who despite falling to 2nd in Iowa recently has maintained a robust campaign in the state as time has passed and is currently polling in 2nd nationally. For moderates, despite the likes of Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and countless others dividing establishment funds and support as well as the moderate vote, hope is growing around Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who is currently taking a weak third nationally and in Iowa and has built a coalition of moderates and conservatives alike as his campaign has progressed. However, as Iowa approaches, and as countless moderates battle for their spot as the anti-Trump candidate, almost anything is possible...


RCP National Polling Average(Minor Candidates Removed/Not Allowed To Be Played):

Trump: 34.5% @Fbarbarossa

Cruz: 19.3% @CentristGuy

Rubio: 11.8% @Hestia11

Carson: 9.0% @ALiteralNeoliberal

Bush: 4.8% @Cenzonico

Christie: 3.5% @BeetleJuice

Fiorina: 2.8% @Reagan04

Kasich: 2.3% @buenoboss

Paul: 2.3% @WVProgressive

Undecided: 9.7%


RCP Iowa Polling Average:

Trump: 27.8%

Cruz: 26.7%

Rubio: 11.7%

Carson: 8.7%

Bush: 4.5%

Christie: 4.3%

Paul: 3.7%

Kasich: 2.1%

Fiorina: 1.8%

Undecided: 8.7%


RCP New Hampshire Polling Average:

Trump: 30.5%

Rubio: 12.5%

Kasich: 11.8%

Cruz: 11.3%

Christie: 8.5%

Bush: 8.3%

Fiorina: 4.0%

Paul:  4.0%

Carson: 3.6%

Undecided: 5.5%


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Event One Roll: 3. A poorly run and messaged tour does not help Kasich. Event Two Roll: 7. A strong rally. Event Three Roll: 3. The townhall experiences depressed turnout. Overall: -2.

Event One Roll: 1! Paul trips over his words and refers to the state as Kentucky multiple times.(Negative Viral) Event Two Roll: 3. A rather weak event. Event Three Roll: 7. A strong message

@Fbarbarossa @CentristGuy @Hestia11 @ALiteralNeoliberal @Cenzonico @BeetleJuice @Reagan04 @buenoboss @WVProgressive Iowa Caucus Results: Turnout: 198,872 Votes Donald Trump: 25.98% -

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1 minute ago, buenoboss said:

Can I take undecided 

I don't know about that... Undecided is always such a promising candidate in the polling, but always flops once the voting starts.

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4 hours ago, CentristGuy said:

I would've loved to take Carson, but @ALiteralNeoliberal already took him. Can I have the last candidate please?

Cruz it is. Added.

7 hours ago, ALiteralNeoliberal said:

Carson for me please


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 @Fbarbarossa @CentristGuy @Hestia11 @ALiteralNeoliberal @Cenzonico @BeetleJuice @Reagan04 @buenoboss @WVProgressive

We now have a full cast. The rules and event requirements were described in the original post I made, and the first turn will last until 12 AM EST tonight. In-RP it will last from January 18th to January 25th 2016. The first turn has started.

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Rubio tours Council Bluffs, Iowa, spending time with the local Republican chapter there

Rubio then flies to New Hampshire, where he meets with several conservative action groups

Rubio ends his day in South Carolina, where he meets with a group of Black Republicans. 

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1. Ben Carson talks about how a Carson administration will foster economic growth, job creation through a strong free market. 
2. Ben Carson talks about religion and its importance in shaping his moral values, how he has spoken at many National Prayer breakfasts, at a rally in Spartanburg, SC
3. Ben Carson runs an ad campaign across South Carolina that talks about how his history as a neurosurgeon shows he is ready to lead as president during a national crisis,

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Carly Fiorina hammers her business credentials in Manchester, New Hampshire

Carly Fiorina emphasizes her relationship with the Intelligence Community as Foreign Policy credentials in Nashua, New Hampshire

Carly Fiorina talks about the need for major tax reform in Laconia, New Hampshire

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