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Ad Selection reform - quality of life improvements

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While this is not so bad for PI and CI-Senate (given there are only ≤50 regions), selecting where to run ads is a huge pain for PMI-UK, PMI-Canada and CI-House - given there are respectively 650, 338 and 435 seats to select between! While this mostly focuses on ads, some of this can be generalized to other constituency actions e.g. selecting which seats to target, or put footsoldiers in.

Firstly, add the ability to 'Copy Ad Selection' from another ad you are already running. E.g. if I am already running a CON-Leadership in 300 selected constituencies, and I want to run a CON-Integrity ad in those exact same constituencies, this ability would save a lot of time trying to manually replicate those 300 constituencies from scratch. Even worse is if I'm not running billboard ads (which last for 100 days i.e. the entire game), but ads which last only 5 or 7 days, and I want to repeat the same areas for multiple ads! This should be a fairly simple, yet most effective addition.

Currently, there are three options for ad selection: manually selecting each individual constituency, Select All, and Select Targeted. Meanwhile, the categories are: Alphabetical; Closest %; Closest %, Not Ahead; Closest %, Ahead; Furthest %; and the 7 other buttons. You can also choose which region, and player's point of view to select from (e.g. South Scotland > SNP > Furthest %). But there should be better ways to narrow your selection.

Simple additions (should be generalized for other actions):

  • 'Select All on Page' button - saves having to tediously click 20 times on a page.
  • 'Bonuses' button - sort constituencies (highest to lowest) by candidates with a bonus value attached to defeating them (or penalty if own candidate)
    • Can also narrow by party, and combine with the other complicated criteria below.
  • Search by candidate name - useful if you know the name of someone you want to defeat/save, but not the name of their constituency
  • 'Undo Actions' - the most important! If you've already manually selected where you're running an ad, then accidentally click 'Select All', the 'Undo' button would prevent wasting all your effort!

Now for the complicated options. Select/Deselect constituencies by the following criteria:

  • Rank of players (party/candidate) e.g. 1. CON, 2. LAB, 3. LD, 4. [Any], 5. UKIP
    • Currently, for a particular constituency, you can only see the top two candidates. This would be improved upon.
  • % Support of player (can include undecideds) above/below/equal to X e.g. LAB >20%, CON <40%, [Any] ≥50%, LD ≤15%, undecideds = 15%
  • % Margin of player vs another player above/below/equal to X e.g. CON-LAB ≥10%, LAB-LD ≤-5%, LD-[Any] = 0%
    • The [Any] option can represent any player. Useful if you want to select seats you are trailing anyone in by X%.

Note that these criteria should be concurrently selectable e.g. you can select LAB ranked 1st, >10% LD support, LAB-CON margin <10%, all at the same time.

This should also be in three stages: First, choose potential criteria. Second, allow for manual individual (de)selection of regions under chosen criteria. Last, apply changes, but you can cancel if you change your mind. You should also be able to undo what you applied.

You should then be able to save criteria, and the regions selected, for future convenient use. You should also be able to combine sets of criteria, and choose which criterion overrides another where they overlap.

These complicated options are meant to allow us to pinpoint which regions are worth running certain ads in. E.g. as LD, I might want to run an LD ad in regions where LD is ranked 2 or 3; where CON and LAB are both ≤40%; with CON-LD and LAB-LD both at ≤20%. This could be because I want to boost my momentum where I'm not yet ahead, but also where I can possibly win as CON and LAB are not too far ahead of LD.

By reforming ad selection for regions, it becomes way more efficient. Right now, I have to 'Select All', then deselect where I am currently ahead and where my margin is ≤-30%, then manually deselect where my margin is ≤-5% but I am in second place... then repeat the same process for other ads I also want to run in these constituencies, and tweak them more!

If clarifications are needed, I will happily provide them.

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14 hours ago, ShadowOpposition said:

I forgot another criterion: Incumbency status of the seat. Can sort by incumbent candidate (x) and incumbent party (y), allowing for overlap between these.

This is important as highscore is determined by change in seats (and if you just want to target particular parties).


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