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It's yet another Quick Shot. I have a 2000 one planned but I probably won't start it till Labor Day or till I get some more experience running. A one-sided primary is easier to run anyway. This is like @The Blood's Quick Shot 2020, but with one of the most quirky Democratic Primaries in history.

Background info:

It's time for the Granite State. Favorite Son Tom Harkin has won the Iowa Caucuses, with almost no of the candidates campaigned in the Hawkeye State, so New Hampshire matters even more now. Bill Clinton's campaign is sinking after the Gennifer Flowers story breaks, and he is planning on going on TV to dispel the affair. Meanwhile, no Anti-Clinton candidate has arisen. Jerry Brown and his anti-corruption message and Paul Tsongas and his fiscal conservatism look like the two main candidates currently in the race to become the anti-Clinton candidate. Someone like Bob Kerrey, Tom Harkin, or even Douglas Wilder could break out and suprise everyone to become a strong anti-Clinton candidate. As with every mushy primary field, undeclared candidates become the media's focus. Mario Cuomo, a Democratic superstar after his 1984 Keynote Address, is still mulling a run as Clinton weakens. On the other end of the spectrum is Bob Casey Jr, who seeks to get conservative Democrats and Pro-life Democrats and change the Democratic platform to pro-life. Meanwhile, for whoever wins, a strong President Bush looms...Who will win 1992?

Nationwide Polling 

Cuomo-20% (Undecided)



Brown-12% @BeetleJuice

Casey-8% (Undecided)



Wilder-2% @buenoboss (I assume no one wants him)


NH Polling








Wilder-1% @buenoboss





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