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Alternate UK Election RP (Quick-shot) 1992-2024


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Action for Party Leaders (party members may not fall 100% behind party lines depending on rolls) to announce positions.

@Cenzonico @TheLiberalKitten @Herbert Hoover (as I assume WVP won't fail their own government)

Once they declare intentions, there will be special actions for this phase.

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Parliamentary Topic at Hand:

Vote of No Confidence in Her Majesty's Government

Prime Minister Kinnock gives a speech as to why the government should be preserved, calling on Tory backbenchers and Liberal Democrats to support this government and continue to provide jobs for the people. Tories jeer and shout, interrupting the speech at points. His call to Tory backbenchers goes well (83), with several visually wavering in the hall, some scared that a snap election will hurt the party. His call to the Liberal Democrats goes even better (99!), with several lesser figures in the Liberal Democrats openly calling for the party to support the Labour government in it's defense.

Tory leader John Major steps up and calls on Labour backbenchers to overthrow the government, citing a need to protect more than jobs in the nation. (87) His call goes well, with the numbers becoming rather jumbled between parties, and no one is quite sure what to expect.


Has Confidence in Her Majesty's government (needs 334)

Labour: 295

Devolution Alliance: 15

Liberal Democrats: 12

Conservatives: 9

Ulster Unionists: 1

No Confidence in Her Majesty's Government

Conservatives: 296

Liberal Democrats: 25

Ulster Unionists: 7

Labour: 7

DUP: 3

Socialists: 1


Snap Elections are due for 1995. 


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Background to 1995

The government has been defeated in a motion of no confidence. But Labour benefits from a Liberal Democratic Party that nearly destroyed itself by opposing it. Still, the Conservatives are riding high after the defeat of the Labour government, and have definitely benefit from what has happened on the government benches. Minor parties like the Greens and UKIP have benefited from the collapse of Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Preliminary 1995 polling

Tories: 43.4%

Labour: 32.5%

Liberal Democrats: 13.4%

Greens: 2.9%

SNP + Plaid: 2.4%

UKIP: 2.2%

Socialists: 1.0%

Change UK: 0.5%

Undecided: 1.7%


@Reagan04 @WVProgressive @Cenzonico @Rodja @TheLiberalKitten @Herbert Hoover @buenoboss @The Blood

I will be assuming that everyone wants the same party, unless specifically told to me. We will be doing a system where you stay that party for as long as people don' wish to switch with you. 



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After reaching out to key leaders in the Tory upper echelon, Nigel Farage will receive confirmation that leading up to the snap election the Tory Party is set to continue moving towards an anti-EU, pro-UC, and Thatcherite platform. With this knowledge, Nigel Farage and the right-wing of UKIP will burst into action, and at the party convention held to launch their campaign for the snap election, Nigel will block out any and all moderate or centrist voting members to pass a measure dissolving UKIP's national organization and endorsing the Tory Party and all Tory candidates in the election. Following this chaotic convention the Welsh and Northern Irish UKIP organizations will follow suit and dissolve as well. However, the Scottish branch, led by newly confirmed leader Brian Monteith, a former Tory political consultant and head of the "No" campaign in the Scottish Devolution referendum, will vote to become a Scotland based anti-Scottish Parliament group devoted to opposing devolution and upholding unionism named the "Scottish Unity Front". They intend to run candidates in all Scottish seats in Parliament.

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Campaign declarations/leadership elections can start if you guys want to provide them. Please do so by 7 PM CT tomorrow. Anyone wanting to drop, please PM me as well. I understand that things can come up, and I'll work to fill the spot if people don't wish to continue.

@Reagan04 @WVProgressive @Cenzonico @TheLiberalKitten @Rodja @Herbert Hoover @buenoboss @The Blood

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Peter Taaffe steps down as the Socialist Party leader, stating that it is within the best interest of the party for MP Terry Fields to lead the Socialists as the sole representative in Congress. Taaffe will still run for a seat in Liverpool. MP Terry Fields now leads the party, and has promised to continue the Socialists fight for representation in Parliament.

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John Major announces he will be stepping town as Leader of the Tories. After three rounds of a leadership election, heir to the Thatcherite throne, young and charismatic 42 year old Eurosceptic Michael Portillo is selected as the new leader of the Tories under the tagline "Clear Blue Waters". 

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1 hour ago, buenoboss said:

Marshall Garcia of Change UK steps down, and I. Patine Smart has become the new leader of Change UK!

The Liberal Democrats decide to submit to order of Patine Smart and ask to be absorbed into his party.

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Caroline Lucas and Bernie Grant announced formation of Green-Left Coalition consisted of Green Party and some left-wing disappointed Labours.Coalition will stand and run candidates in this election,and Lucas and Grant will be its co-leaders.

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