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President Al Gore Alternate History

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I thought of this idea a while ago, and I decided to go ahead with it. I'm going to create an alt history timeline in which Al Gore wins in 2000, and then provide a narrative for how his presidency and the ones that follow fare, while simulating congressional elections as well if I can find the time for it. The simulation will go until maybe the 2020 election. 

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Vice Pres. Al Gore defeats Texas Gov. George W. Bush in 2000 Presidential election



Spending election day in St. Petersburg, FL, Gore won the crucial states of Wisconsin and Florida by razor thin margins, becoming the 43th President of the United States of America,
President: Al Gore
Vice President: Joe Lieberman
Senate: 50-50, VP breaks ties
Speaker of the House: Dennis Hastert
House: 221 GOP-214 Dem, 


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Al Gore's first term

Given that the GOP controlled the House of Representatives, Al Gore focused on trying to get as much done in regards to the environment as possible through executive orders. Banning oil drilling in certain offshore locations, hiking fuel efficiency standards for vehicles, diverting more funding towards the EPA and giving it more responsibility as a means of furthering his environmental agenda without congressional approval. After tough negotiations with the GOP, Gore was able to make a deal to get billions of dollars of tax credits and more funding for research for renewable energies,


Like his predecessor Bill Clinton, Gore worked with a Republican house to continue to have a budget surplus. Jobs and economic growth continued strong as Gore mimicked the economic policies of the Clinton administration.

Foreign Affairs 
Following the aftermath of 9/11, Al Gore focused on missions to Afghanistan, with the sole purpose of finding and killing Osama Bin Laden. By the time re-election comes, they are incredibly close to catching Bin Laden, with the Gore campaign hoping that he will be caught before the November election. The possibility of Saddam Hussein having WOMD and the possibility of invading Iraq were laughing at by the Gore administration. 

With approval ratings in the 60s, showing his job approval as quite strong among Democrats, Independents and even some moderate Republicans, a 2nd term seems imminent for Gore/Lieberman,

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2002 Midterms

US Senate
Because of Al Gore's high approval, Democrats were able to secure a more stable senate majority, winning close races in Missouri, Arkansas, Minnesota and New Hampshire because of this,

US House of Representatives
In the House, the GOP retained its majority as Al Gore and Democrats' message failed to resonate with voters in the Deep South and Sun Belt, however the Democrats did pick up a few seats in the Midwest after a surprising amount of support from rural voters, 
(Not going to show map because I don't want to waste time getting bogged down with House maps)
GOP gains 2 seats,

President: Al Gore
Vice President: Joe Lieberman
Speaker: Dennis Hastert
House: GOP 223 - Dem 212
Senate: Dem 52 - GOP 48

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2004 Presidential Election



Pres. Al Gore


Sen. John McCain 
Sen. Elizabeth Dole
Mr. Steve Forbes
Gov. Mike Huckabee
Mr. Alan Keyes
Fmr. Rep. Bob Dornan
Sen. Orrin Hatch
Mr. Gary Bauer

Although polling shows incumbent president Al Gore with high approval ratings, many Republican politicians remember 1992 and how quickly things can change for a strong incumbent, 
Additionally, Gore's progressive environmental policies are seen as a weak point that many believe, if shed enough light on, could make this election competitive,
With so many prominent politicians running, this GOP primary will surely be interesting,

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Republican Primary 

Former Congressman Bob Dornan wins the Republican nomination

In a surprising upset, dark horse candidate Fmr. Rep. Bob Dornan has won the Republican nomination for president. A former congressman who is relatively unknown on a national stage, Dornan built on his weak 2000 campaign for president, focusing primarily on the early states, and after several scandals and poor debate performances from front runners and senators Elizabeth Dole and John McCain. After winning some of the small, early states, Dornan was left facing Mike Huckabee, the candidate polling in distant 3rd after barely winning South Carolina, and Sen. John McCain, who had still remained the front runner in national polls. After Huckabee dropped out, a bitter primary season ensued between McCain and Dornan, trading insults and fighting for states until right before the convention as this infighting greatly hurt the party's polling in the general election against popular incumbent president Al Gore. McCain eventually dropped out, making Dornan the nominee. 
And in a shocking decision, in an effort to boost voter recognition as few independents knew who the Repulican nominee was, Bob Dornan chose businessman and celebrity Donald Trump as his running mate. 

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After another 4 years of President Gore that was very similar to the first, the race has begun to see who will replace him in the oval office. After an election landslide due to a bitter, long Republican primary ending with a nominee who failed to gain national name recognition, and the capture of Osama Bin Laden, support for Gore has slowly waned, and while a majority of Americans still approve of his presidency, and his policies, voters want something, or someone, new this upcoming election. In the Republican primary, it seems to be about electability after the massive failure in 2004, as well as political correctness and mental health, given that 2004 nominee Bob Dornan struggled with all of the above. In the Democratic primary, the race is to see who can associate themselves the closest with presidents Clinton and Gore. 

Democratic Candidates

Hillary Clinton, 
after winning re-election to the Senate, Clinton has her eyes on the presidency. With Gore's sky high approval within the party, a test of who will be best suited to continue the policies of the Clinton and Gore presidencies has kicked off, and Hillary seems to be best set up for such a test of loyalty. First lady to Bill Clinton and very much involved in his presidency, and a senator who has worked with President Gore on a plethora of bills, can Clinton win the nomination, and the presidency, by attracting the votes of women and Gore loyalists?

Barack Obama, a rising star in the Democratic party and a Senator from Illinois, is trying to become the third young Democrat in a row to be president. At 47 years old, Obama has the charm and oral skills to win the nomination. Will his "youth and inexperience" help or hinder Obama as he looks to fast track his political career?

John Kerry, favorite son of Massachusetts who is known for his smile and has some national name recognition, is a career politician who has been in the Senate for over 20 years. Kerry has eyed the presidency for a long time, will his familiarity with the legislative and ability to get bipartisan bills passed attract voters or keep them away?

Joe Biden, veteran of the senate who famously dropped out of the 1988 race after plagiarizing a speech, is back at it 20 years later, this time not as the young trailblazer he was, but a symbol of the Democratic establishment for better or worse. After John Kerry announced he would seek the presidency, it seemed like Kerry's campaign would suck the air out of his, however Biden is determined to win, or at least set him up for another run at the presidency in the near future. 

Bill Richardson, after a successful term as Governor of New Mexico, is ready to run for president, focusing on his ties to Clinton and Gore. As Secretary of Energy, and later governor of NM, Richardson became good friends with Gore, and is hoping to tap into that relationship in hopes of running a presidential campaign that may not win, but will surely take him places as Richardson yearns to get back into the White House, perhaps this time as a member of the cabinet or even Vice President. 

Dennis Kucinich, former mayor of Cleveland and 5 term congressman from Ohio, is running for president. Will he make an impact and help his political career, or quickly fizzle out?

Republican Candidates

John McCain, is running for president once again. After a devastating primary loss following months of battling between him and the eventual nominee, Fmr. Rep. Bob Dornan, McCain hasn't given up on his presidential ambitions yet. He still has the infrastructure and support from the last election, and with Dornan out of the picture McCain hopes to maintain his front runner position in the polls and win the Republican nomination. The real troubles come in the general election. Can McCain prevent another landslide, and win over independent voters who are skeptical of his conservative policies?

Mitt Romney, the governor of Massachusetts, is throwing his hat in the ring as he seeks the Republican nomination. Trying to appeal to a more moderate, liberal wing of the Republican Party, Romney touts the healthcare system he implemented in Massachusetts and how he transformed Massachusetts' deficit into a surplus as his signature accomplishments to win over voters with. Can he appeal to a lot of Republican voters even with his more liberal track record, as Romney looks to be a serious contender for the nomination? 

Fred Thompson, a figure known nationwide from his career in acting, as well as being two term US Senator, and now an analyst for ABC. After famously campaigning across Tennessee in a red pickup truck while running for re-election to the senate in 1996, Thompson is looking to run another ground campaign, hoping that strong performances in the south yielding many delegates could give him plenty of influence come the GOP convention. 

Mike Huckabee, governor of Arkansas, is running for president once again. After winning the South Carolina primary in 2004, and surprising many by doing far better than expected, Huckabee is hoping to build on 2004 to capture the nomination 4 years later. Though Fred Thompson's campaign may hurt his support, Huckabee believes that, like last election, strong debate performances and a renewed focus on SC will propel him into a strong performance in Super Tuesday. Will Huckabee's strong support among evangelicals and southern voters be enough to win?

Rudy Giuliani, an early favorite to win the nomination, seemed like he was set to retire from politics before 9/11, however unfortunate circumstances have rekindled his political career. After touring the country on speaking tours, he has decided to seek the Republican nomination. Will Giuliani be able to use his leadership skills to show he's the right man for the presidency, or will his past affairs and scandals keep his campaign grounded?

Jeb Bush, after a popular two terms as Governor of Florida, is trying to follow in the footsteps of his brother and father, and win the Republican nomination for president. Though his brother may have lost in 2000, Bush believes that he is the best candidate for electability in the race, being the former governor of a swing state and having strong support in the Latino community. Though he may be polling well, will the GOP nominate a 3rd Bush for president, or pass on the moderate Republican?

Ron Paul, Libertarian candidate for president in 1988, and Congressman from Texas, how far will his Libertarian values and grassroots campaign take him?

Duncan L. Hunter, a US Congressman from California for the past 25 years, is running for president, focusing on border security and fair trade as the focal points of his campaign. Will Hunter be able to make any impact?

Former congressman Bob Barr is the presumptive nominee for the Libertarian party

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2008 Primaries

Democratic Party

Hillary Clinton's campaign failed to gain traction. While she was neck and neck with Obama in the polls, Clinton began to slip in October of 2007 and could never really regain that ground she needed to. And while she had a ton of support in Super Tuesday states, her very poor results in the early states hurt her campaign. In late February, after only managing to win NC, LA and OK, Clinton reluctantly dropped out and endorsed Joe Biden.

Dennis Kucinich dropped out after the Iowa caucuses after failing to garner 2% in the state.

Bill Richardson's campaign focused solely on the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire, and while he placed 2nd in Iowa and won the New Hampshire primary, Richardson dropped out of the race after the SC primary, realizing that his immense lack of infrastructure beyond those first two states would generate an embarrassingly poor Super Tuesday.

John Kerry, eventually dropped out in early March. The Senator from MA never won a state, however Kerry won delegates in most Super Tuesday states. After Super Tuesday, it seemed his luck had run out, and following some very poor primaries in which he failed to score any delegates, Kerry was forced to drop out.

Joe Biden, which was quite the surprise, won the Iowa caucuses and was a close 2nd in the New Hampshire primaries. Though he performed poorly in Nevada, Biden then barely won South Carolina. His long shot bid at the presidency suddenly became a serious challenge. After winning numerous states in Super Tuesday, Biden was seriously challenging Obama's front runner position, however Obama did win more delegates. Hillary's endorsement gave the Biden campaign the extra oxygen it needed to continue to challenge Obama. However, after failing to win any states, though Biden collected a handful of delegates, after Super Tuesday, Obama reached the delegate total required to win the nomination on the first ballot, therefore Biden had to suspend his campaign.

Barack Obama, after strong debate performances and relying on his strong support in Super Tuesday states, has won the Democratic nomination.


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