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State of the Race: 67 Days Left

67 Day Poll  

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  1. 1. See the Data in the First Post: Who do you think wins if the election were today?

  2. 2. Will you watch Trump's RNC speech tonight?

  3. 3. Would it have been a smarter election strategy for Trump to have cancelled his RNC speech and gone to Louisiana to help with the Hurricane recovery?

    • It wouldn't matter one way or the other.
    • His speech is more important and/or it might look like he's abandoning the very sleepy 2020 RNC Convention and/or Louisiana will vote for him anyway.
    • He should fly to Louisiana and give the speech another time and/or it would be smart to not have his speech connected to the shoddy 2020 RNC.
    • other
  4. 4. FiveThirtyEIght lists Trump's chances at victory at 30%. Who do you think is probably closer to accurate if you had to guess?

    • Five Thirty Eight 30%
    • Economist 11%
    • Admin270 80%
    • VCCzar 40%
    • Rachel Bitecofer 0%

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1 hour ago, Wiw said:

Sir, need I remind you that President Rumsfeld in the Alternate History Fear, Loathing and Gumbo on the Campaign Trail '72 is, in his psychotic obsession with right-wing, anarcho-capitalist and anti-communist rhetoric, probably one of the most horrifying examples of art turned reality. Let's list his atrocities, shall we:

  • He encourages "Liberty Battalions" to burn any books critical of his free-market economic policies and "disappear" any like-wise celebrities and political enemies.
  • He alienates nearly all of his allies (resulting in NATO being disbanded) with the notable exception of the two dictatorial and genocidal states of South Africa and Israel (which he champions as bastions of freedom).
  • Not only does he resort to blatant electoral fraud to be re-elected for his second term, he also attempts to make himself president for life. In fact, he privately admits to wanting to tear up the Constitution and strip US citizens of every constitutional right except the right to bear arms.
  • He bullies state governments into accepting his policies, and later, when Pete McCloskey is re-elected as California's governor, he tries to annul the election in favor of his handpicked stooge, and impeaches the Supreme Court justices who ruled against overturning the election results. This pushes California, Hawaii, and Idaho into seceding from the union.
  • He wants to have all homosexuals imprisoned, comparing them to pedophiles.
  • He shuts down the nascent civilian Internet before it can get off the ground, all in the name of "national security" (in a similar vein, the Trump Administration revoked net neutrality, if only for profit).
  • He removes every single environmental regulation and even pushes to have concern for the environment declared a mental disorder. When the nascent threat of Global Warming is brought up to him, he sees it as a good thing that will extend the growing season, and so he actively defends coal pollution.
  • He tries to weaponize AIDS (much like Trump tries to weaponize COVID).

Yeah! Sound familiar!? Admittedly, Rumsfeld does a few worse things, but you get the picture.

But, I still believe you are starting to view yourself as a "prophet," because of a few lucky prognostications, followed up by cliched paranoid and zeitgeist doomsday and fatalistic thinking from deconstructionist politicsĀ And this could also, by mentality, make you dangerous. You was more dangerous in Florence in the day - the Medicis, or Savanarolla?

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