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Both Campaigns are Making a Mistake this Week

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Trump isn't taking the RNC seriously, which is a mistake. It's likely the worst RNC in regards to effort, substance, and preparation, regardless of one's view of Trump. 

Biden is blundering by not aggressively countering what is said at this Convention. 

The strangest misleading strategy by the RNC is that the Democrats don't have any ideas or policies, despite a 92 page detailed platform of which the key points were brought up by Biden, Sanders, Warren, and others. This, despite the fact that the RNC resolved not to have a platform for 2020. It's almost as if the RNC is secretly attacking itself but putting Biden and Democrats in place of Trump and Republicans. Day 1 and Day 2 of the RNC did not mention any policy aside from regurgitation of 2016. I didn't watch day 3. 

This is an old Cicero strategy. To deflect your own weakness by accusing your opponent of having the weakness instead, while not admitting that you have the weakness. It's akin to a vindictive 400-lb person calling a stocky 230 lber "a fat ass." Perhaps, maybe the Elephant Man calling Taylor Swift's looks "hideous." 

What do you think is Biden's strategy or reason for not countering what is said at the RNC? There's so much to attack. I'd have videos of me watching the RNC and responding with play-by-play. The attacks would be aggressive, but I'd also try to be funny about how laughably shoddy this year's RNC is. 

The 2020 DNC excelled the 2016 DNC (2008 DNC, 2004 DNC, 1980 DNC, 1976 DNC, and 1964 DNCs and 1960 are probably better as a whole...1968 for drama). The 2016 RNC was miles better than the 2020 RNC. Sleepy Don? (Best RNCs were probably 2000, 1980, 1972, 1960....1964 is good for drama.)

I'll probably watch Trump's speech but that's it for Day 4. 

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