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@WVProgressive @ALiteralNeoliberal @buenoboss @Cenzonico

Ohio Primary Results:

Turnout: 1,241,210 Votes

Pete Buttigieg: 42.08% - 522,334 Votes - 65 delegates

Bernie Sanders: 28.93% - 358,991 Votes - 42 delegates

Joe Biden: 22.36% - 277,551 Votes - 29 delegates

Tulsi Gabbard: 6.63% - 82,334 Votes


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(Because this is a major event I want to make a roll to determine how it will go.):  Announcement Roll: 10! The shock from the media is abundant, however this shock quickly turns into praise as c

Tom Steyer parties hard in California this cycle, spending his first action of the term in California discussing his progressive plans for healthcare reform and pledging to bring Universal Healthcare,

Added. We now have a full cast, and I will post Nevada and South Carolina polling in a moment, and after that the first turn will begin.(Reminder, these polls do not yet take into account the New Hamp

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@WVProgressive @ALiteralNeoliberal @buenoboss @Cenzonico

Illinois Primary Results:

Turnout: 1,709,907

Pete Buttigieg: 56.08% - 959,001 Votes - 107 delegates

Bernie Sanders: 25.77% -  440,671 Votes - 47 delegates

Joe Biden: 13.00% - 222,354 Votes - 1 delegate

Tulsi Gabbard: 5.15% - 87,881 Votes


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@WVProgressive @ALiteralNeoliberal @buenoboss @Cenzonico

Arizona Primary Results:

Turnout: 662,960 Votes

Pete Buttigieg: 43.16% - 306,132 Votes - 39 delegates

Bernie Sanders: 36.22% - 240,111 Votes - 28 delegates

Joe Biden: 11.72% - 77,716 Votes

Tulsi Gabbard: 8.90% - 59,001 Votes


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@WVProgressive @ALiteralNeoliberal @buenoboss @Cenzonico

State Of The Democratic Race Post Super Tuesday Three:


Pete Buttigieg: 9,725,091 Votes(34.57%) - 1,022 delegates


Bernie Sanders: 7,487,994 Votes(26.61%) - 819 delegates


Joe Biden: 4,721,504 Votes(19.83%) - 515 delegates


Mike Bloomberg: 1,876,816 Votes(6.65%) - 35 delegates


Amy Klobuchar: 1,228,323 Votes (4.36%) - 34 delegates


Tom Steyer: 1,099,596 Votes(3.90%) - 10 delegates


Elizabeth Warren: 102,545 Votes(0.35%) - 8 delegates


Tulsi Gabbard: 1,046,658 Votes(3.72%) - 3 delegates

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@WVProgressive @ALiteralNeoliberal @buenoboss @Cenzonico
 Turn Polling/News Updates:

Timeline: This turn will last from March 18th to March 29th. 24 hours as usual.


News Updates: The March 17th primaries have asserted a couple of key points. The first is that Pete Buttigieg is the undisputed frontrunner with momentum and a dominating nature in the polls. Uniting moderates and progressives in the party, Pete swept the March 17th primaries, winning landslide victories in Florida and Illinois. This surge has set him with a 200  delegate lead over Sanders and has set in place the second key point which was asserted last night. That point is that Joe Biden is in collapse. Joe, edging narrowly over the 15% threshold in Arizona and Illinois in polling, and clearly above it in the remaining states, may have been hoping for a continued grab at delegates for his campaign as the results started to come in, securing him a strong voice at a contested convention. However, quite the opposite happened. Pete Buttigieg's surge, fueled by a strong campaign in Florida and a victory at the March 15th debate tore into Joe's support. Meanwhile, a shaky debate by Joe, and his awful pick in a VP proved to accelerate his collapse, as Ohio, the home state of his VP, saw him underperform and place well behind Sanders and Pete. He failed to capture 15% in 3 of the 4 states voting, and his campaign is quickly collapsing. Meanwhile, the final point asserted by the results is that Bernie Sanders will not build a winning coalition to capture a plurality before the convention. Sanders, despite Joe's collapse, failed throughout the night to best Buttigieg as moderates and many progressives alike rallied around Pete as a compromiser and unifier for the Party. Sanders is unlikely to ever take the lead by any metric in the race again, as the Buttigieg steamroller only grows in strength, and as Buttigieg demonstrates his strength, notably with his takedown of Sanders on the debate stage. Meanwhile, Tulsi Gabbard pulled off an impeccable surge heading into the night, securing a surprising 8.9% in Arizona and overperforming across the board. It was a strong night for her, though her surge may have factored into Sanders' failures.


FiveThirtyEight National Polling Average:
Pete Buttigieg: 50.1%
Bernie Sanders: 29.1%
Joe Biden: 14.0%
Tulsi Gabbard: 5.1%
Undecided: 1.7%


FiveThirtyEight Georgia Polling Average:
Pete Buttigieg: 40.9%
Bernie Sanders: 27.6%
Joe Biden: 22.9%
Tulsi Gabbard: 4.5%
Undecided: 4.1%


FiveThirtyEight Puerto Rico Polling Average:
Pete Buttigieg: 41.5%
Bernie Sanders: 39.1%
Joe Biden: 10.2%
Tulsi Gabbard: 6.7%
Undecided: 2.5%


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Tulsi Gabbard campaigns in Puerto Rico about statehood.

Tulsi Gabbard holds a rally in Atlanta about Criminal Justice Reform and ending the War on Drugs.

The Tulsi campaign puts out a television ad about Climate Change targeting NYC. 

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1 hour ago, WVProgressive said:

Bernie Sanders withdraws from the race, and endorses Pete Buttigieg.

Endorsement Roll: 8. The endorsement works to provide a seeming death blow to any hope of stopping Buttigieg, as Sanders supporters from the left wing of the party accept the inevitability of Buttigieg and rally around him in the name of defeating Trump, though two other factions split off from Bernie, one rallying around Gabbard, and one swearing off the Democratic Party, though these factions are small compared to the unity now coming to the Party. Neither the Gabbard or Biden campaigns have confirmed if they intend to stay in the race, however the Primary appears to be entering its twilight stage.

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6 hours ago, buenoboss said:

Joe Biden tours rural Georgia 

Joe Biden launches an ad campaign in Georgia (targeting rural Georgia)

Joe Biden has a rally with Jim Clyburn in Atlanta 

Event One Roll: 6. A better than average tour.

Event Two Roll: 7.  A strong ad.

Event Three Roll: 1! Joe Biden once again forgets he isn't in South Carolina, with Jim Clyburn making a confused glance at the Vice President as he makes the recurring mistake.(Negative Viral)

Overall: -1. Not a great way to move along after Sanders' endorsement of Pete.

3 hours ago, ALiteralNeoliberal said:

1. Buttigieg talks about his environmental policies at a rally in Atlanta, GA, with Tom Steyer
2. Warren talks about Pete's plans to invest into rural America, on a tour across rural Georgia
3. Buttigieg holds a town hall in Savannah, GA, on the topic of healthcare 

Event One Roll: 2. The rally brings a surprisingly depressed turnout.

Event Two Roll: 7. A strong tour and message.

Event Three Roll: 8. A strong townhall.

Overall: +2. A better than average turn.

3 hours ago, Cenzonico said:

Tulsi Gabbard campaigns in Puerto Rico about statehood.

Tulsi Gabbard holds a rally in Atlanta about Criminal Justice Reform and ending the War on Drugs.

The Tulsi campaign puts out a television ad about Climate Change targeting NYC. 

Event Roll One: 9. An electric campaign trip.

Event Roll Two: 5. An average rally.

Event Roll Three: 6. A better than average ad.

Overall: +5. A strong turn

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@ALiteralNeoliberal @Cenzonico @buenoboss
Puerto Rico Primary Results: 

Turnout: 100,072 Votes

Pete Buttigieg: 77.46% - 77,509 Votes - 44 delegates

Tulsi Gabbard: 11.34% - 11,351 Votes - 4 delegates

Joe Biden: 11.20% - 11,212 Votes - 3 delegates



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@ALiteralNeoliberal @Cenzonico @buenoboss

Georgia Primary Results:


Turnout: 1,256,749

Pete Buttigieg: 71.93% - 903,984 Votes - 84 delegates

Joe Biden: 20.85% - 261,983 Votes - 21 delegates

Tulsi Gabbard: 7.22% - 90,782 Votes


Screenshot (368).png

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@ALiteralNeoliberal @buenoboss @Cenzonico

State Of The Democratic Race Post GA+PR:


Pete Buttigieg: 10,706,584 Votes(37.38%) - 1,150 delegates


Bernie Sanders: 7,487,994 Votes(26.14%) - 819 delegates


Joe Biden: 4,994,699 Votes(17.44%) - 539 delegates


Mike Bloomberg: 1,876,816 Votes(6.55%) - 35 delegates


Amy Klobuchar: 1,228,323 Votes (4.29%) - 34 delegates


Tom Steyer: 1,099,596 Votes(3.84%) - 10 delegates


Elizabeth Warren: 102,545 Votes(0.35%) - 8 delegates


Tulsi Gabbard: 1,148,791 Votes(4.01%) - 7 delegates


Screenshot (369).png

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@WVProgressive @buenoboss @The Blood @Rodja @ALiteralNeoliberal @Hestia11 @Herbert Hoover @Cenzonico

April-August Campaigning Dice Rolls(D100):

Pete Buttigieg: 57

Donald Trump: 61

Jo Jorgenson: 98

Howie Hawkins: 23


September 1st National Polling:

Pete Buttigieg: 47%

Donald Trump: 45%

Jo Jorgenson: 6%

Howie Hawkins: 1%

As Buttigieg became the presumptive nominee the race appeared to begin in earnest as both Pete and Trump used every weapon at their disposal through constant campaign stops, ad campaigns, and attacks. This heavy and often effective campaigning from both sides has proven to create a tight race as many Never-Trump Republicans and moderates have evaded the more left-leaning Buttigieg campaign(As compared to his pre-Warren campaign) in favor of the strong and growing campaign fielded by Libertarian Jo Jorgenson.



September Campaigning Rolls(D100): 

Donald Trump: 72

Pete Buttigieg: 41

Jo Jorgenson: 30

Howie Hawkins: 52


October 1st National Polling:

Donald Trump: 47%

Pete Buttigieg: 46%

Jo Jorgenson: 5%

Howie Hawkins: 2%

The month of September brought with it a seeming decline in Pete's ability to keep up with the "Death Star" that seems to be the Trump campaign, barraging Buttigieg with countless attacks, insults, and a fully organized and prepared ground campaign across countless swing states. Buttigieg has also declined thanks to the relative rise of Howie Hawkins, who despite Pete's concessions to the left has ridden off of support from Bernie-Or-Busters to weaken Pete and experience a small rise in the polls. However, what many say has saved Pete from a total decline is the weakness of Jo Jorgenson over the month, who has begun to slip from her earlier surge in the race.



October Campaigning Rolls(D100):

Pete Buttigieg: 100!

Donald Trump: 22

Jo Jorgenson: 34

Howie Hawkins: 43


November 1st National Polling:

Pete Buttigieg: 49%

Donald Trump: 45%

Jo Jorgenson: 4%

Howie Hawkins: 2%

The month of October saw a significant comeback by Buttigieg, as he, with oratory skill and a sensible, uniting message for progressives and moderates alike, pulled off 3 amazing debate performances reminding Americans what a President sounds like. These debates were in tandem with Elizabeth Warren's absolute destruction of Mike Pence at the VP debate. Pete's campaign, with tens of millions of dollars flowing in from these debates, has launched an aggressive campaign against Trump, stealing back Never-Trumpers from a declining Jorgenson and holding off any potential rise from a stagnant Howie Hawkins.



November 3rd Results:

Popular Vote:

Turnout: 136,707,022 Votes(54% Turnout)

Pete Buttigieg: 51.36% - 70,212,098 Votes

Donald Trump: 44.61% - 60,987,111 Votes

Jo Jorgenson: 2.93% - 4,001,246 Votes

Howie Hawkins: 1.10% - 1,506,567 Votes


Electoral College:

Pete Buttigieg: 308

Donald Trump: 230


It appears as though Buttigieg's October surge carried through into Election Day, as Pete secured key wins across the Rust Belt, securing him victory. However, Pete's Rust Belt origins and and focus appeared to be his undoing is two other areas, as North Carolina and Florida, both promising terrain for Democrats heading into the Election, narrowly voted against Buttigieg in the final results. However, despite these hiccups, a strong victory in the popular vote is a strong showing of confidence in Buttigieg as he ascends to the Oval Office. As for Jorgenson, her campaign declined in the final results as most third parties do, however she retained a strong finish which has helped the Libertarian Party, while Hawkins maintained his band of progressives.



Screenshot (377).png

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