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Political Machine is a far inferior game, but it has some interesting qualities. I"m going to run a bunch of presidential races in a March Madness-like tournament to see who comes out on top. AI will face AI. 

I'll just keep updating this initial post:

Round 1

  • Al Gore beats Thomas Jefferson!  278-260, but Jefferson wins the PV 50% to 49%. 
  • Alexander Hamilton crushes Ted Cruz! 456-82!   58% to 41% is the PV! Hamilton was one state shy of winning the entire South. Cruz won TX and MS.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeats Sarah Palin! 325-213! 53% to 46% is the PV. Somehow AOC won AL.
  • Ronald Reagan destroys Amy Klobuchar! 358-180! 55% to 44% is the PV! Reagan somehow wins WA, OR, and NJ.
  • Andrew Yang beats Rand Paul! 448-90! 56% to 43% is the PV! Yang wins more of the South than Paul does!
  • Barack Obama defeats Mitt Romney! 447-91! 61-38% is the PV! FL is the only big state Romney wins.
  • to be continued



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