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State of the Race: 90 Days Left

90 Day Poll  

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  1. 1. See the data in this post: Who would win if the election were held today?

  2. 2. Do you expect a delay in the result for the presidential election because of Covid and mail-in ballots?

    • No or at least not significantly. We will know the winner before the next morning.
    • Yes, we won't know the winner for a few days.
    • Yes, we won't know the winner for over a week but less than a month
    • Yes, we won't know the winner for over a month but before January
    • Yes, we won't know the winner by the time of inauguration day (Constitutional Crisis)
  3. 3. Who has done more good for America?

    • Pres. Donald Trump
    • The late Rep. John Lewis
  4. 4. Do you expect Democrats and Anti-Trumpers to go after Trump legally to bring him to trial and possibly imprisonment after he leaves office?

    • Yes, and they'll succeed in punishing him.
    • Yes, but Trump will basically be exonerated or at least found non-culpable.
    • No, but it will be in the rhetoric.
    • No, they'll just ignore him.
  5. 5. Should Joe Biden debate Trump?

    • Yes, because he'd win these debate. Biden is mentally clear.
    • Yes, if only to prove he's mentally fit.
    • Yes, because if he is mentally declining, not going to the debate would just reinforce this even more, if it is true.
    • No, while I think Biden would win the debate, I think a debate would actually help Trump more than Biden, regardless of what Trump says
    • No, I think Biden's gaffes hurt him more than Trump's gaffes will hurt Trump.
    • No, I'm afraid Biden is mentally declining and any proof of this will help Trump.
    • Other (mention below)

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25 minutes ago, Patine said:

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a real, credible, capable, sensible, competent, cognitive, and ethical candidate to vote for whom the rigged and corrupt electoral machine would actually allow to win. But, it's going to be another of those elections that is a lost and cheated one right from the party nominations, because both major party candidates are just abysmal - like 1852, 1920, 1968, 2004, and 2016. Such a waste, and such a betrayal by the REAL forces - right in the United States entrusted with the electoral machinery - guilty of the REAL electoral malfeasance and interference - for almost every election in the U.S. for decades now - these enigmatic "Russian hackers," were indicted for.

Yes. Sadly I thought Justin Amash would have been the guy. Baffled as to why he dropped out.

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1 hour ago, billay said:

Yes. Sadly I thought Justin Amash would have been the guy. Baffled as to why he dropped out.

Likely because it's extra hard for a 3rd party candidate to make his platform known in a virtual campaign.

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