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Herman Cain dies of Covid

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Herman Cain, presidential candidate of 2012, who was considered for the Fed Reserve Board by Trump, has died of Covid. He was at Trump's mostly empty indoor Tulsa rally, which is where some think he picked Covid up. 

Had he somehow won the presidency in 2012, and won a 2nd term, and died of Covid on this date, he would have been the first president to die in office since JFK. 

In other news, Rep. Louie Gohmert has Covid. He argues that wearing a mask gave it to him and that he's going to take that drug that Trump's been advocating, contradictory to advise of most of the medical authorities. 

It's time that that Trumpite Conservatives start taking this pandemic seriously. I don't like it when anyone dies of a pandemic, even if it is Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann,  Louie Gohmert, Ted Cruz, or Donald Trump. Gohmert is just fanning the flames of ignorance. That could kill someone other than himself. Political leaders have followers that don't think independently a lot of the time. 

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2 minutes ago, Actinguy said:

How did Gohmert get it from a mask?  I thought he was one of the people who refused to wear a mask?

He's just saying anything to be stubborn about his narrative. I think he's actually mentally ill -- any educated person that is that willfully ignorant probably has some sort of mental incapacity. 

I've been quietly advocating mental health screenings for elected officials since 2012 on this forum. I think once in office, they should do so every time they are up for reelection. I think the same should go for cops -- any public official that has some authority over human lives. I'll take one as a professor just to be fair. 

Obviously, the mental heath screenings need to be 1) as accurate as possible, 2) non-partisan/apolitical, 3) completely transparent for those running for elected office, 4) It should not bar someone from running, but the mental condition should be known, so voters can make the decision them self. 5) Minor mental conditions or those that can be managed will not be revealed. 

I think if one has a condition that makes logical thought or logical responses difficult, then that's an issue. I think if a politician cannot feel empathy or considers themself over country as a matter of condition they can't control, then that's an issue. I think if a politician has a diagnosable mental illness that makes it difficult for them not to lie, then that's an issue. 

I know I'm probably in the minority in wanting candidates tested, but I'm just sick and tired of the crops of politicians that we elect. I want something preventative. 

I'm not totally gung-ho for doing this, but I would support it if it came up. I know there is the chance of misdiagnoses and debate over what kinds of mental illness are likely to lead to a politician being untrustworthy, unethical, immoral, or of dangerously unsound mind.

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