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Portland, OR has become a fascist state.


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23 minutes ago, Wiw said:


Despite the state being Democrat-governed, the police have turned it into - well - a police state. That is where we are at, now! Is this what Trump's second term is going to look like, then?!

You, like so many today, do not understand the definition of the word, "Fascism," and thus grossly misuse it and slap it around irresponsible. Fascists are a very tiny minority of the world's population, today, and have very little real power. There are no Fascist - I repeat no - Fascist heads-of-state today, by proper definition - not Johnson, not Putin, not Bolsanaro, not Duerte, not Orban, not Erdogan, not Netanyahu, not Modi - and NOT Trump. While they are SOMETHING, and something dangerous (in fact, all different dangerous ideologies from each other), none of them are, ideologically and by definition, Fascists.

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18 minutes ago, SilentLiberty said:

Is it going to be televised?

I can't find it now, but there was a great exchange on the official twitter account of a news agency -- I want to say it was the New York Times.  Maybe NPR.

They'd posted some perfectly normal story during the 2016 election, but some lunatic responded demanding to know whether they would be so smug when the revolution comes.  Something along those lines.

Their social media manager responded with something like "In the event of an American revolution, I imagine we'd probably tell human interest stories about the impact of the war and ask the revolution leaders for an interview."

The actual exchange was much funnier, but that was the gist.

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6 hours ago, Wiw said:

You can't convince me that they're being run by a white supremacist!

Such one dimensional thinking. Trump doesn't nearly seem so competent, cunning, clever, insidious, or Machiavellian to pull of anywhere near of what you doomsay he will. He's just a toxic windbag who got elected on a stunt by hoodwinking a lot of people on a vapid, vitriolic, and empty platform. He can't even a Cabinet together, and, despite all his threats to them, he gets ridiculed by a good chunk of the media daily. This is NOT the Fascist, totalitarian, iron-fisted tyrant your looking for.

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