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US based campaign, custom parties


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Hi! I'm setting up a custom campaign and need some help brainstorming candidates for my custom made parties, if anyone has any ideas they would be very welcome, I'll post some info on the scenario below.

Setting: Conservative President Max Smith is stepping down upon reaching his two term limit. The Liberal Party are hoping that this will give them a way back into office while the Conservatives hope to find a candidate who will ensure them a third term. Meanwhile the Alliance Party hope to capitalize on the two latter mentioned parties each having two terms and slide into office, however their rise may be stifled by the resurgent National Party who seems to be selecting more electable candidates and the Socialist Party who are rolling out to retake power after over thirty years out of office.


Socialist Party - Left - They are the only party that I already have candidates for, of course I'm always open to more

Alliance Party - Centre Left - They often only last for a term in office as the support that propels them into office often comes from dissatisfied Liberal Party Supporters

Liberal Party - Centre - One of the "Main Two" while other parties do find their way into government, often it comes down to the Conservatives and the Liberals

Conservative Party - Centre Right - The other of the "Main Two", they may be in a weaker position as they have already had two terms in office

National Party - Right - The Party that has been out of office the longest, though they seem to be on their way back up after a resurgence in the last election following the selection of a more moderate candidate.

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I'm interested too! I've been thinking a lot about the US as a multi-party system as well, though I can only imagine it occurring if the US had a parliamentary system.

(Quick question: are you using the US idea of center for the Liberal Party or closer to a European idea of center).

Some proposed candidates:


  • Bernie Sanders
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  • Ayanna Pressley
  • Elizabeth Warren


  • Nancy Pelosi
  • Andrew Cuomo
  • Gavin Newsom
  • Chuck Schumer

Liberal Party:

  • Joe Manchin
  • John Bel Edwards
  • Susan Collins

Conservative Party:

  • Ben Sasse
  • Marco Rubio
  • Liz Cheney
  • Mitch McConnell

National Party:

  • Ted Cruz
  • Josh Hawley



Please let me know what you think!

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