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Tucker Carlson announces his support of Curt Schilling during a segment on the 2024 Presidential Election.

"... And while we're on the topic of election fraud, let's discuss the upcoming Presidential election. I get emails everyday from people asking me to join the race. Now, I'm not running for President, but I do have a lot of thoughts on the current state of American politics. The main issue of this election, despite what CNN hosts want you to believe, is not race, as I've said before on this show many times, working class people of all colors have infinitely more in common, with each other, than they do with some overpaid MSNBC anchor. No, the defining issue of this election is automation. More, and more everyday, we hear stories of companies laying off employees, and replacing them with robots. Already, millions of Americans, have lost their jobs to robots, and Walmart, America's largest employer, is talking about their plans to replace human shelf stockers, and cashiers with robots. This surge in automation leads to a surge in unemployment, that is crippling our country. Our citizens can't pay for food, or medicine, and yet none of the major candidates are mentioning this. That is, except for one man. Former Starting Pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, Curt Schilling. Schilling has acknowledged the dangers that automation presents to our country, and has outlined a plan to protect our economy. He wants to break up monopolies, like Microsoft, that are strangling the Free Market, and force companies like, Amazon, and Walmart to employ American citizens, and actually pay their employees a living wage. He also wants to tax the robots, and reform the welfare system, so that citizens who actually need help, can get it. To me, the choice seems clear, if you want a President who will fight for the little guy, against big multinational corporations, vote Curt Schilling. I've been Tucker Carlson, good night."

Aubrey Huff former DH/1st Baseman for the San Francisco Giants, endorses Curt Schilling in a tweet.


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Once butt of 'Saturday Night Live' joke, Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw ...

Representative Dan Crenshaw announces exploratory committee for potential bid for the Republican nomination

The conservative third term representative of Texas' second congressional district has dodged questions over the past year over whether or not he intends to run to succeed President Trump, but his intentions grow clearer as the field tightens up and strong candidates like Governor Hogan and Senator Cruz have explicitly refused to run for the red party's 2024 nomination. The high polling of candidates Kanye West and Curt Shilling indicate that there remains a high desire for an outsider candidate in the Republican race, while the lackluster polling of Paul Ryan indicates that establishment Republicans are looking to support a candidate with closer ties to the current political climate. 

Crenshaw has positioned himself between the Trumpian wing of the Republican Party and the establishment beginning with his unexpected victory in the "blue wave" of 2018. With an early endorsement of President Donald Trump in 2020 despite several prominent Republicans (including former Governor of Ohio John Kasich, who unsuccessfully ran for the 2016 Republican nomination) endorsing Biden's failed presidential campaign against him. Crenshaw has ingratiated himself within the Republican establishment as well, quickly jumping up within the Republican leadership in the House. As a freshman representative, Crenshaw served on the Budget Committee and on the Committee for Homeland Security, becoming the ranking member of the Subcommittee on Oversight, Management and Accountability in his first term in the lower chamber and quickly rising to the Ranking Member of the important Committee for Homeland Security by his third term. His catapult into Republican leadership has spurred many political analyst to theorize that he could be a great blend of Trump's anti-establishment base and the portion of Republican voters who want an experienced hand in Republican leadership to lead the charge against the high polling Democrats in November. 

While the representative has yet make a statement on his possible entrance to the race, political pundits expect him to gauge the interest of primary voters and make a decision before the candidates for the nomination are finalized and debates formally begin. Suffice to say, the candidate could shake up the nomination in a way that presents potential issues for Trump-esque candidates like Mr. West and Mr. Schilling and the candidacy of former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan as well. 

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Bill Weld visits California, makes the case for the Libertarian Party in 2024, criticizes both Democrats and Republicans

"Republicans talk about freedom for all Americans and yet they choose to restrict a Woman's right to choose or LGBTQ rights. Rights which are guaranteed by the constitution.

Democrats talk about freedom and yet they want to over regulate our economy.

This is not freedom my friends. This is the broken system that has been around for too long. The Libertarian party is the only choice that can change American lives for the better. Under our party, the government will stay out of your bedroom and the market will forever be free. No longer will we have to choose between the lesser of two evils. The Libertarian Party has the best of both parties!"

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For anyone wondering, I am keeping the second turn running until 12 AM EST tomorrow morning to give one last chance for any MIA players who have not been in communication with me to post events.

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Northam Rallies in Arlington VA, and receives two endorsements

Ralph Northam attended an indoor rally in Arlington today, and received the endorsement of Virginia Senator Mark Warner, and Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring. Mark Herring talked about Norhams record as Governor, and how they worked together to fight against Gerrymandering, and how they won in the Supreme Court. He also talked about Northams personal character saying, "Whatever happened in the past, Ralph is one of the most ethical and honest politicians this state has ever seen. He has my full endorsement for President." Warner talked about Northams record of Liberalism, and his ability to win purple states with progressive policies, like his medicaid expansion and support for decriminalization of marijuana. Warner ends by saying "Ralph is a dedicated servant, and in the White House will work everyday to improve the lives of everyday Americans.  


Lastly, Northam comes on and talks about his Governorship, and his run. He talks about his successes in expanding Medicaid for 200,000 Virginians, and working across the aisle to do so.  He talks about his success in Gun Control, passing universal background checks, red flag laws, limits on the number of firearms you can buy, and more. He talked about expanding paid family leave to Mothers and Fathers, and expanding it from partial pay to 8 weeks full pay. He said he wanted to do what he has done in Virginia at a National Level, and said that what he had done worked, and he knows he can get votes across the aisle to pass common sense, liberal policies that Americans support. 


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Dan Crenshaw Tells Fox News That Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Tweet ...

Representative Dan Crenshaw, Republican rising star, speaks to Fox News Friday night

With all of the buzz surrounding the conservative former Navy SEAL's formation of an exploration committee to run for the Republican nomination, the politician known for his calm and collected take downs on air has come into greater media speculation and was slated to be interviewed by political commentator Brett Baier Friday night. The late night broadcast did not include many hard ball questions, though the Houston representative was asked to elaborate on some of his views of the current Republican race. 

"Representative Crenshaw, you've heard, I've heard it, the audience has heard it but I've just got to ask, what are your plans? Your formation of an exploration committee has got conservatives across the country ready to rally behind you if you dip your toes in the race."

"Brett, you would not believe how often I have been asked that over the past year and a half, and I'll be honest with you and the folks back home: Nothing is decided. I will serve this amazing country in whatever way that she needs me - and if I'm called to continue serving in the House, I'll do that. If there are bigger plans for me, I'll take them. But we will see. I have a lot of respect for everyone in the race as it stands right now, but I'm committed to conservative principles and my record shows that.

I've been a consistent supporter and at times detractor of President Trump, and I think that both he and the American people respect that I think for myself. I think we all know that whoever the Democrats put up this year is just going to be a Pelosi puppet. We can't allow that. We need to keep God in the White House, and I'm going to be thinking very hard and very long about entering this race."

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Maj Toure joins Justin Amash at rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Toure: "Thank you all for coming out today for this incredibly important event. Today I'm here with a special guest who wanted to come and talk to the people of Philly about the real issues that affect people here and black people across this country. Now I know y'all come to this skeptically. Trust me, I did too. For years, I bought into the lie that us black folks, folks here in Philly, that we had to be Democrats or had to support the status quo. Even that if we didn't want to be Democrats our only other options were the Republicans and God knows we ain't Republicans! But that's when I found my party. The party that will take back our city and our nation for us. It's the party I'm running for Mayor on. It's the party of our next President. See, we black voters have been taken for granted by the same party that has marginalized us for centuries. And for decades our only other option has been a party of authoritarianism hell bent on feeding into the systemic racism this country needs to purge from DC so greatly. There is only one candidate that is running on fully uplifting the black community both here in Philly and abroad. 

There is only one candidate who will end the war on drugs, who will end the predatory welfare state, who will end the police state, and will finally guarantee to the black community equal protection of the Constitution. That candidate is Congressman Justin Amash! Now I've asked Justin to come out not just to support our campaign to take back Philly and put me in City Hall, but so that we as a community to get to know just why we oughta elect him the next President of the United States. Now me, after an hour of talking, I am proud to announce my endorsement of Amash for America. Black Guns Matter will be lending its infrastructure to the campaign as we get out message out to the people and the need to embrace the 2nd amendment. So please give a warm Philly welcome to Justin Amash!"

*Crowd Cheers*

Amash: "Wow, thank you so much Philadelphia! It's an honor to be with you to talk to the people of Philadelphia and spread my message of liberty. All too often the Libertarian Party has been portrayed as only a party for rich, ideological, suburban whites. But the reality is that Liberty is the solution to all the ills of America. Maj hit it right on the head. The pillars of systemic racism stem right from the same place that has been claiming it will solve systemic racism for decades; Washington D.C. The reality is that the oppression of people of color in this country cannot be solved by more government when it is government that has perpetuated the struggle and it certainly will never be solved by ignoring it and instead making tone deaf proclamations of hate. These, respectively, are the answers of the Democratic and Republican parties. They are ineffective lies and they will never solve the issues facing the black community.

Instead, Maj and I have come to offer you a third solution. A real solution. That solution is liberty. We all know that the welfare state as it currently stands stands to keep the black community dependent and pull the economic rug out from under black Americans. The way it's structured is to perpetuate the generational wealth and housing gap that has stood for centuries in this nation. When the government puts in place policies that disincentivize marriage and home ownership, they are reaping the seeds of slavery. They are continuing to undermine economic growth in the most targeted communities. Federal mandates and lack of local funding snuff out innovation in dilapidated city schools. They snuff out business growth opportunities and through the school to prison pipeline they set up thousands for failure. This all has to end.

And once they are done undermining the economic stability of the community they put in place policies meant to complete the second half of the prison pipeline. The racialized drug war and overpolicing of targeted communities is a deliberate attempt to weaponize law enforcement against people of color. And when black people deign to stand against an oppressive government they are beaten back down at the expense of their constitutional rights. 

We cannot afford four more years of economic pillage or four more years of unconstitutional tyranny. We need four years of growth, of freedom, of liberty and justice for all. I am Justin Amash and this is my simple promise to all of you. It's time to break the chains that bind millions, it's time that we finally bring to all Americans the fulfillment of our founding promise. It is time we finally deliver liberty and justice for all!

Maj Toure will serve with the Amash campaign as an Advisor for Black Outreach and will work directly with the Amash for Liberty PA campaign in the coming months. The Maj for Mayor campaign will work in tandem with the Amash campaign for outreach in Philadelphia.

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Rand Paul gives a speech in Nashua, New Hampshire with frmr. Rep Jim DeMint about the federal reserve

In Nashua, New Hampshire today, Senator Rand Paul gave a speech with former South Carolina representative and tea party favorite Jim DeMint about taxation, inflation, the economy and specifically, views on the federal reserve and the IRS. Rand Paul called for a complete audit of the federal reserve, marking that it had been able to effectively go so long without oversight because politicians are too scared, the inflation rate and exchange rate needs to be looked into and the federal reserve's part in both is very important. Rand Paul also talked about defunding the IRS and lowering taxes to an all-time low, specifically when it came to the middle class and working class.

"I believe the issue with this nation isn't that our economy is stagnant or that all the money is pooled to the 1% but because we allow the money to go to a small part of the population. I may be Libertarian, I may be Republican, I may favor less big government, less taxes and more growth for business but I am not blind and nor are any of my Republican cohorts who pretend it isn't an issue. We do need to distribute the money but not through communist or socialist means, not through taxing the rich until they leave us for Canada, the UK, France, Mexico or Japan and most definitely not through raising the minimum wage to ridiculous amounts. We need to lower the taxes on the working and middle class, we need to put more resources into making sure jobs are available in inner cities and I'm not talking about Amazon, our working class deserve to have better jobs. No. I am talking about giving huge tax breaks to the ecology sector, supporting them with the proposition that they train this new generation of working class workers that have been let down by the system, be it the federal, state or even local government. I have argued against subsidizing energy companies, this is true, if we subsidize them they will crawl to us and lobby us and eventually money will never leave politics and it will remain a swamp but we can go the smart way, we can give them tax breaks, we can give richer people more of a reason to buy them and that will keep the people who are going to benefit from this scheme a job."

Jim DeMint spoke for a short while too, also endorsing Paul's suggestion of defunding or at least slashing the budget of the IRS in half. "When I was in congress, the Tea Party movement was new and we were fighting for lower taxes and less government. The Obama administration attempted to cripple many Tea Party affiliated groups and businesses by using the IRS to attack. The IRS served as an arm of the Obama administration. This was unacceptable now as it is then. The IRS is nothing more than an organization that stifles small business, goes after people who miss small tax payments and is out to get theirs before they give you anything. I agree with Senator Paul's plan on his website to slash the funding for the IRS and reinvent it as another agency. I was there when Rand Paul joined a lawsuit on the IRS for how it taxed Americans abroad, how it monitored American's bank accounts and how it was overreaching. He is a man who will not just say what he wants. He will actually do it and that is rare in politics."



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Dan Crenshaw and Briscoe Cain Make Election Season Weird– Texas ...

Representative Dan Crenshaw rallies for fellow Texas Congressman Briscoe Cain in Deer Park, Texas

For a candidate that is not actively seeking the presidency, Crenshaw has been strangely in the media's eye. The third term representative of Texas appeared at a campaign rally for fellow Texan Representative Briscoe Cain in Deer Park this past weekend, taking the stage to offer a warm endorsement of a close political ally since the militarist representative assumed office in January of 2019. 

"Deer Park, it's great to be here once again! Briscoe has served you faithfully for many terms now, and he's one of the guys on our side that riles up the Democrats the most, and do you want to know why? Because he stands up for Republican principles. Because he knows that to get the economy booming again, we are going to need to help the little guy. We need to continue President Trump's amazing work and pass significant tax cuts for the lower and middle class because those are the folks that are suffering the most. President Trump has had to deal with a Congress that's been against him from they swore their oath, a Congress of Democrats who would rather see Trump fail than see America prosper. 

Briscoe knows that for the average American to be better off, we need to win the House and we need to pass these tax cuts now! I know that Briscoe's love for America and his faith in God will continue to serve him well as he represents you all faithfully year after year. I know that it's never a question whether he will win reelection with a crowd like this, but it's important that we show out in big numbers and prove to the media, prove to the pollsters that the Republican Party is stronger than ever before. That we can win here in Deer Park, but also that we can win here in Texas, that we can win in the South, and that we can keep winning the White House! 

Thank you all for allowing me time to speak, and I'm sure I'll be back out here stumping for one of the greatest men in our government very soon!"

(Event 1)

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China threatens to sanction Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw, other GOP ...

Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) en route to propose his version of the former Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act that failed the Senate in 2020

Despite social conservatism taking the backseat to economic issues in much of the modern Republican Party, Representative Dan Crenshaw reintroduced this week his own version of a once highly politicized bill: The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. This legislation, which was failed by Democrats and Republican defectors in the last election cycle, would have imposed a nationwide ban on all abortions that take place after the 20 week pregnancy mark. 

Reintroducing the legislation, Crenshaw has claimed that the right of the unborn to life is undeniable, and that this is a natural step towards protecting unborn children. Despite his enthusiasm in reintroducing a skeleton bill originally proposed almost 6 years, it is near impossible that the bill will obtain any support. If it were to even be heard in committee, it would certainly fail the Democratic majority in the House and the overwhelming Democratic majority in the Senate. Even if the legislation were to miraculously pass both the House and Senate, it would likely be held up in the courts for years. The move appears to be primarily political pandering, which is typical of a candidate gearing up for a national presidential run. 

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September 15th Race and Polling Updates:

Race updates: The most important piece of news coming out of this week was the possible launch of a candidacy for President from Representative Dan Crenshaw. Crenshaw, who has built up a strong resume in the House, appears to be providing an alternative to the candidates currently in the race. Appealing to populists, conservatives, evangelicals, and even some establishment forces alike, Crenshaw, though he will need some time to make his mark on the race, has made quite the stir with his possible candidacy. Meanwhile, though his silence originally helped create gains in the polls, Kanye West has begun to slide in national polling as media attention has begun to wane, and as Curt Shilling continues his rise. And Shilling is indeed rising, continuing to grab more and more of Trump's 2016 base as he rides off of endorsements from populists such as Tucker Carlson. Another hotshot in the Republican race is Rand Paul. Despite his quixotic run being decried by some, with fervor he is slowly but surely climbing up in the Primary. Meanwhile, Ryan 2024 appears to be sputtering along, this week with a half-hearted event in Iowa marking his only event of the week, spreading doubt over his bid. On the Libertarian side, Amash is strong than ever, beginning a rebound from the support he lost following Rand's entrance into the race. However, Rand's impending rise is on the horizon in the LP race, as Weld's failure to make his mark thus far has allowed for Rand's energy to shine through, especially as Rand has made sure not to forget his libertarian side and focus throughout his run, making pledges for what he would do as a joint-nominee which make many in the LP more than excited. As mentioned, Weld is struggling, however, is hanging on to his ready contingent of moderate Libertarians, though his grasp is slipping. On the Democratic side, chaos is breaking out. Cuomo has been MIA for a week, radio silence has come from AOC and Joe Kennedy III, and Marianne Williamson has formed a Twitch channel. However, in the chaos, some notes can be taken. Uygur, despite his weak standing originally, has continued to rise as progressives are doubting the possibility of AOC 2024. Meanwhile, Williamson has stagnated, especially after the round of media laughter she received following her formation of a Twitch channel. Ralph Northam meanwhile has benefited from Cuomo's MIA condition. Kennedy, AOC, and Cuomo have all fallen in polling as confusion hits the field. In the General, the Democratic Party chaos has weakened the Democrats, while aiding the Libertarians.


 Polling Data: Democratic Field:

Governor Andrew Cuomo: 26% 

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez: 18%

Senator Joe Kennedy III: 13%

Ralph Northam: 7%

Cenk Uygur: 5% 

Marianne Williamson: 3%

Undecided: 28%


 Polling Data: Democratic Field - South Carolina : 

Governor Andrew Cuomo: 28%

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez: 16%

Senator Joe Kennedy III: 10%

Ralph Northam: 8%

Marianne Williamson: 4%

Cenk Uygur: 3% 

Undecided: 31%


 Polling Data: Democratic Field - New Hampshire :

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez: 24%

Governor Andrew Cuomo: 21%

Senator Joe Kennedy III: 17%

Ralph Northam: 6%

Marianne Williamson: 6%

Cenk Uygur: 5% 

Undecided: 21%


Polling Data: Libertarian Field Version 1: Polling Among Registered Party Members:  

Former Congressman Justin Amash: 49%

Senator Rand Paul: 31%

Former Governor Bill Weld: 17%

Undecided: 3%


Polling Date: Libertarian Field Version 2: LNC Delegate Poll:

Justin Amash: 43% 

Senator Rand Paul: 33%

Bill Weld: 19% 

Undecided: 5%


Polling Data: Republican Field:  

Former Congressman Paul Ryan: 15%

Curt Shilling: 13%

Kanye West: 12%

Dan Crenshaw: 8%

Senator Rand Paul 7%

Undecided: 45%  


Polling Data: Republican Field - South Carolina:  

Kanye West: 16%

Curt Shilling: 15%

Former Congressman Paul Ryan: 14%

Dan Crenshaw: 11%

Senator Rand Paul 6%

Undecided: 38% 


Polling Data: Republican Field - Nevada: 

Curt Shilling: 15%

Former Congressman Paul Ryan: 14%

Kanye West: 11%

Dan Crenshaw: 8%

Senator Rand Paul 7%

Undecided: 45% 


General Election Polling(Generic Ballot):  

Democrats: 43%  

Republicans: 34%  

Libertarians: 14%  

Undecided: 9%

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Just now, wolves said:

Would we possibly be able to get an Iowa poll for the Republicans? I see it wasn't here...

I try and rotate the early states in how their polling is shown, with 2 states having updated polling data per turn. This works to give the sense that 1. It takes a while for the effects a candidate made in a given state to be seen, and 2. Sometimes there is a simple lack of information for a week during a primary season. It also helps me put out polling more effectively and quickly, as I don't have to juggle 4 different states and their polling data + the 3 early states on the Democratic side.

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The Florida Times-Union: Rand Paul hosts gigantic rally in Jacksonville, Florida with former mayor Lenny Curry and Joe Walsh

Jacksonville mayor Lenny Curry to host Jaguars pep rally Friday at ...

Jacksonville mayor Lenny Curry speaks at a rally for Rand Paul's presidential campaign

Republican and Libertarian presidential candidate Rand Paul held a rally in Jacksonville, Florida today, his first campaign stop in the sunshine state. Following an endorsement on social media by former congressman, Trump dissident and once-libertarian-conservative starlet Joe Walsh, he was billed on as a guest speaker alongside former mayor Lenny Curry who won multiple times in a city that is polled as D+7 most of the time. The rally was held outside in a large open space near downtown Jacksonville. The space was almost full and led to traffic in the downtown region, most likely due to Curry speaking there and his popularity with Republicans in his state as once-Republican Party of Florida chairman and also mayor of the city until a year ago. 

Walsh was the first guest speaker of the evening, introducing himself as the opposition to the current presidency, a tag the Paul campaign wants to run with. Walsh spoke on issues important to him such as abolishing estate tax and his disliking of the welfare state but the majority of his speech was focused on Donald Trump. "I ran against Donald Trump four years ago, I felt the visceral his supporters had and saw them throw absolute hatred at me cause they somehow decided they worshiped a man that was nothing more than skin and flesh, the same as you and me. On this day right here, Donald Trump has a negative approval rating nationally that is disgustingly low, he is losing Republicans to the Libertarian party and he is only held up by those same cult followers who would rather follow his destructive, violence seeking road then seek a new direction for our nation. The reason I endorsed Rand Paul is because he isn't going to drive this party or this country towards the radical left, he is going to unite the right wing, the libertarians and the conservatives and he is going to give us real, rational lawmaking that is going to grow businesses alongside the average Joe. We need someone better, we DESERVE better. Donald Trump is not that and Curt Schilling most definitely isn't either."

The second guest speaker was Lenny Curry, someone who aligns with Trump regularly, it was a far shout from the anti-Trump wordings of Joe Walsh and spoke more to the unity that Rand Paul was encouraging. Curry, a Republican mayor in a city that routinely supports Democrats and is the reason Duval County is a swing-county, is someone that the Rand Paul campaign has needed the support of. A Republican often included as possibly a runner for the Florida senate or Governor seats when they become free, he is favored by not just the Trump-wing but also the moderate and libertarian-wings of the party. It was no surprise to anyone when Curry's speech was focused around unity. "We are divided. A country and a party. We have no core identity. We are in an identity crisis. These are things that we are not facing alone, the Democratic party is fighting the same battle. The moderates fight with the conservatives just as their moderates fight with their leftists. I have been a member of this party my whole life, the chairman of it in this very state for four years and it's voice in Jacksonville for 8. I led the fight to get another Republican elected after me and we won. Do you know why that is? Because I know what this party needs. I know it needs Rand Paul. It's needs someone who will bring us all together and show that we are better than the Democrats. We are better than infighting and we are better than lying down and letting socialism take hold of this great country!"

Rand Paul thanked Lenny Curry and met him on stage and shook his hand, the crowd was cheering at the same time as he thanked them all for coming. "Thank you Jacksonville!" He shouted, "I want to say thank you for the incredible donation numbers we get in this area. You guys are blowing it out of the water." Paul spoke for a while, mainly touching on how he plans to help with the Jacksonville economy, still suffering from the botched attempt to save Florida by Governor DeSantis. Paul made a very focal point of his rally law and order and spoke to Jacksonville residents about how under him, Jacksonville would lose the moniker of "Murder City." 

"Whilst in the senate, I have attempted multiple times to push laws that help with rehabilitation of repeat offenders and that give them a real way to give back to society than resorting to criminal activities. I have personally fought with not just congressional Republicans but also congressional Democrats on my proposals. We often highlight Chicago which sees so many deaths over the weekend that it is sad. I have met with Chicago mothers that have lost their children. Jacksonville is not Chicago. It is its own beast. Chicago gangland killings see a massive decrease in the winter meanwhile in Jacksonville, it is all year long. There are ethnic minority children in Jacksonville right now being indoctrinated into gangs that are terrified of even walking into specific neighborhoods. Think about it now if you cannot put yourself in their shoes, would you like it if your child had to walk an extra forty minutes on his way home from school because if he stepped in the wrong neighborhood he would be mugged for everything he owns and told to never come back, in some scenarios even facing death. We do not have to imagine it, it is going on right now. I don't plan to stop this by locking everyone up, they will just get out in five years and cause chaos again. We will rehabilitate them, we will get illegal guns off the streets and we will strengthen educational opportunities in the poorer neighborhoods. Children need to see that making all their money legally and being productive is possible, it isn't just the dream of someone born in the suburbs."

The Jacksonville turnout was a delight, according to insiders of the Rand Paul campaign. He was hoping to drum up support in the state despite his propositions of reforming the welfare state therefore effectively kneecapping social security and other benefits for elderly people. Following the rally, one of our reporters spoke to Paul about his opinions on Representative Crenshaw setting up an exploratory committee. "I think Representative Crenshaw would be a great president but it is just not his time yet, what voters need is someone that is going to introduce a coalition between our Grand Old Party and the Libertarian Party which I doubt Crenshaw, Paul Ryan or Curt Schilling could do. That is all I have to say on that. Me and Representative Crenshaw do not have any bad will." When asked about his  attempt to reintroduce the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act into the house, Paul left a short answer "This is not the time for political positioning or attempting to push a law that won't touch the floor. Representative Crenshaw knows what he is doing."

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Williamson barnstormed New Hampshire again today.

The campaign held a meet and greet at Keene State College. Williamson notably called on fellow Democrats to endorse Medicare for all. Williamson told the crowd, “The biggest problem with America’s health care system is that it is not a health care system so much as a sickness care system. It reflects an outdated perspective on health and healing, in which far too little attention is given to the actual cultivation of health and prevention of disease. This is why we need universal health care coverage. In the richest country on earth, millions of people should not be living with chronic fear and anxiety based on the difficulty of providing for the basics of life. The fact that such difficulty exists is itself a problem we need to address.” 

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Nevada Press: Marianne Williamson outlays Environmental vision for the America

Attempting to beef up in campaign policy, the Williamson campaign scheduled a major speech regarding Environmental policy. Williamson remarked, We need to recognize that climate change poses an existential threat to our survival. We need to recognize that the physical resources of the planet are not unlimited, and that in abusing them we are endangering ourselves and our children’s children. We need to recognize that the endless application of brute force will not bring peace to the world, and that only the soul force of justice, meaningful human relationships, forgiveness, and compassion can end the scourge of violence on our streets and throughout the world. We need to recognize that to fail our children is to destroy our future. A politics that fails to honor the knowing of the heart is a politics that fails the quintessential task of paving the way to a survivable future. Love, not money, should be our new bottom line.”

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Curt Holds Rally in Charleston, South Carolina, attacks Joe Kennedy.

"It appears that Joe Kennedy is running for president. Which is a bit surprising given his families track record for that sort of thing What's his platform? Well, so far it's I'm young, and a Kennedy, and Republicans are all evil racists. Joe says he's the only one who can bring unity to a divided nation, and then turns around, and calls half the country divisive racists. The kind of unity that Joe, and the Democrats support, is them slashing our defence budget, importing millions of illegals, ruining our economy, and bloating our welfare state, and you laying down and taking it. Well we're not going to just lay down, and let our country go to ruin, are we folks!? Hell no, and if that makes me divisive then so be it."

Schilling unveils latest endorser while holding a rally in Ames, Iowa.

"Hello Iowa! Are you people excited or what! I promise to protect, and defend the constitution of the United States, bring order to our streets, and turn this economy around. We are going to take country back, and strike Dems out! You may notice I said, We there, and that's because, I realized something, Trump, despite his many accomplishments, failed to build a lasting movement, and we saw the consequence of that in 2018, and 2020. If we are going to take our country back, from the Democrats, and make America safe, and prosperous again, we need republicans from the White House, to the State House. And today, I'm pleased to present to you, the first candidate to be a part of our 2nd Conservative Revolution. You know him, you know what he stands for, Former Representative, Steve King!"

"Thank you Curt, and thank you to all the fine Iowans who came out to here today. Let me first state, that I am giving my full, and total support to Mr. Curt Schilling, in his quest to be President of this great land called America, and let me also state, that Mr. Schilling, has given me his full, and total support in my quest to represent all of you great Iowans in the House of Representatives. Four years ago, under constant attack from the media, and leftist Democrats, I lost renomination, but now, with our country in crisis, due to these very same forces, I can no longer stand to sit idly by, on the sidelines, and watch our country go to ruins. We must take our country, and the congress, back, to make America the envy of the world again. With Curt's help, we are going to strike Dems out, and return America to its rightful home of glory, and prosperity!"

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Justin Amash talks Pro-Life Libertarianism with new Campaign Advisor Antonia Okafor in Dallas, Texas

Okafor: "Hello and welcome to a Conversation on Life. I'm your Moderator Antonia Okafor and our next guest is a man I've recently endorsed for President and someone who presents the Pro-Life case excellently. I'd like to give a warm welcome to Justin Amash!"

Amash: "Thank you Antonia it's great to be with you. Abortion is an incredibly contentious issue, but I think that's because we've lost the ability to frame it in a manner that portrays the case for Life as the reasonable and rational side. You know, as a Pro-Life libertarian, I get asked all the time if this viewpoint conflicts with my call for Liberty and Justice for all. That abortion is something the government cannot touch. And I completely understand these concerns and these points of view. But let's remember what libertarianism is. None of us are anarchists. We all recognize the need for a limited, purposeful government which protects the God-Given rights of the American people and allows for domestic tranquility. That's the kind of government that the Founders envisioned. So, for example, if someone were to break into this event and shoot me, they'd be prosecuted and hopefully convicted of murder. We understand that murder is something that the government can ban and punish to the fullest extent of the law because it's fundamentally bad and disrupts social order."

"This is where the right to life comes in. We recognize a basic right to life that must be protected by the government and taking a life in such a senseless manner is both immoral and illegal. Now, there is also that second part of Liberty and Justice. We have to form our laws that protect liberty in a just way so that freedoms are protected equally under the law. These are the fundamentals of the case for life."

"So, we have murder laws that protect all human beings from being murdered. All except one class; the unborn. Right now, our murder laws don't protect the unborn from having their lives taken. Of course, there are those that would deny personhood to the unborn and claim they don't deserve equal prortection. So let's tackle that issue by first establishing the basic scientific principle and truth that life begins at conception. Any biologist worth their salt will tell you that their are 7 characteristics of a living being. Reproduction, Heredity of traits, Homeostasis, Metabolic Function, Cellular Composition, Response to the Environment, and of course, Growth and Development. Now, anyone that understands biology understands that at conception a new and biologically independent organism is created from the genes of the mother and father. The unborn baby, at the moment of conception, meets those seven characterics entirely. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a human offspring capable of growing and maturing. Ask any Biologist, this is the beginning of a new living organism."

"Now that we've established that a new organism exists, it's our job, the philosophers, the people, your elected officials, to decide where personhood begins. Now I am of the opinion that there is no such thing as a living human non-person. All living human beings are people. For far too long in our history people who look different or believed different things from the majority were considered non-persons. They were alive but they were subhuman. We run perilous risk of doing the same to the unborn when we recognize their biological life but not their sovereign humanity and personhood."

"So, now that we've established that personhood begins at conception, the rest falls into place. Having a system where certain persons are not protected equally by murder laws is a fundamentally unjust system. This is why I am ardently Pro-Life. It's why I believe that the unborn must receive equal protection as anyone else, you or I. It's required by the 14th amendment. But it's also why medically necessary abortions are often not considered abortions at all by medical professionals. The procedure of the termination of the pregnancy in order to ensure the life of the mother is a decision to be made by the doctor and the mother because a 2nd life is at stake. The Pro-Life cause is simply asking for equal treatment for the unborn, no more and no less protection than would be afforded any other person under modern murder laws."

Okafor: "Thank you very much for that thorough introduction to the subject Congressman. But I also want to talk about the practical realities of what you're talking about. Talk a little bit about what this would look like in communities of color and other targeted communities"

Amash: "Absolutely, so first of all, we need to get serious about providing aid for expecting mothers. All too often when we talk about being Pro-Life, it stops after birth. When my campaign talks about defunding the big Abortion corporation that is Planned Parenthood, we're not talking about sending that money into endless wars or the predatory welfare state or the mass incarceration regime, we're sending that money back to the communities that need it and we're also going to incentivize a broad sweep of private charities in the communities that need pre-natal care the most. Not a dime of money currently going to Planned Parenthood won't be re-routed to options that actually afford women and mothers the freedom to choose life. Did you know that Planned Parenthood performs less than 1% of the nation's Pap Smears, less than 2% of the nation's Breast exams but manages well over 40% of the nation's abortions? Not to mention, Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms or prenatal care and they commit 160 abortions for every 1 adoption referral. I think it's plain to see the damage that Planned Parenthood is doing to our communities for their own profit and political gain."

"That actually brings me to my second point. Abortion disproportionately impacts communities of color. Now we've been discussing throughout my campaign all the things we need to do to uplift communities of color, bring forward economic opportunity, and end the state-sponsored oppression of brown and black people. But I'd like to take a moment to talk about all the babies of color that have lost their lives to a predatory Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was founded by an insidious racist and eugenicist Margaret Sanger. As many of you know Planned Parenthood was her vehicle for the extermination of "lesser races". She gave speeches to the Women's Auxiliary of the Ku Klux Klan espousing her new organization and her method of ethnic cleansing as the next best thing in systemic oppression and murder. The reality is that this legacy remains today. Mothers are color are cornered by Planned Parenthood with no options for quality pre-natal care or any choice except for abortion. That's because Planned Parenthood's money maker is abortion. Plain and simple. They take in mothers of color, commit their abortion, and then toss them aside once exacting their bill."

"I want to remind this audience of one last thing. All of this can be changed because all of it runs contrary to the basic constitutional premises of the right to life and equal protection under the law. Together we can finally ensure that Equal Protection is a reality for all Americans and we can bring about a social revolution that recognizes the basic human decency of the unborn. Thank you all so much and I would greatly appreciate your support for Liberty and Justice for all this November!"

Okafor recently left her position as Press Secretary for the Gun Owners of America to become a National Advisor to the Amash for America campaign.

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Nina Turner, former co-chair of Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign endorses Cenk Uygur in a tweet.



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Carly Fiorina endorses Justin Amash at large Rally in San Diego, California

Conference to bring Carly Fiorina to Irvine | The Daily Pennsylvanian

Fiorina: "It's great to be with you San Diego! It's great to be back on the campaign trail here in my beautiful home state of California. California, a state which not so long ago was a bastion of liberty and freedom. A fortress of true opportunity and of individual rights. What has happened? The Democrats have gone far left, they've ransacked our treasury and left our state in financial ruins. We are now losing people to the Sun Belt when we were once the shining jewel of the Sun Belt. Then again, that's not to say much of my party either. Republicans in this state have embarked on a road of ugly racism and terrible division. They have, at every turned, exacted out racial tensions to fuel an angry minority of voters that is growing smaller and smaller with each passing year. The reality is that neither the Democratic nor Republican Parties represent what is best for California any longer. Your choices seem to be total government control of your economic lives or total government control of your personal lives. You can have either your economic or your civil liberties taken away from you. So says Washington D.C. and the duopoly that controls it."

"But what if I told you that there was an alternative. That the forces of liberty, freedom, equality, and justice, have a real home and a home that can win. What if I told you that there is an America where we all can win. What if I told you there is a working alternative for California. And what if that alternative had a candidate with a real shot at winning the White House. That alternative is the Libertarian Party and that candidate is the next President of the United States, Justin Amash!"

"Now, I know that a lot of folks in the old Republican Party will grumble with my decision and I'm ok with that. Because even more have been left behind by the ugly rhetoric of Donald Trump. I tried to be a bridge between the Republican Party and common sense. I attempted to claw back from the forces of division and hatred the reigns of the GOP. But unfortunately, the party is too far gone. There is no room for allowing the forces of hatred to compromise with the light of tolerance. There is no room to meet tyranny and bigotry half way. There is only room to loudly and decisively reject them. That is why I am proud to support the real force that will shake Washington D.C. up and not in the name of a hateful agenda. Not in the name of bombastic rhetoric. In the name of real reform and changes. Limiting government's ability to legislate away all your freedoms. Ending endless wars. Restoring respect to America and our diplomatic place around the world. And finally breaking up the narrative that your only choices are a blue warmongering tyrant or a red warmongering tyrant."

"If you want this, if this is your kind of California, your kind of America. Join with me and Congressman Amash. We're in this together and we can bring forth a new generation of Libertarians and Democrats, Republicans, and Independents done with the 2 Parties and their establishments. Together we'll bring forth Liberty and Justice for all. Thank you all!"

Fiorina will be taking a position with the campaign working closely with the Congressman on diplomatic strategies.

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Justin Amash joins Prof. Carol Swain on the Larry Elder Show

Elder: "Thank you for staying with us we are back from the break and I am proud to welcome on two dear friends of mine. First, a colleague and fellow proponent of libertarianism in the black community, Law Professor Carol Swain. Thank you for coming out Carol."

Swain: "It's a pleasure as always Larry."

Elder: "And our second guest for this discussion of political realignment among voters of color is Libertarian candidate and the man I am proud to support for President, Congressman Justin Amash. Congressman, thank you very much for joining us."

Amash: "Please Larry, call me Justin. And it's an honor to be sitting with two distinguished scholars such as yourself."

Elder: "No need for flattery Congressman I'm already endorsing you *laughs*. So the purpose of our discussion today is to talk about trends in the black community as well as other communities of color. Obviously these voters have been moving away from the Republican Party in record numbers but many of them are equally dissatisfied with the Democratic Party and are looking to be enfranchised by someone, Carol, let's start by talking about some of the historical context here."

Swain: "Absolutely, the reality is that the historical home of Black voters was the Republican Party. Of course, over the course of the 20th century the black vote began to shift around to the Democratic Party. A lot of this had to do with the predatory welfare state set up by President Johnson which essentially transitioned segregation era politics into modern systemic racism as we know it. The Democratic Party pulled off one of the greatest hoodwinks in American history by falsely washing their hands of their racist history and pinning it all on the Republicans. Of course, the Republicans didn't do themselves any favors as they added onto it with racialized policing and alienating voters of color. Democrats were complicit and Republicans allowed themselves to be painted into a corner. Now, we've all seen it, black voters are fed up with being taken for granted by Democrats. We're fed up with them giving mere lip service to racial equality and limiting government oppression. And we sure as hell aren't finding refuge in the Republican Party of Donald Trump. Black voters are more up for grabs than most Democratic politicians want to believe."

Elder: "I completely agree. I'm seeing lots of black voters and other voters of color that are utterly unenthused with more of the same out of the Democratic Party. More taking their hard-earned money and more establishment candidates with long histories of locking up thousands of Democrats or turning a blind eye to people of color until they turn into voters of color. That's why I was so refreshed when Congressman Amash declared."

Amash: "Thank you very much Larry, I greatly appreciate that. Ever since announcing, I recognize that I have to earn every vote. For centuries the major parties have taken voters for granted that either a blue guy or red guy would get elected and either way the American people would be left out of the conversation. For no group has that been more true in American history than for black people. I've gone into black communities to talk about the issues that matter and lots of them are telling me that these are the ideas that they've had for years but never felt like they had a candidate who expressed them. I've been honored by the outpouring of support from all voters but especially voters of color who have felt disenfranchised over the past couple years. When I talk about ending the war on drugs, ending endless wars, abolishing private prisons, ending the police state, stopping the use of the death penalty, ending racist policing and racist immigration policies and ending the predatory welfare state and the school to prison pipeline to flood communities of color with economic opportunity, the response I get is overwhelmingly positive. I know my parents faced discrimination when they immigrated here from the Middle East, many Americans have. As their son I've faced a fraction of what they had to go through and what millions of Americans go through every day. I'm proud to continue their legacy and the principles of liberty and justice for all with my campaign."

Swain: "Well Congressman, I can definetly say you have my vote, we need leadership in this country that talks to voters and discusses real solutions to real issues instead of tossing the football between political parties. I think you can count on a major political realignment among voters of all colors this November."

Elder: "Let's hope Carol, if we and God can help it. Alright that's all the time we have with Professor Swain and Congressman Amash, I encourage all my listeners to go to AmashforAmerica.com and support the Liberty and Justice for All team. Let's change America together."


Elder and Swain will be consultants for the campaign for National Black Outreach efforts

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I'll keep the the current turn going until 12 AM EST tomorrow morning to allow time any any late posters. After that, I'll post polling updates tomorrow morning or afternoon.

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Bill Weld withdraws from Presidential race after health scares, plans to support the Libertarian nominee

In a video today, the former Governor of Massachusetts announced his withdrawal from the Libertarian nomination.

"I plan to support our nominee in November whoever that may be. Thank you all for your support."

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DMR: Rand Paul meets voters in Council Bluffs, Iowa with State Sen. Dan Dawson

Senator Rand Paul has canvassed personally in Council Bluffs, Iowa today with State Senator Dan Dawson from the 8th District, which is Council Bluffs is within. Council Bluffs, on the border with Omaha, Nebraska is a target region for senator Rand Paul who reportedly, according to sources from his camp, began to transition towards targeting more conservative and libertarian rural voters rather than moderate suburb voters in the cities who he believes will fall to either Paul Ryan or Dan Crenshaw, if the latter decides to run. Paul's camp has not given up on the cities though as evidenced by his recent rallies in Sioux City and De Moines and an insider has told us he is attempting to target both sections of the party's base with a special focus on the more rural areas of the state. Alongside his canvassing, the Paul campaign has put out a small newspaper advertisement to run in Council Bluffs local newspapers and adjacent areas which highlights the dangers of a Schilling presidency and more Democratic dominance in legislative elections.

Paul and Dawson canvassing and took questions from voters for a total of five hours whilst it was snowing in Council Bluffs, Dawson's endorsement of Paul came out very strongly as he worked with the campaign to spread its message in Iowa with Paul expressing a possibility for Dawson to take a larger role in Paul's campaign if his responsibilities allow it. At one point in the evening, Paul got into a heated debate with a young moderate Democrat who said she was considering voting for Paul Ryan to stop his "radical plan" to destroy "what makes this country great" which Paul scorned back with "You know what makes this country great? The first amendment? Do you know who endorsed jailing flag burners? You know what also makes this country great? The fact that we are the biggest power in this world. China, Russia and the EU are all giggling at us while our deficit increases, our debts raise and we cannot recover from a recession they all steadily recovered from a while ago. Do you know who, despite promising with all his heart to not allow it to happen, let the deficit increase substantially whilst the speaker of the House? Yes, exactly. Vote for someone fiscally conservative for a change who actually has a history of caring about what is in your pocket."

We were also able to ask Senator Paul about the latest developments in the race on both the GOP and Libertarian party side, he said he respected Bill Weld for dropping out and his lifelong commitment to "common-sense politics" and hopes his supporters will go for the real unity candidate, when asked about the Steve King endorsement of Curt Schilling, Rand Paul laughed and said "I am not surprised that a racist has decided to endorse another racist. I would never accept the endorsement of a man who said racial profiling was necessary. I can't imagine Mr. Schilling thinks THAT is a good representation of our party."

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