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Native Americans or Indians


Native Americans or Indians?   

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  1. 1. Which do you think is the appropriate name that textbooks, politicians, and people should use when talking about the inhabitants of North America prior to European colonization or when talking about those living on reservations? [Check all that apply]

    • Authors, politicians, and people should be encouraged to refer to these individuals by any name they wish to use.
    • Indians or Injuns
    • American Indians
    • Native Americans
    • American Redmen or redmen or Redskins
    • American Savages or savages
    • American tribesmen
    • They should be referred to by their individual tribe names and never grouped collectively unless you are talking generally about most if not all pre-European Americans.
    • Indigenous Americans
    • Pre-European Americans
    • Aboriginal Americans or American Aborgines
    • Amerindian or Amerind
    • First Nations
    • Injuns
    • They should be called by whatever they wish to be called at any given time. We shouldn't have a say in what we label them as.
  2. 2. Are you part Native American?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I don't think I am or I don't know.
    • I might be, according to family lore
  3. 3. Has the US Government been fair to these people in US history?

    • Yes.
    • No, but we can't do much about it.
    • No, and we should do something in atonement for our hideous past.
    • No, but many of them were just as bad as we were, so we shouldn't feel completely guilty.
    • No, and we should return the land we took from them!
  4. 4. If you could go back in time and you had the powers to stop any of the following from occuring, which would you prevent? [Click all that apply]

    • I'd prevent the European colonization of the New World.
    • If post-European colonization, and America has been formed, I'd block all expansion and land-grabbing of their territory, even if it means the US will permanently exist as only the 13 original colonies (+Vermont).
    • I wouldn't prevent any of these because 1) No one kind of people have a perpetual claim to any land in the world.
    • I wouldn't prevent any of these because 2) The world is better off with American expansion on the continent
    • I wouldn't prevent any of these because 3) I don't think these people were either civilized enough or were using the land properly enough to warrant exclusive property rights.
    • Other.

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4 hours ago, admin_270 said:

Small-pox and other diseases were the primary driver for a decrease in numbers of indigenous Australians after contact with Europeans.

However, it seems their numbers have rebounded to a significant degree.

"As of 30 June 2016, the count was 798,365, or 3.3% of Australia's population"

while standard estimate is about 500,000-1M pre-European contact.


The issue is that is decided via census, it isn't an actual statistic taken so it is just what people believe they are. 

The issue is also that sadly, unlike the US where reservations exist, undisturbed from the federal government, following their own rules and practices and still celebrating their culture, this is mainly dead between aboriginals in Australia from a collection of disgusting laws such as stealing children from homes to forcefully integrate to pure massacre and annihilation. It is a sad story.

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