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McCall - Dennis Mehiel

Golisano - Mary O. Donohue, yes the same person Pataki ran with :P


Results can be found at the link above...including entire break-down from county by county. I made my New York scenario if you wanted to check out the map from that just get ahold of me.

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I had it from mine...but yours'll be a bit different if you use ALL of the counties. Originally, I had created a formula for electoral votes with all the counties. First, I picked one county and set it to 3 electoral votes. That'll be the reference population:

Current Population * 3 / Reference Population

If you use all the counties, you're going to have....60+ counties. Here're their populations by county, commonly the turnout in an off year election in New York is ~20-25%, closer to 14% in the City:

Albany County NY 294565

Allegany County NY 49927

Bronx County NY 1332650

Broome County NY 200536

Cattaraugus County NY 83955

Cayuga County NY 81963

Chautauqua County NY 139750

Chemung County NY 91070

Chenango County NY 51401

Clinton County NY 79894

Columbia County NY 63094

Cortland County NY 48599

Delaware County NY 48055

Dutchess County NY 280150

Erie County NY 950265

Essex County NY 38851

Franklin County NY 51134

Fulton County NY 55073

Genesee County NY 60370

Greene County NY 48195

Hamilton County NY 5379

Herkimer County NY 64427

Jefferson County NY 111738

Kings County NY 2465326

Lewis County NY 26944

Livingston County NY 64328

Madison County NY 69441

Monroe County NY 735343

Montgomery County NY 49708

Nassau County NY 1334544

New York County NY 1537195

Niagara County NY 219846

Oneida County NY 235469

Onondaga County NY 458336

Ontario County NY 100224

Orange County NY 341367

Orleans County NY 44171

Oswego County NY 122377

Otsego County NY 61676

Putnam County NY 95745

Queens County NY 2229379

Rensselaer County NY 152538

Richmond County NY 443728

Rockland County NY 286753

St. Lawrence County NY 111931

Saratoga County NY 200635

Schenectady County NY 146555

Schoharie County NY 31582

Schuyler County NY 19224

Seneca County NY 33342

Steuben County NY 98726

Suffolk County NY 1419369

Sullivan County NY 73966

Tioga County NY 51784

Tompkins County NY 96501

Ulster County NY 177749

Warren County NY 63303

Washington County NY 61042

Wayne County NY 93765

Westchester County NY 923459

Wyoming County NY 43424

Yates County NY 24621

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Abortion and other Conservative issues - Golisano was running as a more conservative candidate because Pataki was running a bit more moderately than most.


Drug Laws

Campaign Finance Reform

The Death Penalty - Pataki reinstated it when he first got into office

Health Care - McCall wanted to increase State benefits, Pataki wanted to keep them the same, with minimal increase in benifets to poor/low income, Golisano wanted to cut spending on that all together.

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